Breathe Carolina - Bury Me Lyrics

Haunt me even in my sleep see them in my dreams.
I skipped a step, Karma comes back around like the taste of regret.

Fuck repercussions, that don't mean shit to me
It's always darkest right, right where it needs to be

They say I'm a sinner, tonight I'm just a thief
Hold your heart for ransom, away with me
Turns out she's a killer
Buried me in concrete to my teeth (away with me)
Bury me, bury me, bury me
Buried me in concrete to my teeth

I'll be there whenever you sleep tearing up all your dreams
No love when you look up for God no luck, I'm all you got.

Now repercussions, mean everything to me,
It's always darkest right, right where it needs to be

They say I'm a sinner, tonight I'm just a thief
Hold your heart for ransom, away with me
Turns out she's a killer
Buried me in concrete to my teeth (away with me)
Bury me, bury me, bury me
Buried me in concrete to my teeth
(Away with me... away with me)

I don't wanna be tied down
Not a surprise, I'm buried alive
I'm dead for all you know
You don't wanna be alone
When you open your eyes and I'm alive
You should have never left me breathing

They say I'm a sinner, tonight I'm just a thief
Hold your heart for ransom, away with me
Turns out she's a killer
Buried me in concrete to my teeth (away with me)
Bury me, bury me, bury me
Buried me in concrete to my teeth

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Breathe Carolina Bury Me Comments
  1. Radio Nerd Hollywood

    I came back to this song in 2019 because their new song Think About You made me feel concerned about David's mindset.
    Hope you're OK, David.
    Your biggest fan,
    Phantom Bubblegum 💕 ♥ 💕 ♥ 💕 ♥ 💕

  2. Sapphear

    Why has no one made a persona 5 amv of this song yet

  3. Queen Eyolf

    Click this if you want to skip the beginning

  4. abi gail

    I wonder how many people commenting "omg I love this fu styles change" listen to the stuff theyre doing NOW and enjoy it😂

  5. rayshon

    Song starts at :27. Don't know what that garbage before it is supposed to be

  6. FishFURIOUS!

    Beating his meat in the begining at 0:00 then he cums when the beat dropped 0:46

  7. thenumbersixlookslikeyou

    It is crazy they can get into EDM and Rock / Metal stuff

  8. aaa bbb

    I could be in the most depressed/ laziest mood and this whole album pulls me right out of it. thx breathe Carolina. ^_^

  9. Emily

    I like the city in the video. Nice! :) Love Breathe Carolina. <3

  10. Shruti

    4 years and still my jam love this song....always makes me happy

  11. world ofmimis

    🇩🇪🤘😍🇩🇪🤘😍🇩🇪🤘😍🇩🇪🤘😍🤘🇩🇪😍🇩🇪🤘🇩🇪😍🇩🇪🤘🇩🇪😍🇩🇪🤘😍🇩🇪🤘🇩🇪😍🇩🇪🤘😍🇩🇪🇩🇪🤘😍🇩🇪🤘😍🇩🇪🤘🇩🇪😍🇩🇪🤘🇩🇪😍🤘🇩🇪 OMG i Love this band and All songs

  12. Nicolas Matheus

    Esse álbum me marcou pra sempre!

  13. Nicolas Matheus

    Esse álbum me marcou pra sempre!

  14. Jeremy C.

    Was this song featured on a television or streaming program at some point? Weirdly, I feel like I've heard this before.

  15. Susy Murillo

    he was choking his chicken in the beginning

  16. Stephanie motionless

    I love this song definitely one of my favorite songs ever!

  17. ANIMAL

    What is the janr of this music? It sound so nice

  18. Artyom Karpov

    where is acoutic????

  19. Vladiyo mvp

    just came cuz smoove 2 rof

  20. John Joe

    sounds like a good wank in the beginning

    gia kubo

    Lmao true


    lmao sure did!

    Vladilena B

    John Doe well damn hahaha. true

    J M4Y

    John Doe No the song is about masturbation and how I want to die and be buried because all I do is fap. Just pay attention to the lyrics.

  21. zeR

    Smoove 2

  22. Ali

    0:45 And this is why I love them haha

  23. Smith Black


  24. Lindsey Wright

    love this band xD

  25. Mikael Sytniowski

    Sick song.

  26. phoebe mai

    people are complaining on breathe carolinas change

    a lot of band changed
    *asking alexandria
    *bring me the horizon
    *sleeping with sirens
    *ghost town (they lost evan so they lost the techno stuff but yolo)

    yh ik u may like the old stuff or the new stuff better

    but personally any direction
    breathe carolina go ill be there because ive been a fan for about 4 or 5 years and have loved em when i was about 8 and didnt understand some lyrics but whatever

    point: if u listen it may grow on u
    if u dont like it dont listen
    if u do like it listen

    simple simple

    dont comment saying oh i dont like this ull just cause comment wars


    +phoebe mai what the fuck means "yh ik"? mein gott...^^

    phoebe mai

    +BlueberrySplitt yeah i know


    Lol that's actually kind of what happened. I was like whoa different. But then I did find that I did like their new stuff it may be different but many artists change directions. Its not like way different I think they've just changed & so their music as well has. But I'm not gonna judge them for it.

    Aldo Maldonado

    I mean its still really good music

  27. Monde Scott

    What a genius album!! Who the hell create all the songs of this album? David?

  28. imabranflake

    Justice vibes

  29. TheSnowyBanana

    what lovely traffic

  30. lex

    Even a year later, this album is still so good!  I haven't gotten sick of this song yet and I probably never will tbh

  31. Tiffanee Blue

    Great opening track. Gets you in the groove and you can't stop moving.

  32. Megan Stanton

    Omg I truly love this band! This song is great! More people need to listen to them :)

  33. LDaily

    This has to be one of my fav it!


    @Leanne Haywood ffztr65xe6ud

  34. Chris Dejonghe

    Such a good song! Love this band and all there music!

  35. MarinFTW

    This is comming to be my faforite

  36. chelsiii whoo

    I hope The EDM district's upload these!! More specificly, Mrsuicidesheep, I'm pretty sure Sound Remedy would make these songs into one of his greatest!


    I hope not. Savages is a good album but Sheepy has the best electro songs and Breathe Carolina isn't that great.

    chelsiii whoo

    I can't disagree with that, but still if it was remixed because the vocals aren't that bad, but that's just my pint of view on things.

  37. Jacqueline Amelie

    I've never really listened to Breathe Carolina before until now, and I actually like this a lot.

  38. Bailey Davidson

    to much beat

  39. Ethan Harrison

    I really like this song, the guitar in the back sounds like funk playing over it is a lot of heavy techno.
    It's a new change but all the same it sounds pretty good

  40. April Hoover

    If you complain about BC's "new sound" gtfo.

    I. Love. It.

  41. melanie gallegos

    People are stupid cause they changed I like them if they did or not like common true listener's hear the message in the songs like common people ??!!!!

  42. Faris Faysal

    Man i wished i discovered this band a long time

  43. Dean Sauréz

    Dedicate to my gurl tay bones

  44. Yanchea

    reminds me of the band Justice honestly 

  45. Psycotic_au

    Crimsix what up

  46. Courtney Chapman

    was he……… masturbating?


    He was running. ._.

    Dalton Wynne

    I too masturbate in the middle of the woods while running

  47. starshine

    Drivepilot- Vendetta much?

  48. ireland greavette

    is someone fapping in the beginning?

  49. wafflez2000

    Really, i dont mind their new style at all! Although I miss their old rock sound, i love the techno just as much! 

  50. Luca Grayi

    I'll be seeing them tomorrow at Warped Tour. :)

  51. WithFear WeFall_

    Reminds me abit like Ghost Town 

  52. Marty Russell

    it worked for sonny (skrillex) at least BC is still singing in their tracks. props it sounds good.

  53. Fronky11

    crimsix? anyone?

    Prince Zoro

    Yea Boy, Crim bot was the reason I came here xD 

    Prince Zoro

    @Prince Zoro Or should I say something like... yes you Chinese blue haired Ox xD JK

    Moose Ax

    Yeah boi

  54. Nolan Collins

    What genre is this?

    Darden White

    It's like electronic rock or something

  55. brianna martocchio

    I'm liking the new BC

  56. Mikey Kincaid

    Love this song<3

  57. Tumblr Deleted My Porn And Now Im Sad

    Anyone else raping the Repeat button? 

    Cameron Le'Quin

    For this song? Yes, that button is being raped hard. So is the one for Shadows.

    Jake Carter

    @***** It's called a restraining order.

  58. htmlmax

    this is definitely one of my favs from the new album its awesome 

  59. lavaluv911

    I like the new stuff. I think what makes breathe carolina cool is that david can pull off techno but still do pop and rock. while a lot of Savages is techno pop stuff, songs like sellout still go back to their screamo phase. David can pull off any genre, thats why I still listen to them.... :P

  60. Gabriel Jacobs

    The new stuff reminds me of 3Oh!3, but actually good...

  61. Sunset Darklight


  62. Sunset Darklight

    hehe lol join me lol i mean add me we are going to be great friends

  63. Priyal Shah

    i want the explicit version!!!!!!  :(

  64. alex x

    This one and Mistakes are my favorite off the album (: Great stuff.

  65. Alex Goodwin

    Who else came here cause of Crimsix's PAX East vid?

  66. SpringBreak Reviews

    there new stuff is getting good. i mean i loved blackout the most but now these new ones are really good.

  67. Rockie Robertson


  68. Devin Jordan

    Breathe Carolina is just not the same without Kyle Even.

  69. Ricky Martín'ez

    The work BC did = AMAZING, SUPER PRODUCTION !!!

  70. cscene4

    I've never liked BC so much, but this is easily best album of the year-material. Just amazing.

  71. Chelsy Mae

    Yes they dropped the rock and the screamo but that's when Kyle was in the band and since he left they changed. Its a new breathe Carolina even though I love their old music better they sound good. Cash Cash did the same they were a pop kind of band and now they are like Calvin Harris. Bands grow up when they lose members for personal reasons. Its how they have to survive in the music world. Don't bash cause they aren't the same band they are just they upgraded.


    Welllll fucking saidd my friend :)

    melanie gallegos

    David said it in sellouts lol I love there new music injustice love them all together lol

  72. Vin

    This is why people need to be more diverse with their music taste instead of sticking to just one genre and hating every other type . I personally love techno beats as well as a lot of other music types . I don't really have much songs I hate . o: Well anyways , I like this song .

  73. dameon piedra


  74. jemtechnology5

    anyone come here from crimsix?


    haha i did

  75. Blooptastic

    idc if its generic techno beats, this shit is catchy

  76. Kat Øk

    <3 <3 <3

  77. Pedro Policarpo Valdés

    I REALLY like this shit.

  78. WaRii20

    chorus is fucking awesome. love it.

  79. SniperHound426

    This stuff is awesome. People are just butt hurt that they've thrown out most of their old style. Amazing work!

  80. Pedro Policarpo Valdés

    I like this shit

  81. Katy Marie

    Lol people take comments so literal. The comment is supposed to be read new or old, breathe Carolina is forever amazing. Dumb idiots.

  82. YoImKoKo

    So. What about it works for you?


    I started in Team Snipers, ya know. It just went from there. Lol, Crim is the best :P

  83. RalysGFX

    Content Free ?

  84. Viking Chronicles

    It's got some Chromeo vibes to it for sure

  85. Katy Marie

    New or old breathe Carolina is forever amazing. <3

    Katy Marie

    Um duh they're the same band, but there's old & new music. & I'm saying either way they're amazing so stfu.

  86. Katy Marie

    I hate how people think Kyle left because they sound mainstream umm noo he left because he has a daughter to take care of!

  87. Nikole Jackson

    this band has always been electronic! i'm so proud of them and will not dump on them, great jobs guys! this album is incredible! <3

  88. JustKatesLife

    not sure how motionless in white brought me here. but love this <3

  89. TubbZ

    Crimbox Sent Me Here

  90. EpicGabby

    so...david just dropped all the rock sound and is doing techno crap?....i dont really like the new stuff


    @SnappyPlays i sowwy :')

    Patrick Harmon

    "Techno" "Techno" "Techno" More like shut the fuck up.

    "Techno" is also commonly confused with generalized descriptors, such as electronic music and electronic dance music.
    If you refer to electronic music as techno ( A SUBGENRE of EDM ) THEN YOU NEED TO GET EDUCATED OR OFF YOURSELF.


    @Patrick Harmon it was a joke but ok


    EpicGabby I agree

  91. ChaotikGaming

    Lol, Sounded like David was having it with with SOMEONE

  92. laura lovesmusic

    Defiantly my fave from the album :) x

  93. Jason Sohasky

    Crimbot is going to make this song blow up!

  94. EtherealDwarf

    Was someone fapping in the beginning omg

    Paul DM



    So glad I wasn't the only one that thought that too 😂

    Neon Bunny

    EtherealDwarf Jajajaja

    Neon Bunny


  95. Christopher Rivera

    why only 24K views should have 10Mill

  96. Granteus

    This have copyright behind it?

    Until It All Fits

    Oh yeah.

    Dalton Wynne

    Just a tiiiiiiiiny bit of copyright

  97. Oliver G

    Hardcore fapping intro

  98. Aeroblinder