Brazy, Molly - Lil Friend Lyrics

All it take a phone call, bro bro take yo head off
I ain't never been scared at all, a couple bodies lost
Never back down from no cornball hell naw
I fuck with AK47 100 shells fall everything I did in my life
I can't tell yall worst role model I'll go and get my lil dawg
That shit is to be made I want a 100 mill I want a new Ferrari
A bitch like Paris Hilton these niggas tryna stop me
I think that they be jealous they think that I'ma swiper
Cause all I know is numbers

[Molly Brazy:]
Bitch gone head lurk and get your feelings hurt
Talking crazy we gone throw that nigga in the dirt
From Detroit where every day niggas getting murk
He was bragging bout that action now he on a shirt
Don't do the dirt can't hold your weight nigga go to church
I ain't playing with no snitches do you see a smurk
While I'll load the clip you figure out who going first
It's time to get these snitch bitches of the earth

That lil nigga broke and he can't pay the bills
I'm fucking with my criminals cause they keep it real
We kidnap yo momma we kidnapping her kids
These niggas getting jammed and niggas making deals
You ain't no trapper pussy nigga I is
Rappers say they killing but they ain't killing shit
8 mile my nigga fuck who y'all is
Happy mothers day cause nigga you's a bitch
Yea I be with rats I don't fuck with pigs
Shout to my shooters that's the fucking dreads
Go to your grave pussy I make you fucking dig
I got baby bottles but I ain't go no kids

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Brazy, Molly Lil Friend Comments
  1. megbro

    I miss this Molly *sigh*

  2. Sallah Hudeen

    Happy Mother’s Day cuz nigga you a bitch


    never knew fear was a factor that dicease don't run in the blood line of the CEBALLOS BOYZ fuck with us and get send to heaven or hell it doesn't matter to me better come back like Casper and tell your live ones to stop looking for me I'll send them next to you I don't play station that's to pass the time.


    Fear not I'm a God worship I, I will to the END fear not a factor to me it don't matter to me is just like going to sleep.

  5. Briana Mcneil

    Who here in 2019

  6. Devion Brown

    Molly trash af no cap

  7. Jay

    Only take a phone kall🤣

  8. Mizraim Steen

    Only take a phone call 😂

  9. Redrum Ceballos

    38 will drop u close range I don't play boy Fresno city is the place we gun play around here.

  10. C A R L I T A

    She made him sound like garbage. She went hard.

  11. Redrum Ceballos

    My only friend is small but stops and drops anything with 6 fast booms only thing you see is sparks and just like that you gone.

  12. Hyrdo- Cam

    2019 wya?

  13. Redrum Ceballos

    Say hello I'm ceballos boy Fresno cali raised but not born here I ain't no pocho but I am a cholo never solo got my 38.

  14. dopeswagg9098 GANGSHIT9097

    queen and king trap 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾🤩🤩🤩🤩😻😻👀👀👌👌🙌🙌🧨🧨🧨👍🌹🤳🙌🤴🏾👸🏾

  15. Joshua Street

    Who listening on Mother's Day 2019?

  16. RJ Capone

    Say hello to my little friend

  17. Mizraim Steen

    Like paris hilton

  18. Redrum Ceballos

    Say hello to my 38 snob nose straight killing mother fucks that trip on me now they 6 feet under me.

  19. Redrum Ceballos

    Fresno bulldog 559 getting rid of a body is simple I just need a couple if pig's.

  20. Redrum Ceballos

    Fuck who u is ill kidnapped you're kids,you'll never kiss them again to sleep.i don't have no kids.

  21. Redrum Ceballos

    Say hello to my 38 taking lives if you gang banging I'm not afraid death coming for me you and your love ones can't wait until they put in the dirt see fuck god you messing with me don't touch my family if you do I'll turn like north Korea feed your family to my dogs in my arena hear them scream in HD flat screen did you get the dvd sent to you fine film I kill.

  22. baabymyaa

    she glowed up from this

  23. Pink Diamonds

    Weak Af

  24. Joe Penick

    Fuck a Ferrari I'd buy houses n flip em!!!!

  25. Brooklyn’s World

    Molly killed it woaaaahhh🔥🔥🔥

  26. nyny's ytChannel


  27. C A R L I T A

    Molly went harder than everyone

  28. Redrum Ceballos

    Fresno where we don't sing known that sincerely appreciate for my dad teaching me not speak do the time respect R.I.P Rafael Ceballos Ceballos..

  29. Reggie Push

    So who he snitch on?

  30. Redrum Ceballos

    Keep my killing seal that's me till I be in the dirt boy I kill and kill it's part of life that's how I be .

  31. Bunchie Pearson

    2018? 2019

  32. Redrum Ceballos

    I believe in god not nothing since birth don't know fear death is a factor not like the bible man made story for the weak.

  33. Tony Butler

    This shit stupid I just wanted to see Molly wack as 🖕

  34. Fuck You

    Say hello too ma lil friend💯🤷‍♂️™️

  35. Redrum Ceballos

    I love my bitch 38 keep her nice & clean don't talk, only when I touch the right spot, she moans for me gets hot for me I love my bitch will go down with me won't back down for nothing loves taking mother fuckers out.

  36. Jay steven

    Goddam she is ugly as fuck

    babyfaced bella.

    nigga u blind, molly is a 10+ u tripping. take yo blind ass on somewhere

  37. Redrum Ceballos

    I don't know fear death I know is near that's why I kill.

  38. L P

    molly’s world on wattpad anyone?

  39. Rell Pesos

    pick yo flow up

  40. The Wendigo

    Rocaine is a bitch and a 🐀. His music is trash too what a surprise

  41. Kyle Bradley

    it's time to get these snitch bitches off the earth

  42. Mtl nord Flippa


  43. MiMez Muziq TM

    Fucking With My Criminalz because they keep it trill!!

  44. Ian Oakgrove

    look up then imdown peice of shits never shoulda talked that shit

  45. GamerShawty

    Here on Mother’s Day because of that one line !! Every Mother’s Day I listen to this

    Bigbro 3hunna

    GamerShawty nbs lol

  46. Young Zuko

    Who else here to look how far molly came

  47. lewis robinson

    Savage music


    Fake ass belt


    Fake ass belt

  50. Akiimbo

    No disrespect to the dead but this nigga is ass

    2 fingers and a thumb

    Family lmfaoo he's alive


    2 fingers and a thumb On what 😂😂

    2 fingers and a thumb


  51. Rise from the Dead

    Hahaha molly so cringe

  52. Gamingwithbandman Lil Jae

    Lil friend

  53. Lamole Ball1

    She fine

  54. Handle It please

    Jesus is the answer

  55. Unique Cece

    Is the lil friend molly or da guns???

  56. Jaumare Lockhart

    Free ro

  57. N J

    Is roc and Molly related?

    2 fingers and a thumb

    Northside Only nah that's her fav rapper she said

  58. JPZLS805

    those dudes need to learn how to hold the guns they will never pop off. #militaryMINDED

  59. Sosa Amorion

    0:57 Molly Brazy Verse

  60. Memeslay Gorgeous

    Molly go hard ❤️😍love this song

  61. GLOKU SSJ3

    Molly Brazy really WACK

  62. HardHead da BOI

  63. ReezyWopo

    Happy Mother's Day Cus Nigga You A Bitch

  64. Violatem

    Who listening in 2018??

  65. bløôdhöüñd ñïtó 330

    she made the song 😈💯

  66. Christopher Spence


  67. Hattie Vasser

    You. is. Good 💅👄👏🖒💖💔💓💚💌

  68. Isaac Franklin

    Its time to get these snitch bitches off da earth

  69. b Williams

    Always about💥🔫

  70. Warlord1128

    Maniac 666 Calle Floradora BULLDOG east sider Ceballos boyz.R I P Ghost my brethren.

  71. dionni paulson

    EL CHOPPA Lil'Friendz

  72. Young Trap2017

  73. Trey Penney

    All it take a phone call bro bro take yo head off 💥💯


    Bitch gone head lurk and get yo feelings hurt 😈

  75. Sober Tonight

    Cause Nigga You A Bitch

  76. Young Nomee Řosę

    they dont know shit 😍😘

  77. Young Nomee Řosę


  78. Ayanna Da Queen

    playing with no snitches 💯💯💯👌👌🖕🖕

  79. Lashonda Dale

    are these really gangster or they fake

  80. Kaylin Bowie

    I miss the old Molly 😪

    Marty Hawes

    Why I love the new Molly more gangster

  81. Scorpio November

    Molly part is my fav part to Yell out !! 😭 turn up 👌🏽

  82. Frxdo

    Molly fine

  83. Audiobased Ent

    niggas dont think about they lame ass verses he called his own momma a bitch 😂😂😂

  84. Aniyahh T.

    Molly part was fire😭🔥

  85. Goldie 24k

    Nigga sound like too short

  86. My opinion facts

    She said while I load the clip figure out who going first savage shit 💯🔥

  87. Mr Pb

    she ate him on this bitch

  88. Chains Trillz

    I wanna fuc herr soo baddd XD

  89. Zion Kukutai

    u a snitch rocain

  90. Let’s talk With Trece

    Molly go brazy

    Ashley Laura


  91. Promise Love

    you welcome love u

  92. Bre'Niyah Watkins

    hey cousin u can rap girl

  93. Wyatt Heuer

    Time to get the snitch bitches off the erffff

  94. Wyatt Heuer

    Molly slayed this beat

  95. angelina sings

    Do u have this instrumental?

  96. young jason

    fuck molly she thinks she shit

  97. Jerry Production

    Be sure to read the description.
    Subscribe, Thanks! 👍

    Paola Perez

    Jerry Production 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💸💸💸🔫-

    Sober Tonight

    Rurned Up

    Ms.Kae King

    Jerry Production im Bandgang Biggs Toe