Branigan, Laura - Cry Wolf Lyrics

You couldn't wait for answers
You just had to try those wings
And all your happy ever afters
Didn't mean a thing
So I'm not gonna try at all
To keep you from the flame
Just remember not to call my name

When you cry wolf
Once too often
When you cry wolf
No, I won't come knockin'
When you cry wolf
I won't hear you anymore

If you start to stumble
If you start to crack
And if you're ever feeling humble
Don't look back

When you cry wolf
Once too often
When you cry wolf
No, I won't come knockin'
When you cry wolf
I won't hear you

You can try but you can't get me
Into the fire
'Cause I'm out of sympathy
And I can't walk this wire
So find yourself somebody new
To catch you when you fall
'Cause I got just one thing to say to you
And that's all

When you cry wolf
Once too often
When you cry wolf
No, I won't come knockin'
When you cry wolf
I won't hear you
Baby baby, cry wolf
When you cry wolf
I won't hear you

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Branigan, Laura Cry Wolf Comments
  1. Marco Vale Marvolo 89

    The queen

  2. Annie Stacie

    Oh my God, honestly want to cry right now. Laura was so beautiful and this is an amazing music video, so well done and does her beauty justice.

  3. Dewayne Kearns

    She was so talented and beautiful as well if only had paid attention to her headaches maybe could have stopped the problem rest in peace

  4. william blood

    this is a great song!! Beautifuly delivered.

  5. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspaniala laura branigan

  6. Naomi Austin

    Sadly transgendered celebs die early from cancers due to their hormone treatments...all studio recordings coming out of hellyweird are studio creations and voice alterations......castratos die young....

  7. Alan M Jolly

    It's nice to know her legacy is preserved and being remembered

  8. Андрей Иванцов

    Сколько прошло времени, а слушается и смотрится!

  9. 1997residente

    To quote the film Heathers
    "Jesus God in Heaven, why'd you have to kill such hot snatch?”

    Naomi Austin

    It was a dude homo

  10. Jason Shaw

    Didicated to greta thumberg

  11. Patricia Lima

    Saudades de sua música.

  12. randomglen

    This is what music is all about. Everything about this blows me away. Phenomenal!

  13. Silvio Luiz

    Bela Interprete, ótima

  14. 123billydog

    Simply stunning musically, vocally and artistically. Why the hell wasn't Laura's career massive.

  15. Nicholas Colque

    Rip Laura branigan

  16. Adelaide Dupont

    WOW! Trying to remember if I have indeed seen this thing - the one I know is black and white.

  17. Antonio Machado

    After many years of waiting for this moment until finally, this wonderful and unforgettable video of the eternal Queen 👑 Laura Branigan is available 🤩🤩. Sure this music video is a true masterpiece👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  18. Mark McCarthy


  19. tina moore

    Excellent songs she made wish she was still around to make more excellent songs may she rest in peace

  20. Costa

    Love you endlessly Laura

  21. amangogna68

    Beautiful song and she was so amazing !

  22. 로즈가든

    Thanks so much ~👌✌👍

  23. ShreadTheWeapon

    I really wish I had heard this song when I was seven and it was new.


    Wow what a emotional song! Very powerful if only music was still like this...


    It can be again, if more people don’t give it any other choice.

  25. Vampirebear13

    She was so beautiful & a shame she died young :-(

    Alan M Jolly

    A beautiful soul

  26. 80's Totally Awesome Music Videos


  27. Ray H.

    "Excuse me I'm just going to do random somersaults through the video ".

  28. Luna Plateada


  29. Eduardo Diglio

    Dezembro de 2019 some body here

    Anibal Aldebaran Luz

    Me here too listening to this pearl.

    Lídia Márcia

    Hoje. E é pela primeira vez e já vou colocar na minha playlist Eu sei que ela está viajando com outras estrelas porque ela é uma linda estreia que brilha nesse outro lado da vida. Amei esse vídeo.

  30. Neutral 69

    RIP Laura B 🙏.

  31. Brent Wang

    Oh my god this is precious!!

  32. Elijah L. White

    I'm crying 😭🧡🧡