Brandt, Paul - The Longest Way Lyrics

I’d love to take my time
I’d let myself unwind
‘cause sometimes it feels these wheels keep spinnin’
at the speed of sound
I’d take the scenic route
Ain’t that what life’s about
I would stop and smell each and every single
Rose I found

I’m so tired of sayin’ someday that we’ll do it
Grab the keys get in the car and let’s get to it

Let’s head north or east or west or south
Just as long as we go now
Let’s let these headlights slice the night away
‘Til the sun comes out
If all the fun’s in getting there
Then baby I have got a plan
Let’s hit the road, c’mon let’s go
Let’s take the longest way we can

My heart’s restless, but it’s true
When it comes to lovin’ you
And that ain’t never gonna change no matter
Where we are

This old world keeps laughin’ like it’s got us
Don’t know why we ever let it stop us

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