Breathe Carolina - Can't Take It Lyrics

No, no, no
I just can't take it anymore

I just can't take it anymore

I just can't take it anymore

I should have listened to my friends when they said you'd trouble
No, no, no
Then I'd never would've wasted all this time on you
No, no
I feel uncomfortable
No, you don't need to explain
No, we can't work it out
I'm not gonna play your games
I just can't take it anymore

I just can't take it anymore

I just can't take it anymore

I just can't take it anymore

I just can't take it anymore

I just can't take it anymore

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Breathe Carolina Can't Take It Comments

    Algún hispanohablante? Para compartir música jaja


    Aquí brother!


    Por mensaje bro, pero de donnde?

  2. AniMa XiMuM

    This song plays when you can't take one last reps of your exercise.. 😂

  3. John Kaiser

    1:29 I just can't take it anymore!!!

  4. CreatveMnds


  5. Tenoryx

    epic Future bounce

  6. Spinnin' Records

    Have you always wanted to see Bassjackers live? We’re super excited they’re playing at Spinnin’ Sessions at the Spinnin’ Hotel in Miami on March 27! Tickets are selling fast, so make sure to grab yours here:

    XxElecAnderPlayxX P.V

    Si me agrada

  7. FeedEx Infinity

    lets get the JOOOOCEEEEEEEE bois

  8. GiGi Wa88

    2019 😏

  9. Lucky Malangwani

    Bassjackers need to come up with their own independent label.

  10. Funtime Jessie

    0:00 ??

  11. krishna Gaikwad

    Similar to David Guetta - lovers on the sun.

  12. Comprimised Account

    I love the ending! Hah

  13. Heyser Cabanillas

    ese marlon un chuchas xd

  14. cundofita 2.0

    1 año de que salio y la siguió escuchando

  15. Дуглас Гэвин


  16. Theo Dor

    Awesome song..The vocal is awesome and the rest is perfect..The drop fits perfectly and have a lot of energy..JUST AMAZING SONG.

  17. Шынгысхан Темирбеков

    Hello from Kazakhstan

  18. lil sticky

    I just cant stop playing it

  19. METAL Spectro

    Excelente, Bassjackers nunca decepciona

  20. theuncanspan

    I came from the sony XB40 snowbombing festival video

  21. Andy Catriel OFC


  22. kenedy Pariona

    kello :=?

  23. Theo. G

    So GEIL

  24. Esmerelda Lily Dubrinsky

    Not my cup of tea @Rayan

  25. Mr G to the M

    1,842,657. That's Me. Wicked Tune. I love it.

  26. Mister D3luxe 97

    Why i don't notice watching this video ???


    Kto z Polski Polska przejmuje XD 👍

  28. Charlie Colin's

    ¿Alguien sabe cómo se llama la canción que sale al final?😅😂

  29. King Kingg

    Breathe Carolina DJ<3

  30. Apostrophe FiveFiveThree

    Bass Asphyxiates Sirens and Scientists

  31. is it okay to cry?

    Please can someone tell me the song that played at the end of the video?

  32. Patrick star

    Who's watching before it breaks despacito

  33. SVMM

    CADE Has a very amazing voice <3

  34. Lovable Poison

    Love the song and the beat!

  35. Mushawwir Arazzaq

    DROP IT!💪💪


    Bravo its super 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  37. Souad Belgoumidi

    Ich liebe diese song sooooooooooooooooooooo sehr🇩🇪❤️💽🎹🎵✨

  38. Relix 80

    What ever happened to the old breathe Carolina I want the mm back


    very underrated 🔥

  40. Bayareadesigns

    This song reminds me of the 2013-2014 EDM years. I miss those years. 😢😢

  41. Butterfly Corpse

    Is this the same band that did "Sellouts" with Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria?!

    kristina bolognese

    Butterfly Corpse yes

    Butterfly Corpse

    kristina bolognese sick, I like their new stuff 👌🏻



  43. AnacanE


  44. danielfmaidana

    Cualquier cosa breathe carolina

  45. snow 4946


  46. CaptCorleone

    Tell me again why David's still in Breathe Carolina.

  47. Kaung Khant Zaw

    လက္ေတြ လက္ေတြေျမႇာက္
    burmese langugae they used it
    in english "put you hands up"

  48. Loek

    Electric Elephants

  49. Marcel CookieCore

    I love you! Breathe Carolina! But i miss the Old "EMO-Styled" songs!

  50. Apostrophe FiveFiveThree

    2016-2017 DJ Duo Of The Year Nominations (Top 5)(Only 2016-2017):
    -Axwell /\ ingrosso

  51. Lucas and Noël

    Nice track

  52. Shado-_- Slayers

    Edm is so gay why do people listen to that garbage "music"? where's the fun at? Where's the talent at lmao

  53. Aleida Ijaji

    los amo😀😍❤

  54. Piero LG

    alguien más que hable español

  55. gac3la

    where are the breakdowns, headbangs, crabcore, screams?

  56. kevin woestenburg

    Best muziek ever

  57. Kath in love with this.and i saw my country(Myanmar)'s flag.

  58. Nadia K

    Perfect 😍 i think Bassjackers is life

  59. 2Grahfix2 2Cloud2

    there is a comercial for dvbbs

  60. Nick Cee

    what is the german song at the end of this clip?



  62. Mathew Dixon

    I love Breathe Carolina!!!!! they are my insparation to make music!

  63. Marco Tobey

    i just can't take it anymore 😁

  64. Ryan Branigan

    Fun fact: Breathe Carolina get their name from a dream one of the producers had involving him calming down a girl named Carolina.

  65. J. Chris

    OH YEAH!!!! Breathe carolina performing in Myanmar...

  66. mrgamelover96

    anyone else remember emo/scene breathe Carolina or just me haha

  67. hsheusuhse

    0:08 Marco Polo

  68. SadWhiteBoy

    i wonder what people think when they first search and listen to breathe carolina old songs lol

  69. Maksym Holovanov

    Passionate #BigRoom collab stuff! NIce job! Keep it up, guys!

  70. bbang

    BBC 🔥

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    Me parece que big room pierde territorio!! Ase falta mas ideas ala hora de producir musica..

  72. Denise Mejia

    Jackin Da Bass! 🤘🏼

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    Great track!! :)

  74. IAmNazrie420

    Guys helpp!!!... i can't stop clicking the replay button..

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    who do u guys do such great music

  77. Niño Rata

    esta mierda es adictiva D':

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    y derrepente ke llega mi jente de americalatina!!!!!!

  79. Kevin Rodriguez Rodriguez

    Breathe Carolina Grup

  80. Kevin Rodriguez Rodriguez

    imbox :v :D

  81. The1OpenMind

    Dis needs to be #1 on all charts. or at-least get 100 million VIEWS/Plays

  82. Ventan

    That is da bomb

  83. clary !

    wait.. isn't breath carolina a rock band?

  84. Justin Lovelady

    Why is breathe carolina changing so much? in a bad way. I don't like edm at all but whyyyyy.... Why can't they go back to there older roots instead of selling out to EDM...

  85. BIGEN

    0:43 isn't he R3hab???

  86. Tesla Records

    What would I do to see this live <3

  87. jesse ll

    I hate you

  88. Thomas Htun


  89. Bakhtiar Riar

    i think all the views are from me :)

  90. Skimevo longboarding longboarding

    I like the video, love the stage setup

  91. Interjectional Ice

    Back in 2014/15, you posted a lot of Big Room stuff. But now, songs like these are very rare publishments on this channel. Now you are just posting more Kiddie House or unmelodic Trap music. This is why I don't want to subscribe to your channel. Stuff like this is turning very rare. You've STRAYED FROM BIGROOM!

  92. Benedek Károly


  93. Darly Shadrick

    goodbye Breathe Carolina ;-;