Breakbot - Back For More Lyrics

[Verse 1: Irfane]
And you keep me coming back for more
Got me wondering what you got in store
Yes, you keep me coming back for more
I've been knocking, open up your door

[Verse 2: Sarah Ydoux]
Let me show you what you came here for
I will keep you coming back for more
Let me show you what I have in store
I will keep you coming back for more
More, more
Back for more, more
Back for more

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Breakbot Back For More Comments
  1. Oxi Clean

    Sounds like daft punk.
    Man i swear french artists have the best music.

  2. Guz Mariño

    back for more 2020

  3. J-Bee Burrows

    Back for more 2019 🙃

  4. Pierre Woodman

    Great !!

  5. Arturo Rubio

    What ever happen with This band?

  6. W!llACT

    Breakbot is...the....shit!!!

  7. Mac Allan

    The progression is so familiar, what other songs are like that

  8. Shiba Toast

    So is this guy related to Kevin Parker?

  9. Alex

    It's a pity, the song is good but the voice at 2:45 is recorded/mixed with a poor quality

  10. It’s McWaffles

    It’s mostly instrumental I don’t really like that, but is quality

  11. Mohamed Abdallah Ouahmi

    This song reminds me of another one i can't totally recall ...

  12. Morgan Freeman

    Ladies and gentlemen? *We gottem*

  13. Juan Díaz

    Conocí a esta banda la última semana del 2017, me encanta iniciar este nuevo año con su música ❤️

  14. SkySilver2 •-•

    woah a real album by them

  15. Syed Ali

    Yes I am

  16. Dennis Reynolds

    I wish the vocals played more than once

  17. z28rikard

    I just love the beat and lyrics. Sexy and innocent at the same time. good job

  18. Zeemo Craft

    I need more!

  19. Czikkan Hardt

    That *Break My Stride* sample... fuckin' sweet.

  20. Sverre Bjørbæk

    This is fuckin awesome!

  21. Rambling Boys

    Jim on guitar

  22. leon Soul

    sample anyone?

  23. Budsakhorn JOY

    Nice job

  24. Roxy Anka

    Ce son est du pur génieeeuuuhhhhhhh !!!!!

  25. ELiTE

    Melhor forma de começar um álbum 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Breakbot ❤Brasil

  26. Edie Andrea Concha Fuentes

    Me encanta el tema. Diferente y con mucho ritmo. 10 pts !

  27. Dan T

    SUper Groovy, im with this for life.

  28. Jordan LB

    I came back here for more, mackle ...

  29. Baguenaudeur

    So... Where can I get a giant cherry like that? Its for the monstrous milkshake I'm planning to make.


    Baguenaudeur 2 years later, and nobody knows haha

  30. Mojo

    2:23 Alex Kidd in Shinobi World OST - The Jungle

  31. Joe Kuller

    Can someone tell me that woman is singing?


    Irfane's girlfriend here it is her Instagram:

  32. Ismael Enrique


  33. Jonathan Sullay

    I listened to this at 1.5 speed and fuck, it sounded good!

    Hector Alonso

    same here thought was only one, sounds sweet man


    sound like a marion when on 1.5

    Travis Baxter

    speed racer

  34. Elgin

    this is amazing

  35. The New Avenger

    this is the stuff right here that beat tho

  36. s6v20pinpin

    love this song !

  37. Adam Porter

    wham! 2016

  38. Paul Alvey

    Love this!

  39. Nguyễn Thùy Linh

    i love breakbot!

  40. Rhythmicity

    Gone from SC, eh? =(

  41. S Ξ II Y Δ

    whoooo my summer life

  42. louis bellanger

    Lovely I have buy our single

  43. nicolas Funk

    Bernard guivan - polar La basse

  44. nelson 100

    2:23 ...'and you keep me coming back for more'

  45. Jordan LB

    Woooo .. Nova brought me here

  46. Aayush Varma

    Breakbot is now a duo FYI - consisting of the initial Breakbot and Irfane.

  47. AnDraGon80

    This has such a cool beat I love it.  I found out about this from somebody I met last week who likes electro funk, he basically told me you haven’t lived until you hear breakbot. I’d never heard of him, but now I think I might listen to more BB stuff.  kinda trippy, but relaxing. Can't wait for his new album. :D

  48. FunK1N

    love the funky bass line !
    KEEP THE FUNK ALIVE !! Peace !

  49. SambaSunnySideUp

    when that female vocal comes in. so dope


    yea best part!

    rikard löfberg

    The vocals are so naivily sexy. Unresistable boutin between the male vocalist and female.has good heart and my knee is bouncing..

    Dennis Reynolds

    Wish it was more prevalent in the song

  50. SambaSunnySideUp

    wish it was longer


    that's what she said

  51. Finley Gomez

    Wait, is it irfane singing, but pitched up?

    Aayush Varma

    I guess so... they've already collaborated so many times.


    +MolecularWeight His girlfriend actually :)


    haha I just saw the behind the scenes video a few minutes ago

  52. Bastian Morales

    good song

  53. Marvin Pa

    hermosa como todas las canciones de breakbot

  54. Corentin A

    NOVA, l'unique, l'exceptionnelle radio qui diffuse du Breakbot ! Merci !!


    +Corentin A La seule bonne radio musicale en France...


    +Shy Nizz Très bonne même.

    Corentin A

    +Shy Nizz Oui c'est clair, et elle est de loin la meilleure !


    beep beep beep beep

  56. Antoine Phelippot

    Mdr je découvre breakbot y a deux semaines et il sort un nouveau truc.. Trooop biiien 😂😍

  57. Antonella Carrieri

    finally is back

  58. titi fosi

    Merci Nova

  59. jon ib

    beautiful beat

  60. Paola Garcia

    It's so cool

  61. 이태환


  62. Red Jam

    c'est la cerise sur le piano. 😙

  63. Picnic King

    my body is ready.

  64. Dante Flores

    Hella dope

  65. Jerry Perry

    iTunes please

  66. Smetz Records


  67. Rostom Santino

    Aaaah enfin, c une tuerie

  68. seniaoui51

    Encore merci, NOVA!

  69. Dj ELFRAXO

    On reconnait bien la le son de Breakbot avec une ligne de basse démente!!! vivement le prochain album et la tournée!!! BREAKBOT FOR LIFE!!!!

  70. M. A.


  71. Jerome Wagram

    super titre ,bravo , j'adore cette ambiance funky moderne

  72. Cammy Berland

    I want more, ill be cumming back for more.

  73. hastanga69

    Du son pour Bibi )

  74. lucy141laible

    sorry i meant bob siclar

  75. lucy141laible

    love breakbot one of my favourite french music artists like martin solveig, bob sinclair and logobi gt

  76. Miguel Angel Cuevas Chavez

    me encanta este sonido

  77. Arnaud DE MARREZ

    Stop with Irfane please, I understand nothing! (the girl part perfect :) )

  78. Brandon Medina

    Saludos desde México!! Solo a gente selecta nos gusta tu música "Breakbot"
    Ojala algún día vengas al DF, la capital, admiración breakbot :DD

    Paola Garcia

    Jajaja pero vas a ir, yo igual iría sola :/

    Paola Garcia

    Jajaja no vas a ir?, pobre como yo?

    Brandon Medina

    @Paola Garcia si no creo ir :( además no tengo tampoco con quien ir y me queda lejos :C pero quiero ver a Yasmin!! Esta bien pinche hermosa

    Gabriela Heredia

    Paola Garcia soy Ecuador y recién estoy conociendo esta banda, es demasiafo buena para ser verdad.


    Esta musica es la mejor!

  79. Ana V Neves

    I can't wait!!!

  80. cocoismyname

    he's back <3

  81. Michael Garcia

    Lyrics please.

  82. Hakim Danial

    damm!! nice song 😍😍

  83. Joe S

    My god, he's back!!!klhdfalhfjslhjfal

  84. k33ti3

    Definately Back for More

  85. Echolyktuz

    Fuck, this song is sexy without even trying.

    Breakbot never ceases to amaze.

  86. Hackerman

    Breakbot's got amazing records, but when I saw him live in London it was a fucking shitshow. A sweaty teenage rave, no style at all.

  87. Jabez Judson

    welcome back to earth breakbot!!!

  88. Jabez Judson

    7 people go to hell!!!! don't know what is good music....

  89. Karim Djezoul

    un peu decu !! c léger pour un retour confiture...

  90. Adrián Hdz

    breakbot <3

  91. GTA Underscore


  92. Michael Lucas

    Its been too long. Glad to see Breakbot releasing music again.


    +Tumbtack He could have reached the daft punk too long, glady he didn't. 8 years between human after all and R.A.M