Breakbot - Why Lyrics

I cant live without your love (Your love),
Cause you and me,
Were just like hand in a glove (In a glove),
I know at times,
We both just wanna give up (Give up),
But you know we,
Cant ever get enough (Enough),

So don't ask why?
why? why? why? why? why? why? why?

Do you do the things you do,
everything you say is true,
cause you believe in me,
girl I believe in you
you know you make me wanna sing
so when I give you everything,
Just don't ask why? [X2]

Do you think I do all this for? (This for),
I'm not the one
Who would ever walk out the door (Out the door),
Ill give you love,
No matter what they say (What they say),
And Ill be the one to take the pain away (away),

Just don't ask why?

Don't waste your time,
trying to ask me why,
cause I ain't got no time for questions,
and if you wanna love,
like I love you,
then girl show me,
and Ill give my love to you.
Just don't ask why?

Do you do the things you do?
Everything I say is true
Cause you believe in me
Girl I believe in you
You know you make me wanna sing
So when I give you everything,
Just don't ask why? [X2]

Cause some things in life,
are better unsaid,
Don't ask why?
And if we go out and wanna paint the town red,
Don't ask why?
You know theres nothing better,
When were both in bed,
Don't ask why?
And when I say something I do what I say,
Don't ask why?

Just take some time and enjoy the ride,
Don't ask why?

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Breakbot Why Comments
  1. Xphos Attitra

    I’ve been trying to find this song for so long

  2. Aaa Ooo

    He like Jared Leto ^^

  3. ricardo rodriguez herrera

    Mi parte favorita 😍 3:16

  4. Jan Wayne S. Official Channel

    i'm just here discovering new songs

  5. Not Me

    I remember when this was on iTunes for free


    Heheheh.... *inhales*

  6. n1KE

    Ever since I found this dude I’ve been obsessed with his songs, he’s super fucking talented . The mj feels , his own unique feels , it’s just clean !!!


    I mean your not lying.

  7. justjake

    Honestly this music puts me in such a good mood. Y’all need way more attention!

  8. Owen Dunigan

    this song is nutty with a capital nut brah

  9. Too Long

    Virtual Break-Up

  10. Londzale

    *That intermission is to die for!!! Incredible*

  11. burntChicken wings

    To be honest, the cover art looks like menu of um jammer lammy but that's just my opinion

  12. Brandon Floro

    Playback speed does wonders,,, skate to this at 0.75x

  13. We're Live Pal!

    Hee hee!

  14. مخدر سعيد

    Me gustaría crear algo como esto :´)

  15. Davi Matheus

    1:00 😍

  16. Moon

    Breakbot: Just don't ask why..

    Also Breakbot, 5 seconds later: Why?

    Dylan Does

    That's Ruckazoid, why did you say Breakbot?

  17. Scottie Hodge

    Rolling down 95 south, headed to Miami...feeling good listing to this jam...

  18. ジイLeuname_Shotoさツ

    The Weeknd?

  19. Ziv Grinfeld

    I thought it was a mcrocklin song at first because of the intro guitar

  20. Skortan 8

    i swear the more breakbot i hear the stranger and funkier it gets

  21. Andrea Rojas

    Is Michael Jackson !°

  22. matin alvades

    Ladies and Gentlemen OH WAIT

  23. Monkeyd Gordão

    Eh mole

  24. get

    I like ur meme song more

  25. samflakes

    _aguante bruno mars_

  26. Gun Metal

    Oddly enough I found out about this song from club boats on roblox bruh

  27. DRajtify

    This is so funky

  28. Blastro

    Reminds me of Earthbound 2/Mother 3's town music for some reason

  29. sedia121

    2018 nessuno? (anyone)

    délire studio

    Of course

  30. Alonso Ralat

    People are saying they feel Michael Jackson and I feel that, but I get more the Weeknd vibes from this. His voice is just really similar.

  31. Cody Casey

    BreakBot is the DJ (Disc Jesus)

  32. 零パラレル_アクア

    Just a random Japanese guy who likes to listen to Breakbot's music :)

    I'm Yuta




    Felipe Fernandez

    Za warudo!


    Ara ara

  33. QT K8


  34. Spartan _Rager

    I want those shorts😀

  35. Gabriel Melendez jr

    To everyone thinking ruckazoid sounds like Michael
    Your speakers are cheap.

  36. Anamaria

    After six years this still being good.

  37. TheNamesBoo

    you know I think that Breakbot makes some of the best music ever but it's so sad that not that many people know about him and I had never had the name Breakbot before i found him and now i'm in love with his music


    TheNamesBoo I concur good sir

  38. Gappy

    Just dont ask "why?"...


    Who is Michael Jackson?

    Chris Johnson

    The king of pop

  40. Seokyt

    me encanta esta cancion *:3(soy el unico chileno que escucha esto) 2018

  41. Rrrush

    Better than bruno 🅱🅾i

  42. that man

    This man just opened a sick tasty funky chocolate bar

  43. AutumnVirus

    One of my favorite Breakbot songs. <3 T_T

  44. DJ 3lectrical

    0.75 speed for Virtual Breakup

  45. Sphaak

    I'm late,I'm really really late

  46. Sawamura ashira

    Sounds like MJ plus the weekend :)

  47. M G

    So fresh, yes !

  48. LowTierBlonde

    Where can I buy this? It's not on iTunes, feelsterribleman

  49. Tidpao Souphanousinphone

    I always thought that was Michael Jackson

  50. Carlos Enriquez

    Vey good song

  51. DudulMonster

    January 30th 2018...

    this still sounds awesome


    january 16th... how do you feel about it?

    Doop retooP

    @ALeKS why?

  52. Cosmin Gabriel

    Best song i've heard in last month(january 2018)

  53. BonneChoure

    chocolate jesus

  54. Schmores

    why?wHy?? WHY???

  55. Gwyneth Thong

    always find myself coming back to this song

  56. AFallenSk8er

    Mkbhd Snapchat brought me here

  57. Silver Lips

    This is awesome! So funky!

  58. Adam Abu Saab


  59. Aresh

    Who's here after MKBHD?

  60. Oscar Espinosa

    MKBHD brought me here.

  61. ViceNation

    MKBHD sent me

  62. Zenil Prajapati

    Who's here after MKBHD'S tweet?

  63. Hydr0genn

    MKBHD anyone?

  64. Huzaifa Jafferji

    Who else came here because MKBHD

  65. Ice Wolf

    well're not wrong

  66. Trushant N

    Mkbhd brought me here 🔥

  67. Brennan Sullivan

    So did Break speed/pitch up Ruckazoid's vocals for Fantasy? He must have, he sounds so different here.

  68. Putra Ramadhan

    The entire song is beyond describe, but 3:03 is just OMG, sonic eargasm


    Putra Ramadhan That part is L I T

  69. Matou Network

    Whyyyy ? Whyyy ? Tell 'Em That Is Human Nature... :o)

  70. Lorne Campbell

    Breakbot needs Oliver remix 'polish' to make it great.

  71. Jerry Perry

    Breakbot songs is 24k magic

  72. Alsicom Informatique Mac & PC


  73. abecassis philippe

    Thanks Walid my popping legend teacher to make me discovered this ....


    0:57 is the beginning of my favorite part of the song.... so MJ style!

  75. Abdi Perez

    i cant decide if like the vaporwave version of this song or the original version,,,,,,,i like both :)

  76. Extreme Earl Grey

    sounds abit like the mack

  77. Lee Christine

    im mad at how good this is

  78. cyrusjerome

    /FMaj7 / FMaj7 / G7 / G7 //x4

    / FMaj7 / Dmin7 / Emin7 / Amin - G7//
    / FMaj7 / G7 / Emin7 / Emin7 //

    / Amin7 - Emin7 / Dmin7 //

    Not too sure if its perfect but I was jammin along! Thought I'd share the chords!

    Amanda Percival

    cyrusjerome thanks
    I’ve been looking for this

    Eliot Slevin

    Bruno mars thanks you


    Just don't ask "why"


    @Rise65487 lmao


    Rise65487 whyyyy

  79. ShaiyaSin1

    michael jackson...?

    Cyrus Smylie

    ShaiyaSin1 no! Ruckazoid!

  80. Winston R

    Ruckazoid, for when you need to sound similar to Michael Jackson

    Puppy Cat with the Fuzzy Pants

    Winston R Why?

  81. Shirabi

    I Love Breakbot. thanks for your work

    The Cure

    ikr, but i feel like im listening alone


    Daniel SV Why? Whyy? Whyyy?

  82. mebarki zoubida

    bombeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. ignacio antón arias

    vaya pantalones lleva el pavo!

  84. m̵͉̚e̶̬̔a̴̤̒t̷̼̐

    Anyone here from Phoenix #2772 - Virtual Break-Up?









  85. Eric Oneak

    Just respond "why" to every fking comment


    but seriously why tho?

  86. Luiser


  87. Putra Ramadhan

    chocolate jesus is a sweet tasty jesus

    Putra Ramadhan

    marq_ 07 just don't ask why

    Doop retooP

    @Putra Ramadhanwhy?

    Putra Ramadhan

    @Doop retooP just don't ask why


    Putra Ramadhan weird flex but ok

  88. MarScott


    Pariente Locoshon

    por que?

    Da Pig

    Pourquoi ?

  89. TheDivineHustle

    My butt smells like porn.


    Mine too. It's that dick cheese smell


    Me gusta, please say it again in slow motion 😏😏

    miguel villar

    M y b u t t s m e l l s l i k e p o r n.

  90. Taylor Allen

    Great song

  91. Star Jackson

    Ruckazoid sounds like the weekend and Michael Jackson

  92. Joe Pebworth

    That Ruckazoid, him got that soulful sound.

  93. Roger 'The Dankmaster' Penrose

    Bruno mars wishes he was this talented.

    Rick Beacham

    LOL. Breakbot was here first thats for sure.

    Skull Songs

    Jawie Ceniza LoL do you know how cruel the music business is dude?


    I swear bro

    iron monkey

    U bugging