Breaking Point - Falling Down Lyrics

Don't you lie to me, cause I'm not blind I see the
Lessons that you teach create the hate in me
I'm not scared to say that I won't be that way
We're all the same, but there's always a price to pay
I don't want to be the one to push you down and pull you up again
I don't want to be that way
You're falling down, you're falling down again
It's when you speak to me
'Cause hates not born, you see
It's pride you scream with bigot eyes too blind to see
Your frame of mind's outdated
Narrow opinions faded
Would you like to meet this monster that you've created
Don't you lie to me, cause I'm not blind I see
The lessons you teach create the hate in me
I'm not scared to say that I won't be that way
We're all the same
But there's always a price you pay

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Breaking Point Falling Down Comments

    Instrumental please

  2. Breaking Point Videos

    Lots of live Breaking Point videos here:

  3. Purple dragon 19

    Cooler should have been in the series

  4. king_of_the_apes

    This should be piccolos theme

  5. Breaking Point Videos

    Breaking Point live videos:

  6. Mario Mota

    Ahh yes. Workout music.

  7. fighterwolfneon

    “Deep fried Namek, how yummy!”

    Fonch Z

    Piccolo: **smirk**
    Nezu: huh? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! ......

  8. Kiwimasterpiece

    The voice reminds me of Godsmack

  9. Julian A. Lymond

    Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge

  10. ShowOfff

    “Ha. You must be feeling pretty stupid right about now”

  11. Tervetuloa Saunaan

    Love this song, every time I listen to it I feel like I'm flying in the air on a sunny morning while being chased by a ki blast.


    Aahhhh darn it... i cANT... !!! YaAaAaaAarRgh...!!!

  12. Iamjudgemagister

    Piccolo's greatest moment. Also, Salza created the beam sword long before Goku Black 🙃

  13. Iamjudgemagister

    Neiz, I thought you... Ugh!

  14. Nick

    2:02 This part makes me fucking nut

  15. *DARKVOID*

    I play this when I get ready to compete amongst my brothers in the octagon in my UFC gym.

  16. Kyonne25

    Thanks doc!

  17. Boured

    When I have to deal with a friend constantly being pessimistic to the point of annoyance.


    Sucks that underrated music like this isn't push to the light just glad i found it dbz thank you


    Very breaking benjamin//boy hits car I love it

  20. Connor Ron

    Wow I'm like the first guy to give a video 666 likes and this is the first one lol

  21. wacey murphy

    why didnt funimation release the soundtrack of cooler's revenge such an awesome song selection this is one of my favorites and the ending credits.

  22. Blackpilled Saint

    Best DBZ movie for sure next to Broly

  23. Supah Bluu

    This song is so fucking good.

  24. alienxmz

    lol sounds like a back in the day wwf ppv theme song.

  25. Ben Shapiro

    I love this song

  26. Zain844

    This song is just dripping testosterone.

  27. Hector Leon

    Gohan get those beans to your dad quick!!

    Jason Bottoms

    Hector Leon Speaking of beans, lets make some chili! ;)

  28. joe

    "goku: freezer!
    salza:huh you think this is frieza, no he is cooler
    goku: cooler then freezer? You must be ice cold
    cooler: no that would be my father" -TFS Lmfao XD


    "I sure hope somebody picks up that phone.


  29. Atlas Ryuk

    At 1:53 I keep hearing "Michael!" in the background of this song. I've tried it every day for like, 4 days.

  30. Onizuma13

    Coolers movie is one of the only movies that actually fits in the shows timeline. (Bojack is another) It could easily take place within the three years training for the androids. Also this song rocks.


    The only issue is Gohan still has his tail, which is strange.

    Atlas Ryuk

    Nah, it doesn't. It takes place in the 1 year that Goku was missing.

    Argonian Stormcloak

    LSS Broly and Plan to eradicate the super saiyans fit. They would take place in the ten days prior to the Cell Games

    Michael Carter

    Onizuma13 it can't take place in the timeline because Goku couldn't bring out super saiyan on his own. He had to witness countless death and destruction to transform, but when trunks and back he was able to transform at will.

  31. Damo

    This is not alt rock, this is pop music...............

    Atlas Ryuk

    I hope this is just a horrible joke, because that's precisely what it looks like.

    Ben Shapiro

    Miċɦaɛʟ Atʟas Lmao

    Strider Hein

    Dumb comment you made a year ago is still dumb, buddy. I thought i'd remind you.

  32. SenseiDenax

    Awesome performance by Piccolo


    Cooler's Revenge is basically the entire essence of DBZ condensed into 45 minutes

    Sebastián Dnejsndnhw

    TANKY WANK que .

    3rd Way

    I think bojack unbound is

    Saga Z

    Same with the first broly movie

    Brad Hackler

    Same with the new Broly movie.

    Captain Rupertikjakmos

    @Brad Hackler Go fuck yourself, the new movie and everything that's come out in the past decade has been fucking cancer.

  34. Eli is daddy

    I loved this movie this band and this song

  35. Marina Syndulla

    Dragon Ball Z baby

  36. Xxx GMonee248 xxX

    came from a AMV of Swampert

  37. Chuckfan 47

    Niez: I beat you're feeling pretty stupid rich about now! Deep fried namek how yummy. 😛
    Piccolo: 😫........🐸😏*grabs Niez*
    Niez: 😳 huh??? UhhhHaaaaaaaaaa 💀

  38. Tanner Osborne

    Oh hell yeah 3:16

  39. GoofyGoober_III

    how to download this song?

    II JayX3 II

    Just Google the band the song name and type free download


    Music pleer

  40. suicideslumberparty

    I love this song

  41. Jessica Agressott

    I love this song

  42. Jacob Coleman

    Why isn't that toad on his home planet where he belongs?!


    +Jacob Coleman Freiza blew it up.

    Jacob Coleman

    Oh yeah. Right.


    +Jacob Coleman Freiza blew it up.

    Ben Shapiro

    wave201988 To late man :( Somebody already caught ya to it.

    Draven Crow

    You know that line is technically racist? Just sayin lol.

  43. Tanner Osborne

    Workout to this every evening about it

  44. Tanner Osborne

    Hell of a song

  45. Dylan KebabKing

    Who agrees that Cooler should have gotten at least a short filler arc, or hell a real arc?


    +Dylan Seymour Cooler is just about better than any character that came after the cell saga tbh. That includes the new movies.

    Rich Gerow

    Would have been way better than anything in the Majin Buu saga. That's for sure.

    Ricky Wyness

    @Rich Gerow Even SSJ3?

    Captain Rupertikjakmos

    @Rich Gerow No.

  46. Curtis Young

    watch any epic moment in dbz and play this song 

  47. MF STEEZ

    I'm glad this song was in The DBZ movie cos now I've fob another great band. And all of there songs are amazing.

  48. Silvia Allen


    Wisemankugel Memicus

    I looked up Rob Van Dam entrances,and it played a song,I'm pretty sure it was an Alice in Chains song.

    Malice Entity

    @Ben Wiseman Breaking Point did the song "One of A Kind". Which RVD used for his theme while in the WWE for years.

  49. M Hale Gaming

    It's a shame...the only time this band is remembered these days is when someone either watches the original Funimation version of DBZ Cooler's Revenge or whenever Rob Van Dam has an entrance on a WWE program.

    Breaking Point was a truly amazing band.

    Tasin Al-Hassan

    @Eric Draven Nevermore Too bad they stopped making it though.


    Eric Draven Nevermore True dude, a lot of my favourite bands today were introduced to me through WWE (Disturbed, Saliva, Sevendust to name a few)

    Eric Draven Nevermore

    Best bands wwe introduced me to were Stereomud & Neurotica, bought all their cds because they were that damn good, i recommend it to anybody. As for DBZ I thank them dearly for introducing me to Haji's Kitchen, outstandingly skilled & underrated band in the world. Look them up on youtube: Haji's Kitchen 1995, you will fall in love with that whole LP every song on it is an instant favorite.


    but they dont make music anymore. to stay in peoples head you need to produce shit once in a while..

    Tristian Cargle


  50. mrvlnetwork1

    'It's all over for you Namek! You're going to die!'
    'Not likely, I've seen you fight.'

    Jonny Arico

    why isnt that toad on his own planet were he belongs.... freiza blew it up o yeah yeah lol


    I'm going to rip you apart, what the where did he go?

    Jeromy Chavez


  51. Egaiza

    i can listen to this all day :)


    Egaiza me too

  52. Rick Reyna

    I workout to this all the time.

  53. James Halliday


  54. cal1um2

    Neizu: haha missed
    Sauzaa: he wasn't aiming for you, you idiot
    Picolo: haha
    Doore: aha what the aaahh (dead...)

  55. MrCaCaaaaaaaaa

    Last time on DRAGUNBULL ZEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Piccolo was up against Cooler's Armored Squadron. Can Piccolo save Gohan from Cooler's thugs? Will Piccolo have what it takes to defeat an evil overlord's gang of minions? Stay tuned for an exciting episode of DRAGUNBULL ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  56. MewtwoRulesOverAll

    Love it!

  57. MewtwoRulesOverAll

    Brings back memories. Like!

  58. Josh Garcia

    i remmember a guy named piccolo kicking ass to this song

    Ben Shapiro

    Josh Garcia I do to.

    Mark Lastes

    Such a bad ass scene

  59. Bg Link24


  60. We're Cool

    nice music :D