Braxton, Tamar - Angels & Demons Lyrics

Calling all lovers
Calling all lovers
And women and men all around
The world

Can't see straight
It's getting way too dark
I'm still leaping
Catch me boy
I'm falling in love
Now that my heart is vibing
I wanna give my all away
But I'm always reminded
Of all the villains in the way

Cause love ain't love if
You don't let it shoot you down
Baby tell me what are we

Is it up
Is it down
Cause I'm standing in the middle
(Angels, please protect my love)
Is it war
Cause our love has angels and demons
(Baby tried to steal my love)
Please don't runway with my love
(Angels, please protect my love)
My love
Please don't runway with my love
My love

Can't think straight
Your love us bringing me down
I'm still singing
Not about to let us drown
Now that my heart is vibing
I wanna give it all away
But I'm always reminded
Of all villains in the way

Cause love ain't love if
You don't let it shoot you down
Baby tell me what are we


We're saints
And we're sinners
We're losers
We're winners
For love
We end then
Begin at the end
Just to end back in love
(I said)

Cause love ain't love if
You don't let it shoot you down
Baby tell me what are


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Braxton, Tamar Angels & Demons Comments
  1. marcus person

    Here in 2020❤️

  2. Miss Cuban

    2020 I'm still here listening... Luv it... TFS Blessing 😍

  3. Ciala Jones


  4. W. A. Barrett

    She sung tf out of this song!!

  5. Mykee Wattz

    4 minutes of laying down and face

  6. Angelo Bellucci

    This music and video is truth.

  7. TrueDevine

    I love this so many...Every time I listen to Patra I listen to this 💜

  8. pearl sky

    Good song ! 👍

  9. L A

    Remind me why is she not mainstream? 🤔 Oh yeah she didn't sell her soul to the devil like FakeYonce👿this is a beautiful song and the video equally so x

  10. Jo Jojo

    Who’s watching this song September 2019❤️

  11. TheOnlyDeriko

    This video was one her best!

  12. S M

    This song is really good 🙂 it's a shame all the shit songs get so many views

  13. Jalen Mcpherson

    Beautiful song 🔥❤😍

  14. Pochama

    anyone else 2019??

  15. Netta313

    Fasho a slept on bop ! 😊

  16. Anntwan

    3 years later, and im back to say that this is STILL her best video (and album) to date!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  17. Aushai McCraney

    This is such a beautiful video!!! All that skin and the scenery!

  18. bluscorpion

    This song makes me want to hear a duet with her and Beyonce. They both play with and mix their low and high notes so well.

  19. My-King Zieree Johnson

    Who is here in 2019?

  20. Kae D

    2019?? Gang

  21. Norvell Jackson

    She was looking sexy as fuck, love the Jamaican vibe.

  22. Gigi Ghalichi

    2019 ♥️

  23. Ste King

    Visual masterpiece

  24. 22843

    tamar is talented but god she always has a dull expression

  25. DesMone Ketron


  26. Sugar N' Spice

    Still listening 2019 👌🏽

  27. Patricia Toney

    Best she has ever done

  28. Diamond Life201

    Tamar makes very beautiful music

  29. Niesha C

    Here in 2019 🎶💯🙌

  30. nodayliketomorrow

    just doesnt have the camera appeal seems a bit forced like i can see the lip syncing more...rihanna cant sing but her in this video would have made it look less akward and im not even a fan of rihanna. i dunno i feel akward watching her. something is off.. maybe also the editors of this video too

  31. Robbin Hatchett

    Happy birthday Tamar!! The World is Yours Baby!!👑🎂👑

  32. Jose De Jesus Perez Cruz

    La amo tanto 💖 deseo tanto poder conocerla 😍😪

  33. Prince Von

    to me this is her best video everything from the dance moves to face expression was on point i love this video and song

  34. traytriune

    Love the Caribbean shout out ... Jamaican here

  35. DrunkenMAKEUPGURU M.U.A

    I forgot about this song

  36. Nonto Cebekhulu

    I love this Song, mix of Jamaican, African😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. Domonique Smith

    This is Tamars best video and one of the top three songs she put out.

  38. DesMone Ketron


  39. Michelle Ramos

    I can tell this was in DR! 🇩🇴 It's so colorful and beautiful. This song is on repeat when I hear this album.

  40. Princess

    favourite Tamar song ❤️❤️

  41. Yonathan Angel Salazar Tamez

    I love this video, specially when tamar are with the kids and she dance with them. So adorable❤❤

  42. The Media Source

    One of Tamar's slept on songs

  43. Delesalin Johnson

    This song is underrated

  44. Yolene Germain

    I can't believe this only has 2 million views this song bangs in the car lol

  45. savagex samura 38heart

    Dis my song

  46. Maria Lopes

    Love this song she needed a rapper it would’ve been a hit she’s such a good singer

  47. Brenda Robinson

    Love this song

  48. M A

    If your tities flat like hers, don't shoot a clip half naked.

    Pop Culture Factory

    If your a hater like you don't complain that you never amount to anything beyond being a fast food employee for life.

  49. Curtis Harte

    A lot of haters

  50. baby noell

    Married to a fine Nigeria guy . Hope her mother inlaw won't have a problem with this video

  51. Monique Williams

    That's my Tay Tay love her so much 😍😘😘😍😍😘

  52. Jessica 007

    2.35 beyonce baby boy

  53. Nenamami brown

    Queen yes she a lil extra but we like it

  54. Nenamami brown

    Vince Tamar the Braxton really

  55. Nenamami brown

    Voice sick

  56. Nenamami brown

    Damn it fav

  57. J L

    Very African vibe ....mama did it with her angel voice that surpasses everything

  58. Dujuan Taylor

    She looks amazing

  59. Rue Rene

    anyone 2018 here???

  60. Rhino Black

    Nice and good...

  61. Johnte Price

    I love her voice

  62. Matthew La'von Lofton


  63. MsDivinelight

    Love this song

  64. Marvin Williams

    This is her best video and her most underrated unappreciated song. I blame Vince for the non promo of this here

  65. Emanuel Dillard Decor Tips


  66. Tanya Perry

    Love her!! 😍😘😇👑

  67. Omar Mccray

    Wow she can sang!!

  68. Marvin Williams

    Visually stunning. Every shot. Tamar’s best video. Bar none. Song should’ve been a hit but wasn’t promoted. A lowdown dirty shame

  69. kylas_

    Who still listening In 2018💓?

  70. PaulinaCR Subs

    Angels and Demons (Spanish/English lyrics)

  71. Brenda Robinson

    Love it

  72. Alonda G

    Love this video still ❤️ beautiful scenery and Tamar looking like a fashion killer 🔪 Yaasss 👏🏾👏🏾

  73. kk kk

    She focused more on the visual than the song 🤔

  74. Paula Roberts Roberts

    Why am I just seeing this video 🤦🏽‍♀️?

  75. Janette Hernandez

    I love Tamar Braxton she's my favorite Braxton. Sometimes she sounds like her sister Toni.

  76. Davina Elston

    Tamar. You are a Star. That shines bright.

  77. sherelle willis

    I like this song and Tamar

  78. Dustin Tidwell

    This track deserves more attention. 💯

  79. Jerome A.

    Love the visuals

  80. Pecola Gibson

    Good sissy missy girl

  81. Brown Mocha

    Its alot going on in this video

  82. Thomas Farmer

    Talented and vocally gifted she is, yes. But she can never surpass her big sis. TONI is a cut above the rest of the (rather ratchet) Braxton clan.

  83. steven gillum

    Tamar used Vince to make it in the music industry. now that there not together She lacks in music but I'll tell u what shed not a kind woman, not even close. Shes loud mouthed arrogant selfish immature human being. hey have her credit saying she's human..this song is ridiculous ous

  84. Brenda Robinson

    Love this song and video i love Tamar

  85. Kierra Jones

    2018 anybody?


    Kierra Jones here 2019 ❤️

  86. DesMone Ketron


  87. Tierra Triplett

    Tamar Slayy 😍💘

  88. S M.

    trop belle voix

  89. Vette Stingz

    So Versatile!! we love you Tay Tay👑🙌

  90. 1998sonya

    love this entire album

  91. xx//maroon fantasies//xx


  92. Dawn McNair

    I love those shoes!!!The whole video was and is raw.

  93. JustRenee Robinson

    I’m binging on Tamar and Vince because I wasn’t watching before... I love the jumpsuit and the entire video. But from what I’m seeing Tamar Braxton is a hard working mother who deserves a damn Grammy if she hasn’t received on as of this writing because I don’t watch the Grammy awards show either. And I’m watching the show to see why her marriage deconstructed. About to press done and now I’m terrified to press it but here goes nothing!!!

  94. NanJacks 913

    At times she reminds me of Bridget Kelly

  95. Maritza Rivera

    Tamar I love this video, you did that...I'm a woman from the U.S.V.I. and this video is so cool!