Branigan, Laura - Touch Lyrics

Let me tell you baby what I want to do
There's something that I really got to say
Let me tell you everything that's on my mind
Don't say no I'll tell you anyway
Sometimes when I see you in a crowded room
I really want to kiss you in the dark
I get the strangest feelings coming over me
Frightening sensations of the heart

I want to run but my feet won't go
I wanna move right through the floor
I want to stop but I can't say no
I wanna hear you cry for more

Baby let me touch you
Let me get to know you
Baby let me touch you tonight
Baby let me touch you
Let me feel your fingertips
Baby let me touch you tonight

I've been attracted to you for so long
Seems like I've been waiting all my life
And now there's nothing standing in the way of us
We can find what we both really like
I wanna stay with you all night long
I wanna kiss you on the floor
I wanna stop but I can't say no
I wanna hear you cry for more

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Branigan, Laura Touch Comments
  1. Karen Presley

    LB is sexy as hell!!

  2. Ricardo Silva

    Muito legal gostei da Laura branigan.

  3. Char Curib

    Oh Wow! perfect

  4. robsheehan

    Touch is an amazing album

  5. Char Curib

    Oh wow!my ultimate Artist so stunningly beautiful performances

  6. Lynn Naude

    WoW!!!!! She is still amazing when I see her. Love you Laura ❤

  7. Mark Socha

    This aired 30 years ago this month! Time flies my friends.

  8. Khan Tut

    you think if this was released it woulda been a hit and gets lotsa airplays in stations that play the classics like CBS FM

  9. Mattie F

    Did you see the Laura Branigan Official channel was taken down by youtube? WTF!

    So ridiculous, I just happened to download the video from that channel of laura's rare song "Tokio" and now I'm very glad I did because it was the only high quality version on youtube. I'm starting to think to download all of her performances or atleast the rare ones with only one version on youtube because they could be removed eventually too... So frustrating!

  10. Mattie F

    Thanks for sharing all these videos on here, I wouldn't know where else to find these videos if they weren't on youtube.

    Laura Branigan Forever - RunAndPlay

    I'm so glad you found us! Here and . We've got more coming! Thank you for watching!

  11. paul gibson

    Have her albums especially the early ones on both vinyl and cd such power as she put out deserves to be heard on vinyl but it still bursts through on the cd !!

  12. Rollei Gere

    Laura's on Fire~~~~~~~~~ grazie!

    Laura Branigan Forever - RunAndPlay

    Rolle That's right!

  13. william blood

    First time I see Touch Live

    Laura Branigan Forever - RunAndPlay

    Hopefully we can find more of these rarely seen live songs!

  14. Deanna McGoon

    Great post of LB , can't get enough of her. This was a woman who was in it for the fans first , never saw her pass one up for being too tired even when she was already in the limousine driving away ( that would be me standing there waiting ). To me she will always be the best female singer hands down . Every time I hear her sing I get a feeling of the first time I ever did hear her , that's saying a lot my friends ! Thanks again ~ Patrick ✌

  15. JAF528

    Thanks for posting 👍

  16. Roberto S. Barraza

    Touch was a great pop-rock album. Powerful piece with colaborations of Rick Knowels, Rick Palombi, David Kershembaum, Stock, Aitken, Waterman, Sue Shifrin and others. All song are excellents.

  17. Oliver Hart

    Why Atlantic didn't release Touch as 3rd single will remain one of the biggest mystery in history. #why

    Laura Branigan Forever - RunAndPlay

    Oliver Hart Add that to the many mishandling they did after the 3rd album.

  18. f9mike

    i have read a lot of comments about LB's TOUCH album being messy, almost unnoticed, my opinion is, TOUCH album was pretty darn good- i have it on cd- as a matter of fact i have all her albums on cd

    Laura Branigan Forever - RunAndPlay

    That's a favorite among fans. It's a great album!

    Karen Presley

    I wore this cassette tape out!!

  19. Cecille Rivera

    Stunning performance of Laura. Miss her.

    Bud Wheeler

    Cecille Rivera I miss her everyday. Listen to her everyday still. 14 years later. 😢

  20. SpiritOfLove

    Will you post Power of Love too?

    Laura Branigan Forever - RunAndPlay

    I will. I'll have it up tomorrow night. :)

  21. Sheriff Coltrane

    I love her so much

  22. Stig-Åke Persson

    So very nice having this in my playlist.

    Laura Branigan Forever - RunAndPlay

    You know, I posted this one separately just for you. It had you shaking in your chair, that's a good enough reason for me! I'll try to get an isolated version of "Power of Love" up tonight. Love you, Stig!

    Char Curib

    @Laura Branigan Forever - RunAndPlay , thank you so much