Brandt, Paul - Leavin' Lyrics

C’mon hurry
Ain’t no time for worrying
Gotta go
Move on
Just leave the lights on
Grab some clothes, set those sights on
that 4 lane road
I’m gone

In a truck, in a train, in a car, in a bus
Change my luck, Can’t stay, Going far, In a rush
Got that getaway feeling
I’m Leaving

Trust me
Something better’s gotta be
Right around
This next turn
Gonna be just fine
Toss the map, don’t look behind
Push that pedal down

Here I go

(In a truck, in a train, in a car, in a bus
Change my luck, Can’t stay, Going far, In a rush
White lines, Exit signs, Can’t fly
Fast enough) (second) (solo)
Black top, Rail way, Spinning wheels
Don’t stop
If you’re waiting on me
You’re backing up
Got that getaway feeling
I’m Leaving

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Brandt, Paul Leavin' Comments
  1. Craig Conley

    Keith Urban played for for on this track!!

  2. Craig Conley

    One of the best albums I have!!!!!!

  3. dsma06

    Keith Urban plays on this song.

  4. DesRex Transport

    I love that Blazac gas station! Use to buy our gas there all the time!

  5. Ely do Lago

    I Love Country !!!!

  6. Todd Jenkins

    I like turtles

  7. Gummi

    one of my favourite songs!

  8. Meg Rempel

    I'm friend I'm friends with mr Brandt but its along story

    Cheryl Johnson

    Meg Rempel tell me all of it

    Levontè A.

    6 years and still waiting on your story bro

  9. Meg Rempel

    Me and my older brother sing this song when we go for drives

  10. sh9683

    his music career started at the calgary stampedes talent show. he went to crscent heights high school in N.E calgary, som eof my brothers teachers at crscent actually taught paul brandt in hhigh school

    Cheryl Johnson

    sh9683 they also taught my mom and she went to school with him

  11. sh9683

    nop eborn in calgary! still goes to a church in calgary

  12. Henry Fehr

    good song

  13. ali baba

    Im a german and i think he is a great canadian,songwriter,man and brother..:-)

  14. adiahtirzah

    @Judemood He was born in Airdrie which is just outside of Calgary

  15. Daylen Lowen

    Is Balzac where Paul was born? Just wondering because in the video it says Balzac store at about 1:00

  16. Sarah A

    love this song.