Breaking Point - Get Up Lyrics

Well you think that you're safe
Well I just think that you're a waste
Well you've been striving to win
Well you get knocked down again
Get up
Here's your chance now
All eyes are upon you
You better give your all
If you wanna rise up
You got to do what defines you
Cause if you give up, give in, you're gone
Well they're calling you strange
Well it's more like deranged
When they just push you aside
But it keeps you alive
Get up

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Breaking Point Get Up Comments
  1. spand3244

    Really a cool song

  2. Big Jay

    Angry side and phoenix are the other good ones. Very powerful songs breaking point rocks!!!!

  3. Big Jay

    Fucking awesome

  4. Tyson Reyes

    genius song

  5. miguel segura

    good song

  6. Andrew Phillips

    this song is fucking awsome