Braxton, Tamar - Raise The Bar Lyrics

I thought that I knew everything about it
But then came you and ain't no doubt about it
Like I wished on a star
You, you, you, you raise the bar
And here I've been thinking I been through it all
But I can honestly say that you broke down every wall
You're the best by far
You, you, you, you raise the bar

And every wrong turn that I made
And every scar
And every burn
And every pain
Led me to ya
Led me to ya

Turn my body into the deepest sea
Swim deep in this water of love
I ain't afraid to say you blew my mind from the start
Baby you, you, you, you raise the bar
Ooo can't nobody do me like you
Cause you're the first
The only man, on this earth
That I trust, to give my heart to
Really you, you, you, you raise the bar

Ooo and every wrong turn that I made
Every scar
Every burn
Every little pain
Led me to ya
Led me to ya
Oh babe and every love
That I didn't get right
And every last tear that I cried
Led me, Led me to ya baby
Led me to ya, to you

Ooo don't know what I did before
I met your sexy ass and changed the score
I couldn't ask for more than who you are
Cause baby you, you, you, you raise the bar

And every wrong turn that I made
Every scar
Every burn
Every pain
Led me to ya
Led me to you

(Led me to you, led me to you
Led me to you, led me to you
Led me to you, led me to you)

Led me to
Led me to you
Hey baby..

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Braxton, Tamar Raise The Bar Comments
  1. Jasmine Davis

    Still here Feb 2020 💕

  2. Douglas Harris

    omg love this song

  3. Iove Breed

    Yes yes I like, vince,
    I wish you would

  4. Nat-Nat C.

    Its December 2019 and this song came up on my heart....

    jaja Wezzy

    Nat-Nat C. Me toooo♥️💯

  5. No Name

    This how I feel about my man we've known each other 12 years and been together 10 whole years on grateful for him he definitely raise the bar over the years and everything I was going through lead me to him

  6. Regina Boone

    This song is just omg. It’s my favorite on the album!!!!

  7. J W

    Walking down the isle to this song next year! <3 I dedicated this song to my fiancé the moment I heard it! <3 He truly did raise the bar!

  8. Indigo✨

    I swear I sing this song like a wrote it!!! Love this song so much!

  9. shai black

    This going to be my wedding song

  10. Sheen Bean

    This is still my song!!!! I love this freakin song.

  11. LonerNaé T

    Plz plz Tamar a video for this beautiful song 👌🔥😩💜😊 💜😊💜 ...

  12. Marty Dennis

    I love this song and Tamar. But a part of me being the Beyoncé fan I am, wants to hear Destinys Child (Bey, Kelly, Michelle) get together and sing this! This could have been on Destiny Fulfilled

  13. Justin Webber

    everytime i hear this song i think abt what it would sound like if toni sang it. like dont get me wrong, i LOVE tamar. but tonis tone on this would have been doooooooope. of course she wouldve had to rearange the higher parts. lol

  14. Swiyyah Fareed

    Still listening in 2018!❤❤❤❤

  15. She_is_She_

    Shouldve named this The Wedding Song

  16. Tennille Genise


  17. Patrice Mims

    This will be my wedding song💓💓💕

  18. Christello Jimison

    Tamar raised tha bar

  19. Athena Boyles

    Yes this is life

  20. Pamela Rivers

    I believe you only get this once in life, if you get it at all..when you do get it, you better grab it and hold on real tight...This song makes me wish I could sing...😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  21. Malik

    With this album I thought I could flaunt my titties while my neighbors look at me crazy but I forgot this album get u in ur feelings lol 😂


    Jarrow formlous extra vingin Coconut oil face n head


    its Jarrow Extra Vinger Famlous I dunno

  24. Shontrell j

    Its not enough, I need more, the song ended to soon, - it was amazing .............


    Gangster I like


    Merry Christmas Tamar

  27. Joseph Blackmon

    I believe Tamar Braxton raised every mf bar in this beautiful song . The vocals the way it's all blended then how she switches up it's so unique <3 can't help but Love It

  28. Lisa Harper

    This here are wedding vows material

  29. MIA Milindez

    When you've crushed for so long and then that crush is turned into REALITY....It ain't easy but I'll keep trying bc having you has made me see past my HURT! Thanks for LOVING all of ME!💜💏😍😘

  30. Sade Mae

    Favorite song. Ever.

  31. Cody Taylor

    Wishing this was a gospel record! Such a beautiful song.


    Cody Taylor i honestly felt the Spirit listening to this.

    Cody Taylor

    I heard that all music belongs to God. Sometimes I take songs that artist make and sing them to God. I think it makes Him smile.


    It could be reworded

  32. Yolonda Coachman

    How she doesn't have a grammy award yet just blows me!!!!😔

  33. Jamir Tuten

    Can't nobody do it like youuuwwhhhooooa

  34. nelson gibson

    kinda looking for a music video for this song...i just picture her underwater. a 1+1 video vibe.

    Dru Micheal

    nelson gibson like a Beyonce type of video


    nelson gibson - SAME XX

  35. Elizabeth Bailey


  36. C Brooks

    I can't sing...but I will be somewhat harmonizing this song to my husband at his birthday bash....can't wait for his reaction...Love this song.

    Paul Yuh Muddah Come

    C Brooks how did that go?

  37. K. Genelle

    wish this song was longer!

  38. Adnah Cameron

    Tamar Braxton went out-side the box on this one, She's definitely not afraid. Played it 7 -times in a row.


    Adnah Cameron I'm on repeat for the last 3hrs... ✌❤

  39. zjaunef

    This song is everything!🙋🙋❤❤😢😢

  40. Peggy 86luv

    💖💘💝 this song

  41. SIRENA S


  42. Chalonda Lee


  43. Tiefa Yarbrough

    Repeat. Thank you for another wonderful album, Tamar! You honestly are one of the best.

  44. marshelle woods

    Amazing job!

  45. Cyndie-Anjell Vernet

    What can I say except Phenomenal... this is the type of sexy vibe you strive to exude while hosting an indoor picnic with your honey♡bunny

  46. SmoothLibratalk 7

    Yes loooooord

  47. Asia Mae

    rise the bar>>>>rocket and yes I like bey but if I had to pick it would be rise the bar.


    AlwaysSetApart I agree very much. Now rocket was a production in itself but compared to Raise the Bar the vulnerability and crescendo of her vocal dynamics was raw and unbound by today's standards. While Rocket had the simpler mainstream appeal, it lacked the power of Bey from her Dangerously in Love album.

    Lisa K

    Yes yes yes she is fire!!!

  48. candy Watley

    Yes that's what my KING did he raised the bar!

  49. corwin glover

    I love this.... one of my many favs on this album

  50. Dana Bethea

    this song got that tone like Beyonce, Rocket. I love the flow of it. 2:35 been on repeat cuz that note she hit was everything!

  51. cj Taylor

    lo happy thanksgiving u are my starr

  52. cj Taylor

    raise it and never allow it to fall

  53. kimberky hunt

    simply beautiful she did her stuff with this song my favorite. ......

  54. Tiffany Roach

    This song bring you to tears if you've felt a love like this!!Love Tamar

  55. Beauty Is Her Name

    This album made me cry and i realize I want my ex back. BAD 😫😫😫

    Tania Jacques

    Awww if its meant yal wiil be back.

    Tania Jacques

    Best wishes

  56. kingskid1985

    This track is so beautiful! My God....

  57. Janetta clark-Randolph

    I love this song..

  58. Janetta clark-Randolph

    I love this song....

  59. Original H

    Tamar raised the bar for rnb singers

    Paul Yuh Muddah Come

    One Chon Toni did that lol Tamar is barely holding the torch

  60. brandon d

    LOOOOVVVEEEEE THISS SONG iiCan See Her And Toni Singing This...iiHope She Winss A Grammy For This Beautiful R&B Album...

  61. Teri Jefferson

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!   You did that!!!!  Keep Raising the Bar for the others because you got it girl!!

  62. Ronnie Dykes

    Yes.... church girl ...sang !

  63. Davana Cotton

    oh my god this is wonderful!!!!

  64. Ms. Chocolate

    I cried listening to this song. My boyfriend is the definition of this song ❤️

    LarryDijon Ussin

    Ms. Chocolate this is a wedding song

  65. TheEssynce25

    absolutely epic!!

  66. blondi_sexitff c

    Love this although I must say it reminds me of beyonce's rocket

    Jasmine H

    yes!!! the arrangement is very similar. I said this song sounds like a song Bey would do which is why I love it

  67. Mary Love

    Beautiful song and great album

  68. Konstandino Katsiouras

    Tamar your voice is melting my heart. This album is beyond words. Every song is something totally different for everyone.

  69. Sandy Smalls

    Love this album!! My favorite song

  70. Angela Knox

    thank God for Tamar Braxton

    Adnah Cameron

    Tamar black tears

    Adnah Cameron

    Tamar black tears

    Elíjah C

    Angela Knox. AMEN, AMEN.... AND AMEN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! #QUEENSLAYMAR

  71. Ariana Sixtos

    This album is everything!!

  72. Tre Bella

    The arrangement on this song is everything!


    Tre Bella EVERYTHINGGGGG. I wonder who arranged it

  73. Ashjak87

    Fave !!!

    Ebony Heard

    this song is dedicated to my husband these are my words to him. I Luv this song.

  74. slim2003

    This is it