Braxton, Tamar - King Lyrics

Hear them marching behind you
Soldiers in line, they're behind you, babe
I know you give your life for the city
Can't you hear the bells
Oh they're ringing for you

Cause I believe you're my king, king
And I believe in my king, king
So let my love, love surround you
And let my love, love bring you back

Oh fear not, cause I'll be with you all the way
Don't you worry it's almost over
My king don't you be afraid, fear not
Fear not
And when the world starts trembling
Just say my name
Fear not, cause I'll be with you all the way
Fear not, fear not

You're a natural leader
Your words are alive, you're a dreamer, babe
Your voice is like lightning and thunder
There's no man that I'd rather be under than you, fear not

Cause I believe you're my king, king
And I believe in my king, king
So let my love, love surround you
And let my love, love bring you back

Fear not, cause I'll be with you all the way
Don't you worry it's almost over
My king don't you be afraid, fear not
Fear not
And when the world starts trembling
Just say my name
Fear not, cause I'll be with you all the way
Don't you worry it's almost over
My king don't you be afraid, fear not
Fear not
And when the world starts trembling
Just call my name
Fear not
Fear not

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Braxton, Tamar King Comments
  1. da lee

    This is a beautiful song. I had... in my very close family someone diagnosed with cancer.. can't write about it yet. But let me just say this song gave me the words I felt. He is my king.. I heard this and thought she wrote this for me. Thank you Tamar Braxton for putting my thoughts into actually the best lyrical version of exactly what I'm feeling.

  2. Mommy2 BabyKi

    2-21-2020!!!! That's all I'm saying 🙂 BEST version of this song!!! ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ Love you Tamar!!❣️❣️❤️ Very meaningful to me personally ❣️🙂

  3. Ava Freeman

    Adrienne needs to take some lessons from a master

  4. Marlon Battley

    3:11 you better sang!!

  5. Tracey Minor

    All these yrs later and Tamar you better sang. She sang her throat out as she would say🥰

  6. arielle saint come

    And the real crew were never her friends. Little she knows😞

  7. Shayla Daveon White

    Its 2020 and I still want Tamar in the real honey 🤦🏽‍♀️😂🤷🏽‍♀️ but I know it would never work especially with all of the drama

  8. tyree bracey

    This is one of my favorite songs. Everytime I watch this I almost cry

  9. Julee Carpenter

    💔💔💔💔💔🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑😇WOWWWWW!!! THIS IS DEFINITELY A [email protected] tribute song to Kobe. Breathtaking performance. Perfection🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 Google the lyrics. Amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Roylee Soliz

    Who else is here February 2020? This is one of the greatest live performances ever. Wish I was in the audience that day!

  11. Fay Danger

    That was amazing. Tamar is her own worst enemy smh

  12. Shanique Davis

    I always come back to this performance 🥺

  13. all things fatima

    The end is so pretty

  14. soulcandy24

    Feb 2020 🎶🎙️

  15. Hey There

    Yo should have got her back instead of recruiting amanda the scrag

  16. Ibby Z

    Big mistake letting her go! I stopped watching x

  17. Jessica Boal

    The Real screwed up for getting rid of her. The show hasn't been the same since she left. This is such a beautiful song!

  18. MiMi Ortiz

    Love her or hate her she can sing! Coming back in 2020 and this has been the BEST performance on The Real. THE BEST!!!

    P.S. Forgot to say she sang while sitting and still hit those notes effortlessly.

  19. Lorraine Cousin

    Oh my lord her voice is so beautiful

  20. Roylee Soliz

    I will never get tired of this video.

  21. Queen'Ra iok

    She is a totally different person when she sings you can see the hurt in it

  22. DCDirtBag

    Tamar was/is annoying AF on the Braxton show (mostly the earlier seasons), I could not stand her ass LOL....But yo, I can NEVER front on her vocally, specifically this song. I LOVE this song. First time seeing her sing this (or any song) live, and she KILLS it. Brings tears to my eyes (lil slight thug tears) CLASSIC, this shouldve been a single.....

  23. JustPrincess

    She has such beautiful and annointed voice. I want to hear her sing again. Also, I miss her on this show, but God has better plan for her 🙂

  24. Empress Prinezio

    This is actually beautiful,I didn't know she could actually sing 👏🏿

  25. patrick feehan


  26. janiah

    Tamar is so talented!

  27. Sarianna Rosette

    im not crying you are 😭❤️

  28. Andy Bosuen

    Beautiful song, love it 👍🎶

  29. Holly Mcmillan

    She seems better than Adrian

  30. Diana Maccow


  31. Marinaa Camaj

    i go back to this video all the time

  32. Ja'Liyah Warren

    @2:30 I still have to buckle my seatbelt all these years later <3

  33. Delorian Love

    I cry eve time I listen to this song

  34. Cynthia Anita Watson

    Oh Girl Tamar you got the right to have an attitude coz that voice yeah girl yaaasssssss

  35. Mrs Hickman-Bennett

    she sounds like toni braxton

  36. tiff-tiff


  37. Evo


  38. Danie Mashinini

    I miss this Tamar

  39. Entropy Blue

    Amazing song, mysterious, soulful, vulnerable.

  40. Jonah Shipley

    She can’t even sing, she was rude and disrespectful and thought she was better than everyone else so I am happy she was fired and I am very happy her reality show was canceled

    Ali Annalice Luella Harris

    Hating ass bitch

  41. Albert Child News

    She always sings so dramatic, but she's not a deep person. so wth

  42. lucy karanja

    i hope I'll sing this song to someone some day

  43. Jad Kawa

    im still listening to this todayyyyyyyy ????? ;"(

  44. k khan

    Damn this makes me miss Tamar This video has more views than any other posting by the real!

  45. lydia calderon


  46. Victoria Smith

    I miss tamar on the show

  47. Calk27

    Oh man I can’t stand Tamar but I love this song and she did an amazing job singing it live.

  48. Abigail H

    Really wishing we got to hear Tamar & Adrienne sing together...I feel like that could have been incredible. Tamar’s depth and raspiness and Adrienne’s runs and high notes...

  49. shook lizard

    This is a very good performance

  50. Latya J

    So who’s next on stage????

  51. x natureschild

    Shes so sassy and upbear but when she sings it's like a whole other person. Sounds great

  52. KAT purpledreamz

    So beautiful! Never tire of listening to tamar!

  53. Richelle Woodley

    She was drama then still is for the ladies of the real...but she can SANG! Periodt!

  54. Ms. Wilson

    I never seen Ade side by side like this. She is super damn tiny, and I'm 5'0 and I don't look that tiny by others

  55. Ms. Wilson


  56. Husna Adam

    Omgggg her voice is soooo amazing

  57. Carleen Mickens

    2019 still listening 🖤👑

  58. Gerson Rivera

    im in love with song

  59. Kiara Camacho

    She sounds so good!!!😍🎶❤😘

  60. Lennon Lotardo


  61. Mansa Sedanu-Kwawu

    oh my goodness... goosebumps.

  62. ayanda xoza

    I literally got goose bumps listening to her sing, she has a very beautiful powerful voice

  63. Chaqueta Jones



    Amazing 🥰

  65. Mary William

    Tamar sounds like in angel WOW

  66. Juicy Jhai

    I still get chills watching this video , her voice is so beautiful

  67. MRS. TRUTH

    My God. My God. My God!
    Tamar makes me love on my husband so much. Her lyrics and delivery always capture exactly what its like to be married to the love of your life. This woman is a gift. 😭😩😍

  68. Sonya Rucker

    Her voice is everything

  69. Nic Jo

    Man that is one sexy lady when she's singing 😍

  70. nreynolds75243

    The Real should have kept Tamar. Tamar was being herself. Isn't the show called The Real? You need all personalities to make the world go around. They shouldn't have fired Tamar but worked it out. Yeah, she's a hand full but that's who she is and she's funny and talented. She's about her business.

  71. Akua tray Anita tray

    If you look at her she looks like someone who can not sing but when she opens her mouth it's fire.

  72. Jaedynn Sucks

    Wowwwwww I didn’t even know she sang this song

  73. Jeveenia Smith

    Bravo!!!!! Loooooved it

  74. Lyn W

    I still come back to watch this video. Her talent is undeniable. Also, she was great on the show. Often times, the only one that made me laugh. 😂

  75. Lyric Mum

    Oh I miss Tamar on the real

  76. Angel Eyes33

    I don’t listen to Tamar much but this song is beautiful.

  77. Angel Eyes33

    I don’t listen to Tamar much but this song is beautiful.

  78. Just A kpopper

    Competitive-gorgeous-talented ❤️

  79. Stallion_30 Rose

    We need this voice and attitude back baby ❤️💯 i miss this Tamar take care baby

  80. Ms. StressLady

    I wonder if Vince listen to this song and start crying so sad 😥

  81. kitteekittee

    Wow she sings beautiful!! Dosent sound like her speaking voice

  82. James

    still watching this in 2019

  83. Arianna

    She is so talented my gawd 😭👏🏾👏🏾

  84. Kyrah Brown simpson

    She acc can sing tf

  85. Lydia Santana

    Her eyes get so big

  86. Rou Bar

    Amazingggggh voice bless her

  87. Lashawn H

    By Far her best Love Song so beautiful I love her voice in this song by far one of my favorite showcases her beautiful voice

  88. Jen_ _A_Purr420

    She can sing 🎤Toni Braxton who?? Lol

  89. Mildred Bosque

    Of course she could sing she is a Braxton..Hellooo..Tamar has a beautiful voice. And even though we don't really know why The Real let her go well she wasn't my favorite. She was a little annoying sometimes and even rude. But I always wish her the best.


    Rude how? Overlap, proximity, and volume vary in conversation based on cultural norms.

    Mildred Bosque

    Smiles she was rude sometimes in the segments where the girls had to taste the food she never tasted anything not even a bite. Her way of saying things anybody could understand you were maybe on a diet..even maybe allergic to any of the food but just say it nicely. She even did faces when Jeannie presented something from her culture. Sorry Tamar just needed to learn how to be polite in some things. A little taste wouldn't hurt no one. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Lol. 😁

  90. Ella Rose

    y’all already know tamera crying 😂

  91. Apl E

    I hated her When she talk But This made me fall in love with This weird chicK... 😍 😍

  92. Giovanni

    The show isn’t the same without her

  93. Debra Winn

    Love her

  94. Force We

    She is so beautiful when she sings.

  95. Ant Ant

    Tamar can sing and I’m only the one that thinks Toni can’t sing anymore?

  96. A’NUME VSG

    This song should of been in the lion king movie

  97. Teagan Wolfe

    Toni is the best....

  98. Laura Beldin

    Wow wow wow 😮 she can sang hunny 😍