Brandt, Paul - Virgil And The Holy Ghost Lyrics

Me and Virgil were best of friends
Brothers til the very end
Made a pact one sunny afternoon
Down by Coalpepper Creek
Fishing holes and skipping rocks
Down the railroad tracks we’d talk
‘bout girls & cars & hopes & dreams
the way our lives would be
& we swore we’d never change
we would always be the same

Virgil met the Holy ghost
A little younger than most
At the Jeelapy Pentacostal tent-revival alter call
Everyone from town was there that day
When Virgil gave his soul away
They were praisin’ as I waited
Outside the Gospel hall
Where we swore we’d never change
But it would never be the same

‘cause it was later on that year
the winter that our mama died
when I told Virgil I don’t want to hear
‘bout love & peace inside
‘cause if this God you know is good
how could he allow the pain
life’s been hard enough, so why would I want to be born again?

The other night, me & Virgil spoke
He travels with the Holy Ghost
Holding tent-revivals, he’s out to seek & save
Virgil says he’s been set free
By Jesus dying on a tree
& I’m not sure what I believe, my questions still remain
Virgil says that when he prays
He asks the Lord that I’d be saved
I guess some things never change

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