Brandy - True Lyrics

In your arms I feel right at home
That's the feeling I ain't felt before
If you're feeling the same way then let me know
Cause there's nothing worse than being in love alone

Is it true that I'm not the only one?
Is it true that you're just having fun with my heart?
I need an answer
Is it true
Is it true

You're my Angel that was sent to earth
In your eyes I see my future
I can't be without you so it's got to work
Goodbyes not an option so don't say a word

Is it true that I'm not the only one?
Is it true that you're just having fun with my heart?
I need an answer
Is it true
Is it true

I've never been a victim of love before
So I'm not sure what I should be looking for
But I know the signs are in my face
Hope it's not too late to change
Your mind and make you wanna stay

Is it true that I'm not the only one?
Is it true that you're just having fun with my heart?
I need an answer
Is it true
Is it true

Is it true that I'm not the only one?
Is it true that you're just having fun with my heart?
I need an answer
Is it true
Is it true

If you just can't tell me the truth
It wasn't real when you said I love you

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Brandy True Comments
  1. Grace Kariuki

    Whose is here 2020?

  2. Obiri Naom

    Indeed nothing hurts like being in love alone,,,,2020 who's with me??

  3. Sunday Okumbor

    2020.... feeling the vibes

  4. X-Fecta The SoundMind

    My Life By Game And Lil Wayne Took Those Piano Chords

  5. Anthony Kiprotich

    Never gets old....2050 still vibing to this..

  6. Nicholas Wightman

    2020 hit like if you here

    Suyama cole

    am here i love it 20/01/20

  7. Victor Okombo


  8. upenyu memory mukaro

    When rnb was still rnb..

  9. Ezekiel Wamalwa

    2020 and still hitting the same place deep down

  10. Albort Johnson

    Love this song real real song because some man is too lie dem a tell u sa a u alone when dem now sa dem have other woman if you are not for me just leave me alone and go and live yur life with her

  11. Sheila Otieno

    Anyone in 2020?? Hugs to y'all in love with the wrong people. Don't give up on love. The right person will eventually come around.

    Sunday Okumbor

    Sheila Otieno yea

    Claude Bidzogo

    I really hope 😢😢🙏

  12. Mauline Mutanda

    January 2020 still tuned in

    D de Diva

    Hell ya❤

  13. Caroline Chege

    2020 still listening to this

  14. Batte josephs

    2020 still here

  15. Eunice Nyambare

    01.01.2020 if you're reading this I wish you a happy new year 🎇.

  16. Abdiwahid Ali

    I have never been a victim of love before! But i am now😫😫😫😫😫 and i miss her soo baaad...everything reminds me of her

  17. Melvin Divine Pritchard

    December 28 2019 @6am👉🏽

  18. Maryjane Shoenfield

    Hit like if this song touched your soul

  19. Qolani Mongwe

    20 December 2019😢😢

  20. becky enjema

    2020 who's still gone be feeling this song😚😍


    December 2019

  22. Akaranga Naomy

    brandy the best ..anyone 2019 nov

  23. Samuel Phiri

    love it

  24. Henerietha Henry

    I'm listening this song right now. you?

  25. alero fregene

    Listening November 2019. For the one i loved who didn't love me back.

  26. philisiwe mthembu

    Me me🖐

  27. Sharone Dandajena



  28. Annie Mushaba

    Anyone listening and watching this song in November 2019

    Albort Johnson

    Y do you say i love u and at the end of the day u are still cheating keep yur love to yur self i dont need it i will find someone to love me for me just go away and dont return

  29. Ndiaye Yahia

    True'it is

  30. terry trizah

    If you have ever been in love alone let your thumb up

  31. La Perle

    Novembre 2019

  32. VEVO Cabrel

    Who’s Listening with me This NOVEMBER 2019??

  33. Linda Ngede

    So underrated but always dope #1

  34. Glorious Mrina

    Goodbye is not an option 🤣🤣

  35. Kaytee

    Who’s listening with me in 2020

  36. Sarah Ashley

    Brandy blows my mind

  37. Ayanda Capuke

    When I was young...I use to say it will be my break up song

  38. Jewel Zinhoro

    October 2019

  39. La Mash

    19 October 2019😍😍😍😍🔥

  40. Joyce Meyer

    2019 hands up🙋🙋

  41. Iyaloo Tangi

    2019 anyone

  42. Aminouche Seck

    OCTOBER 2019🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳

  43. Jennifer Fenty

    Trust me....... I've been in love alone for the longest time.


    Trust you do to what?

    Jennifer Fenty

    @MelonieWithanO As in, I've been in love alone before.
    That's what I mean.

  44. Joe Manzambi


  45. Elizabeth Orlando


  46. Charlette Gakuo

    Brandy is a whole mood

  47. Crystalyne Horton

    Who is still listening to this in 2019

  48. andrinah rayner


  49. Otaku and proud to be -日本人の心!

    It's a great song, who's with me for that?


    Brandy it is!

  51. Mokupi Motseiseng

    I'm here 2019 in Botswana" thinking someone special

  52. Esther Catherine Stephlyse

    Is it true, ???
    Who like👍 with me ?

  53. Doh Kelly

    Love this hit.. Still watching September 2019

  54. Princess Ikhifa


  55. Sabbaoth Boka

    😭😭😭😭😭😭💔my heart is in pieces

  56. Nick ñ Tash

    icon right there

  57. Aminah Chimpinde

    This describes my current situation 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  58. mxolisi fortune

    If u finally find someone. glory 2 God

  59. Fartun Omae

    2019?? Anyone?

  60. Grace Kariuki

    Whose year in September 2019

  61. Ivy Dej


  62. Grace Simi

    2019 still here.i love the vibes

  63. Kellen maina

    10 years...

  64. Aminah Chimpinde

    😭😭 I wish you knew how much I love you 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  65. Cecilia S

    August 2019

    Who's with me on this one?

  66. Adjacent Moyo

    I like her voice and her lyrics too

  67. Miss Weebness

    I listened to this song when I was 7

  68. Armstrong Barasa

    there's nothing worse than being in love alone 😢😢😢

  69. S K

    How can u dislike this

  70. paschal paul

    natamani kuimba kama wewe brandy nakupenda sana sana from tanzania

  71. Nakawooya Rachel

    Nothing worse than being in love alone💔😭😭😭😭

  72. Phumeza Binjana

    😢 😢

  73. Will Ceaz

    5 stars certified

  74. Real CzColloh

    Do Real

  75. Stevie Genga

    Timeless music

  76. Tshwarelo dibakwane

    yooh this reminds that tym my bf was cheating 😰😅😢

  77. TinO

    Cindy je pense encore a toi meme si tu la haut je toublirais jamais mon premiere amour et le seul

  78. Charles Mumba

    This is a heart pricking music,please stop playing with other peoples' hearts.NICE SONG BRANDY

  79. Nthabiseng Phillia

    July 2019 anyone???

  80. kvng_rye_

    Such a beautifully sad song... relatable

  81. jacklyne osiako

    July 2019💗💗

  82. Bradley Hills

    Brandy should be recognized as the Best RnB artist ever since the beginning till the end of the world

  83. Janet Mulenga

    June 2019

  84. Selma Kalapushe

    My favorite ever song...brandy i love ur song

  85. mel winner

    Is it true. June 2019

  86. Carole kanaga

    So deep😢😢😢 "nothing is worse than being In love alone "wasn't real when you said I love you 😢😢😢😢

  87. Sasha sxe

    Is it true that l'm not the only in the same situation like this.........

  88. Sophia Ivana

    There is nothing worse than being in love alone😅😅

  89. Ammie Pama

    Still here💔🔥😭heartbroken

  90. Marcus Inc

    Great song i love it

  91. Pierre Noel Jennane

    Monday June 10,2019

  92. Eunice Kimbio

    2019...and I do love this song

  93. Bukuru Sumaya

    She sounds lyk chris

  94. Lesedi Mokoena

    2019 🤘🏼

  95. Cecilia Tatila

    My love 😍 for this song is too much 😘 😘