Braxton, Tamar - Try Me Lyrics

Everybody needs somebody who'll be there
Someone to wipe the tears and make you smile
So if you need someone that will not judge you when you fall
No matter what you've done my love will answer when you call

So after your hearts been torn in two
And you just don't know what to do
After the rain has come and gone
And the sun still wont shine
After your friends have walked away
And you've run out of things to say
After you've tried everything else
Try me

Life can make you cry
And hurt you deep inside
I promise you I know the pain you feel
So if you let me love you I can take those clouds away
I'll fill your world with joy
You know your wrong I will erase

So after your hearts been torn in two
And you just don't know what to do
After the rain has come and gone
And the sun still wont shine
After your friends have walked away
And you've run out of things to say
After you've tried everything else
Try me

Even tho you hurt me and sometimes forget my name
My love is unconditional
That means that it wont ever ever change

So after your hearts been torn in two
And you just don't know what to do
After the rain has come and gone
And the sun still wont shine
After your friends have walked away
And you've run out of things to say
After you've tried everything else
Try me

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Braxton, Tamar Try Me Comments
  1. Lashawnda Pilgrim

    Maybe Tamar should go back to gospel bcuz I did not know she did this song..and I love me some tamar.. ..yes yes yes

  2. Nneka Williams

    Bloody hell TAMAR. Thank you! This song is the arrow that points me away from hurt back to Gods open arms

  3. Danielle Pollard

    I lost both of my parents this song touched my Soul🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  4. Artie Heggins

    Still listening in 2019 going into 2020

  5. Shayna Junior

    ❤Still Love This Song

  6. angelica

    Wow. One of my faves on a music soundtrack

  7. Christal Allen

    Still here in 2019 period .

  8. Anthony Freeman

    i don't like the song but its destant i guess :/


    Still Here

  10. Birgandy Taylor

    Sing Trina and Tamar I remember having this cd in 2001

  11. Jacqueline Suarez

    Love this song😃. My father is always there for me!!!

  12. It’sBriii Marie

    I sung a his for my 4th grade talent show

  13. Marcus V

    Songs powerful! Me and my sisters sang this at our moms funeral back in 08, makes me cry tears of relief every time.

  14. janae ingram

    i just broke down man

  15. elisiah herkul

    Jan 2 2018

  16. Niecey Lynch

    I never knew this was her song.. First heard it on a movie && fell in love with it.. ❤❤❤

  17. theodore braden

    This heffa know she can sang

  18. Paige WInthrop

    Who taught her to sing like that?

    Dominique Deveraux

    Evelyn Braxton.

  19. Tangerine Mcdaniel

    I. love. it. do you like to

  20. queen&king goals

    thank you so much for sinning this song try me

    Cristina Applebottom

    Kswag Love Singing*

  21. queen&king goals

    this sound like the women in kingdom comes but it is Tamar Braxton

    Ma'kayla Lewis

    @4EVER TRUE! no jada was really singing the song she can sing in real life


    @Ma'kayla Lewis It was Tamar, READ the closing credits🤗

    Ma'kayla Lewis

    @4EVER TRUE! no on kingdom come it's a movie and jada was singing the song i know what I'm talking about watch the movie


    @Ma'kayla Lewis Once more, child, if you
    *read* the credits at
    the END ofthe movie
    it *clearly states*
    than Tamar is singing!
    God!! How old are you??!! Bet you think
    Superman is
    *really flying*

    Ma'kayla Lewis

    @4EVER TRUE! I'm 21 for your information and I'm singer myself

  22. Chris Biersack

    thank you so much

    Joyce Bell

    Chris Biersack

  23. EFFtheCoolKids


  24. Maria Smith

    I love this song! I didn't know that was Tamar singing off of kingdom come soundtrack!

    Joyce Bell

    Maria Smith

  25. queen&king goals

    thanks for singing this song

  26. queen&king goals

    kingdom come brought me here. beautiful song tamar braxton

  27. queen&king goals

    to find tamar braxton it make me love her even more she sing so pertty

  28. queen&king goals

    kingdom come movie is so beautiful and toni braxton she was in it to

    Keirra Dixon

    Kswag Love I was wondering why Toni didn’t sing 🎤 in the movie guess because the song isn’t hers. Jada Pickett in the movie 🎥 supposed to be a song artist

  29. Gabreya Bradley

    "Kingdom Come" brought me here. BEAUTIFUL SONG. Tamar sang the heck out of this! :,-)

  30. dmoney malone

    No I like her song

  31. Demetrius Brown

    when I hear this it it makes me happy sad because my God Sister passed away and she uses too love this song Rip Lu Lu

  32. Angelfish Luva

    Its soo funny to me that I loved this song when the Kingdom Come soundtrack came out. To find out Tamar had a hand in it 15 years later makes me like her even more.

  33. Marcilene Evans

    Nice song.

    motley elisse

    beautifut song tamar!!!

  34. shayshay

    Kingdom Come

  35. Devon

    Oh my gosh this is a nice slow jam I love it and I'm loving Tamar vocals. Lord touch her THROAT 😂❤️

  36. Paris J.

    Going through it, and this gave me chills. Thank God for music. I love Tamar.

  37. blessedgirl247

    Love this song!!!! This was back when she could sing😪😪

    Antonique Flowers

    Do you have a talent besides running your mouth


    Wow...hum..where did that comment come from??? That escalated for no reason!!


    +blessedgirl247 sje can still sing, she was having difficulties because she had vocal nodules but she's BACK delivering at 100%.. i guess you haven't heard calling all lovers ?


    +Bluebeyonce4four this was a year ago......and I have heard calling all lovers I actually have the album. It's ok in my opinion.

  38. Chelese Hernandez

    this song is so awesome, my dad wants me to sing it but it is really high for me can anyone post a low instrumental that would be nice

  39. Alazha Armoni

    This song makes me cry every time i hear it.

    Gabreya Bradley

    It really does. It didn't use to make me cry. But for some reason, the emotion came over me one day while listening to this song.😭

  40. Karen Osborne

    I love this song it's how I feel about my two daughters and my grandson

  41. Latoya Mayweather

    Sing! Beautiful

  42. Rhadnae Toliver

    After your friends have walked away try me~ tamar braxton~
    Love this song👂👂👂👌👌

  43. Porisha Willis

    This my shit,

  44. Molly Pal

    tamar i love you and your music..

  45. Rachel babe

    Tarmar I'm your fan and you like a sis okay ;-)

  46. Rachel babe

    My birthday on Monday I'm turning 24 B-) I so happy I hope you come

  47. Rachel babe

    My birthday on Monday th 24 xoxoxox B-)

  48. Rachel babe

    I'm doing something okay B-)&#@xoxo okay

  49. Rachel babe

    Lol cool your ain't I see if I'm your fan day or two# if or you ain't cool B-)

  50. Rachel babe

    &you tag war#hater okay don't hold your tired in okay lat go it be okay O:-)

  51. Rachel babe

    You and ain't tick me of add fan okay play that okay tag you babe b-day B-)

  52. Rachel babe

    You no me like that I don't no so ain't not in it okay be you get your life xXxX #war B-)

  53. Rachel babe

    You no my name so I no talking to 8th don't care

  54. Rachel babe

    We was firend New Two B-) :'(over maybe trrower you can't be like that feeling is feeling okay New bey fin some fan okay it over 8

  55. Rachel babe

    That don't mean hangout all the time you be that we was firend New it B-) :'( over

  56. Rachel babe

    I don't like you ain't you go fan. 8 me out okay I don't like love and war it sack two B-) I'm single you can't sing right

  57. Rachel babe

    Two B-) @all cry your Facebook so duses at age23 ride out

  58. Rachel babe

    I don't like her song okay. Ain't. # war yet Facebook okay day B-)

  59. Rachel babe

    I don't like tarmar I not her fan th 23 B-) ain't time for here

  60. Monique miles

    Omg goo Tamar I love this song

  61. Ronnel Ellis


  62. Angeleeza Mastin

    love this song

  63. Wendy Carter

    I love this song

  64. amarvinwinansfan

    She sound better on this song than she does now!!!!

  65. Vanessa Hardy

    MY GOD!!!! Hes the only one i can turn to

  66. LovelyJordyn

    Love this song! After all is said and done, Jesus is right there waiting to comfort you! I will try you, Lord!


    He is waiting indeed, even when we reject him time after time. He is a constant friend, always around. Sometimes we feel he is far but he's always there. When friends desert us he's there. When the world rejects us he's there. I have a new love and understanding for this man Jesus. He is my friend, my shelter, my deliverer and so much more. He has reintroduced himself to me after years of me running away from his grace. I have been bawling my eyes out now for a month because now I know he truly loves me. I feel him more and more everyday. And each time I pray I beg him to stay, without him I am lost, without him I am dead. He literally reached down and resurrected me from death, from pain and sorrow. I have never been happier, never felt more fulfilled. I don't care if people don't believe in him for me I am literally dead; have been dead without him in my life. Keep believing and stay anchored.

  67. Ashlee Herron

    Yes I love this tamar

  68. India Russell

    Sing girl

  69. Michael Crittendon Jr

    ok wow i never knew this was tamar wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    i love this song

  70. Laquesha Cooper

    I love this song:)

  71. LadyRed J

    After your heart's been torn in two n you don't know what to do,,,,try me ill be there for you,,MFN

  72. c santiago

    Beautiful song... well done lovely tamar

  73. Lanesha Penrose

    Awesome...2 thumbs up as usual

  74. jadah Walters

    I love this song!☺

  75. Killa K

    The movie kingdom come brought me here & I'm glad it did. I really love it

  76. Tiffany Barnes

    Best song ever 3

  77. Winnie Gore


  78. Essence Williams

    So In LOVE with this song

  79. AbeautifulJourney

    Uggggh brings tears to my eyes I love this song!!

  80. TLuv

    This song makes me cry, thnks tamar

  81. Queen Ultimate

    Life can make u cry trust me on this

  82. Paris J.

    i been following her since her old songs...they didnt have her on you tude or even so glad she finally out with her singles and soon to be albums.

  83. Amber Alston

    Love this song♥♥♥♥♥


    remind me of whitney houston......

  85. Maurice Florence

    (tears.......)thank you tamar

  86. diamond gibson

    She really went off on this song i love it!

  87. Rocky Champ

    I love this song but she is to booje I don't like her

  88. Queen Ultimate

    Love it

  89. Kansas White

    My fave song and im a singer so

  90. Queen Ultimate

    So after you heart has 22

  91. Kansas White

    Love this song!!!

  92. zeonna davenport

    girl can sing

  93. iamonlybetty eats

    I did NOT know Tamar sung this song!!! I love kingdom Come and the sound track, I just never knew!

    Keirra Dixon

    Bernice Sylvestre same here. Just wondering why Jade Pickett isn’t a singer 👩‍🎤. They both sound good though but I’m used to hearing Jada soundtrack.

  94. touchdowngirl13

    Yes She went there!!!

  95. bossdiva45

    I love this song Tamar is very blessed to have this kind of talent

  96. Dede. Hilton

    Love it Tamar's so awesome

  97. Zara12ful

    Subscribe to my page anyone ....