Breakbot - You Should Know Lyrics

It ain't the fancy things that you give to me
Even though you know I ain't mad at that
It's all about the times that you spend with me
When I was dumb enough?, Hey-ey

And even know I couldn't get you everything
You ain't the type to be mad at that,
Cuz all you want to do is give your love to me,
And baby I love you back, Hey-ey

You should know that I love you
You should know that I care for you baby
You should know that I want you
You should know by the way that I stare

You should know that I love you
You should know that I care for you baby
You should know that I want you
You should know

It ain't the sexy things that you wear for me
Even though you know I ain't mad at that
It's all about the times that you spend with me
When I was dumb enough, Hey-ey

And even though I'm out of time every week
You ain't the type to be mad at that
Cuz all you want to do is give your love to me
And baby I love you back, Hey-ey

You should know that I love you
You should know that I care for you baby
You should know that I want you
You should know by the way that I stare

You should know that I love you
You should know that I care for you baby
You should know that I want you
You should know by the way that I stare

I love you oooo babe, and you know I won't do you wrong
So just take some time
You got to do a little time?
And believe that your mine?

Cuz I love you, oooo babe
And you know you can't do me wrong
So just take some time
You got to take a little time?
And believe that your mine?

You should know
You should know
You should know
You should know

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Breakbot You Should Know Comments
  1. n1KE

    His music is legit addicting ... if it’s your first time here , bet ... you gone be back soon !

  2. Rrrush

    Every song was just so addicting

  3. Hello Dankness My Old Friend

    I got an ad for the bible on this.


  4. Tavo Morfín

    2018 anyone ??

  5. backslash68

    Ah, the sheer power of slash chords on a steady backbeat...

  6. Valentino Peeps

    Very classic sound to the recording/mixing of all instruments and voices. It's very NYC late 70's... Tight and Tasty. The Bassist is swagging it out. Nice track y'all.

  7. nisteber

    This guys favorite guitarist has to be Nile Rodgers

  8. Gunkfunkulous Munktrunkulous

    I think this'n's my favorite


  9. KelGhu

    I thought it was a song from the band Tortured Soul when I first heard this. Very similar in style! Dope!

  10. syifa iman

    damn the song is lit but the lyrics are sad like my love life..

  11. Pizzario

    When Daft Punk ended their sample songs that got noticed big time, their essences split into 2 sides. One is a sub-genre of vaporwave called future funk, and this is the other.

  12. Score remasterized

    obsesionado por reackbot yeah!

  13. The Moops

    Comparisons to fellow French house nu disco producers are always going to be made but I am picking up some real Fred Falke feelings with some of these chord progressions

  14. Putra Ramadhan

    chocolate jesus is a sweet tasty jesus

  15. Fa Iz

    Is it just me, or this album looks amazed? :D

  16. Nana Perez

    Tenia que ser francés

  17. Joe Julet

    Love this track !!!

  18. slusho drinker

    This is my first night ever listening to Breakbot and I'm already obsessed whoa

    Brennan Sullivan

    They're amazing! I'm fairly new, too. I only really knew Baby I'm yours, My Toy and Fantasy. Check out Random Access Memories and Discovery by Daft Punk and the band Tuxedo. You'll like all of them.

    Ethan Chitty

    Shake A Sphere  sameee

    alex berebc

    just you?hello you from the past:)


    slusho drinker it only goes uphill from here, my friend.

  19. salim sadat


  20. Wizrd

    This is my jam.

  21. Butter Fingers

    You Should Know that I'm Jesus, Don't ask Why

  22. SounDabOut1

    Chinguen a su madre pendejos q ponen estúpidos comerciales y no dejan disfrutar la música como debe de ser. POR QUE NO PONEN UN COMERCIAL DE SU MADRE A VER QUIEN LA COMPRA, YA BASTA DE QUERER VENDER EN TODOS LADOS IMBECILES, PERO VA A VENIR EL APOCALIPSIS Y ENTONCES SIIIIIII...........

    Sami Neko

    pedazo de imbecil, para eso existe el AdBlock

    Awesome Leonidas IV

    oye tranquilo viejo

    Awesome Leonidas IV

    oye tranquilo viejo

  23. Isiah Venut

    I'm only 11 and yet I love these disco songs. Damn is it just me?

    Dez Su Schurr

    +Awesome Leonidas IV I'm a fetus and I love disco :D

    Awesome Leonidas IV

    I 'm Rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop.I work here with my dad and my son Big Hoss . Everything here has a story and a price. Something I've learned after twenty years is that you never know which will come through that door.

    Wait this isnt wii!

    I'm still in the womb and love this!


    im only 65 and i still love nicki minaj damn is it just me

    Chris Johnson

    Im dead and still listening to Beethoven

  24. Mel Hinojos

    i always feel like people have their own valid opinions on music until they use the word mainstream

  25. Richard Reyes

    R.A.M. is a fucking solid album! Just because it took actual musicianship and orchestration that your mind could not concieve because it wasn't the same fucking over played e.d.m. beats over and over. Its a concept album that takes you on a journey and is far less mainstream than anything else anyone in that genre is doing. If they WERE trying to go with a mainstream album they would have released Discovery, instead of R.A.M. type album at this point in time.


    Richard Reyes ye but wtf does that have to do with this smh

    Richard Reyes

    Echolyktuz it was in response to somebody else on the feed. Just replied in a separate comment. Who still uses "smh" though?


    w/e ffs

    Richard Reyes

    Echolyktuz kick rocks kid


    fuq dat supposed 2 m33n

  26. Lukas Mooro

    Who is ruckazoid?

  27. les freres De la cote

    you should know that you must be listening in a loundge night club with a glass of ice champagne.

  28. Leave The World Behind

    It so was. But Daft Punk somehow made it cool anyway. I mean putting a guitarsolo in Aerodynamic in 2001 was like the most cheesy thing you could do, but it didn't matter.

  29. realgoldfinger

    still Discovery wasn't that cheesy

  30. Bitan Fair

    perfect too

  31. Leave The World Behind

    Discovery was also made for commercial appeal, but theres nothing wrong about that!

  32. Leave The World Behind

    Yep but I meant that David Guetta sucks compared to the other gods!

  33. Gabiche

    He talks about their nationality, idiot ;)
    They're all french

  34. realgoldfinger

    sure it is

  35. Kriss

    Discovery is still my favorite album of all time

  36. realgoldfinger

    I agree, totally prefer Daft Punk's 'Discovery' kind of music. Not that shitty RAM album gone commercial, so sure this is better than Random Access Memories

  37. Leave The World Behind

    Did you just mention David Guetta together with Breakbot and Daft Punk? I have no words...

  38. Ramiro L. De Palo

    Not even close, but on the other hand this is very good as well! I wouldn't compare them ..

  39. hamstercom23

    Too different to compare.

  40. Willian Rodrigues

    Good music, but Random Access Memories > This

  41. Willian Rodrigues


  42. kiet le

    Fuck you what

  43. Maria Reyes

    They are not exactly like daft punkbecause daft punks songs are mostly technologic more than theirs. But they are both French so...

  44. hamstercom23

    Why does nearly every French track descend into a "better than Daft Punk/Not as good as Daft Punk/They did it first fight, or an excuse for people to show off what they think they know about French House or bitch about RAM? Either an artist is good or they aren't, Breakbot is brilliant - why can't it be as simple as that? I adore DP but I can appreciate other French artists without been overly defensive about it. DP are gods, Breakbot is a wonder to behold - why can't we all just enjoy them?


    hamstercom23 mm I agree! This isn’t even a daft punk song lmao

  45. MrEggroll2424

    woo woo woo lets not get to carried away now

  46. kikouf

    not the half of daft punk but works with ed banger records :)

  47. Levi Staples

    This = Random Access Memories?

  48. zava34

    ed banger records? isnt he half of daft punk>

  49. Céline `

    FRANCE eh ouaaaaais <3

  50. Kolton Boyd

    Heard this at the mall. Me and my girlfriends favorite song

  51. jorge Martinez

    Mmm... Sounds like...
    "Tortured Soul" (or else... They just chaged the name of the group)

  52. embe

    Breakbot, David Guetta, Daft Punk. And C2C!
    Weeeeeee are the champions, my frieeeeeend!!!!

    Dylan Does

    lol c418 can be on the bass too

  53. Corey Lane

    I have listened to this album on repeat for a month now and I love every song to bits more or less, so yeah I think so too, I love both albums!

  54. Julian H.D.

    but better

  55. Gi V

    this as good as RAM

  56. somekidnamedold

    Ts song in particular reminds me of music The Jacksons could've sang on the Triumph album...prolly a song Jermaine would've sang had he still been in the band. Pretty awesome stuff here.

  57. psy8adore

    I think RAM is just an average album compared to other albums they have, imo. And I think this song can compete in the same level with RAM.

  58. James Haggie

    mashed samples +vocals < original songs + live musicians

  59. Corey Lane

    lets not be too hasty. But breakbot is still fantastic

  60. Talridor

    french touch ;)

  61. Alexandre


  62. Charlie Zhao

    RAAAH sah good

  63. Can Nat

    that table tennis sound.. awesome.

  64. Dominic Chapman

    if you base "house" on David guetta etc. you surely won't know what house is -_-

  65. ArehFreak

    What's the point of someone dedicating such a pretty song to you, if is going to dump you a week later.

  66. Bakkerzman42

    finally hearing music. this is too sick!

  67. FrenzyHoes

    You got no right telling nobody if they have good or bad test, so please, relax

  68. MedStud 101

    I've always wondered... Copying someone's song is a serious crime... Why is Bruno not getting sued or anything?... I'm not defending his actions, but it's kinda weird that nothing has happened ever since he "copied" that song... Unless Breakbot did give him permission for that song... Can someone explain that to me?

  69. Anthony M

    The French just do it best.

  70. Phuc Bui

    true story man, true story , mine is Daft Punk -> French House -> Dubstep -> back to funky disco tunes :D

  71. kordz

    you guys are both wrong. Disco/Sample/Filter House started in America with people like Masters at work, Todd Terry, Todd Edwards...back in 1992. it came over to French with artists like St.Germain in 1995. What Daft Punk did is perfectionize it with Discovery (in my opinion), which came out in the year 2001.
    If i can add my point here aswell, i dont really understand why this debate is on a Breakbot track, cause this sounds way more like 70's disco then any kind of "house"...

  72. MedStud 101

    Please, educate yourself...

  73. kordz

    im not saying this is bad.. just.. /watch?v=aJPYQLp_jsk

  74. Romain Fleury

    Chorus really sounds like Chic

  75. PerrrsianCat

    can't wait to see the video

  76. JamForJerry

    And Daft Punk has been 'dropping' these vibes years before breakbot in Discovery and as far back as Indo Disco Silver Club from Homework.

  77. KidLionMusic

    Really? I was under the impression that you either like the album, or "you're fucking eleven."

  78. KidLionMusic

    Yeah cool man, i'm not going to argue, fighting with the mentally handicapped is like shooting fish in a barrel. Still hate the album though. sorry :)

  79. Dylan

    I'm the "fucking moron"? I'm not the one saying Daft Punk was "slow to join the disco house bandwagon". If you actually knew something about anything, you'd realize that Daft Punk were the pioneers in French Filter House/Disco. They inspired a whole generation of artists. After reading about Breakbot, I saw that he admitted Daft Punk was one of his greatest influences for his music. Get your facts straight, and fuck off if all you want to do is criticize a song/artist on someone else's video.

  80. KidLionMusic

    Woah buddy, Daft Punk were slow joining the Disco House bandwagon, If you think Daft Punk invented French Filter House/Disco etcetera etcetera, you're a fucking moron. Your comment oozes of ignorance, and it makes me sad, because it shows how much more narrow minded you are about this genre than you realize. Alan Braxe, Fred Falke, Breakbot. These are all amazing artists who do what Daft Punk have done but at a much higher level. Im sorry I don't feel like jerking it to RAM with you.

  81. KidLionMusic

    No, because it's a shit album, sorry I don't want to join in on your circle jerk, but i'll stick by my valid opinion.

  82. Dylan

    You idiot! Everything Daft Punk does is fucking amazing! Get Lucky is just one of their songs. Never judge an artist by one piece. Besides, if you don't like Daft Punk, that just means you have terrible taste in music.

  83. KidLionMusic

    I agree. After I heard Get Lucky, I was under the impression RAM was going to be all that style, was so keen. Bought the album, disappointed.

  84. johnsojourn

    daft punk has been around since late early 90s and breakbot has been around since like mid 2000's...either way both produce great music to groove to

  85. BoumTM

    French touch.

  86. luiqicity

    RAM isnt even that good of a Daft Punk album. Although DP has been making music for longer than Breakbot I think.

  87. worldsbest91

    funny how people think RAM is so original, breakbots been dropping similar disco vibes for years

  88. Lancemaker

    u should not compare. Rancom acces memories in my oppinion isnt a dancefloor album. Its more close to art. The humanization of the plain eletronic music. There is some history in there. Listen it with more care.

  89. jameabeto1

    This > Random Access Memories?

  90. LOUXE

    Michael Jackson Live!

  91. Tookieslam

    Breakbot and Daft Punk live...oh imagine! *drool*

  92. X3DN

    Nice shit

  93. Luis Estrella León

    There´s so much from Daft Punk. Influence, I mean

  94. Arnar Ingólfsson

    You mean everything Breabot touches turns into chocolate!

  95. Svennizx

    And knowing is half the battle!

  96. dudina89


  97. cin samu


  98. Matt McFarling Films

    Wow, this sounds almost exactly like my journey with Electronic music! I started with dubstep but its brought me to stuff thats easier on the ears like this!

  99. Supa Main

    complètement d'accord