Brandt, Paul - I'm An Open Road Lyrics

You've been trying to escape, from all your yesterdays,
But they wont let you be.
Some days you cover ground, but then you turn around
before you get to me.
But I'll still be here, a wild, free frontier.
I'll be your alibi, your clear blue sky, your saving grace.
Eldorado found, your sacred ground, a hiding place.
Just run to me, I'll set you free,
I'm an open road [x2]

We all get a little lost sometimes.
Stray from the borderlines.
And love feels too far gone.
But you can always count on me.
A rock beneath your feet.
You be the vagabond, I'll be an open road.
I'm an open road.

Headed t'ward the setting sun like desperadoes on the run.
I ain't goin' anywhere unless I'm there with you.
Horizon's open far and wide.
You got the keys, c'mon let's ride.
Let's fire it up and see how lost we get... together

[Jess Moskaluke:]
Be my sweet escape
Clean getaway
Deliver me
Like the desert rain
Be my sixty six
Through the wilderness
Dashboard lights in the darkness

I'm an open road!

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Brandt, Paul I'm An Open Road Comments
  1. Arlene Driscoll

    Wow I’m a fan of Paul Brandt for weeks it made me sad life is like a high way

  2. dan

    Magnificent!!!! :)

  3. Kira Dhaliwal

    His voice is so comforting!!!

  4. Harad - Fantasy Music

    When Canada has now better Country music than the US. I love it !


    Canada has had better country music for a while.


    Harad - Fantasy Music Alan Jackson josh turner. Canada has really good country like Paul Brandt dean brody Alan Doyle but to say we have better then USA is not true

  5. Jay Bortnik

    If you want some more Alberta Music, try my Alberta Music Mix at:

  6. freckledklutz

    How am I just hearing this? Paul is amazing and so is this song!

  7. Neil mongoz

    love this stuff. all from the voice

    Mackenzie Sampson

    Neil mongoz I know

  8. Dennis Vandale

    P B thank you for the songs you make me feel better about life.

  9. Dennis Vandale

    P B thank you for the songs you make me feel better about life.

  10. Dennis Vandale

    P B thank you for the songs you make me feel better about life.

  11. Dennis Vandale

    P B thank you for the songs you make me feel better about life.

  12. Livia weber

    this song deserves waay more views. love it 💕

  13. Jordan Cunningham

    Why is this song so hard to find?

  14. Sandra Unkow

    Route 66? = books in the Bible?

  15. Roadmaster '93

    The lyric video has awesome background photos but is useless, because the lyrics are appearing to late

  16. Chantel H

    he performed this live at a concert he put on in my city, he nailed it 100% sounded exactly like the video. hes truly an amazing country artist

  17. Roadmaster '93

    Was looking for some beautiful country songs. All they called beautiful was just boring, 'till I got here

  18. The Aryan Iranian

    Nice song, but why have your typical douchey hipsters in the video?

  19. TheAreotrain

    First time hearing this song and love it! Reminds me of the two week cross county road trip I took from Wisconsin to the west coast and back. GPS was used twice to get out of Los Angles and Sacramento. Other than that no GPS and surprisingly not much radio, just the open road and the sound of the engine. Learned what it felt like to be truly free.

  20. Clara Madelaine

    Country isn't my favourite but I love this song

    kurt mcconnell

    my favorite song at the moment!!

  21. Fernie Copegog-King

    Would follow the OPEN road if I had a GPS!

    kurt mcconnell

    but its in open road just follow the road thats the point man ... to get lost

    Kelly Clark

    lol exactly!

    Roadmaster '93

    Fernie Copegog-King don't need a GPS, just go...!

    Kayden Singer

    It's called 4x4

  22. Okhsawe

    An absolutely beautiful song, I'm amazed it doesn't have more views!

  23. edward tye

    Me and my girlfriends song we spent 5 years talking before we asked each other out she keeps regretting not asking me out sooner but I told her every time we lost contact we still found each other again so no matter what we are meant to be we just had our two month anniversary which doesn't seem like a mile stone but the way I see it calibrate every day like it's your last

    kurt mcconnell

    3 months later you still with her?

  24. Mario Pavlovich

    wow, awesome !

  25. Justin Koerner

    well shit mr brandt you are an awesome singer your fame is well deserved

  26. Brian Baptist

    this is a road song bike or car

  27. 1234567654

    this reamids me that im the oley person in the wlord

  28. Tyler Winston

    Oh shit 666 likes lmao

  29. Tyler Winston

    If more guys listened to Country music they'd know how to treat and respect their women ;)

    Jordan Cunningham

    True. But not all guys are bad


    real country yes, modern pop country no

    Russell Kendel

    I can agree to that all I want but the fact is, us guys who do respect our women dont get a chance because women automatically freak out on us thinking we only want in your pants so, ask for one thing don't be a dick when you get what is asked for. *Not saying you do* its just society as a whole.

  30. Clarke Sheridan

    I have traved that road.

  31. stanlie marterl

    Love this song

  32. Tasha Clarke

    love Paul Brandt soooo much! that deep voice oh baby!

  33. Adriana Valeria

    hermosa cancion! BEAUTIFUL SONG THANKS!

  34. Adamjv

    Great song

  35. Sangus Angelus

    'bout time Paul is back! Great tune, terrific voice.

  36. EMoney

    Way to represent, Paul Brandt!

  37. Copyrightbreaker22

    I love the song <3

  38. Gretchn Her Pets, Acts, Music, Videos, Friends, TheBanjoGuy2

    I, heard it on the radio just today! .. love it! & the Instrumental Sounds too! love Gretchn & Pets .. xo

  39. Lauchie Macdonald

    favorite song for sure!!

  40. Agnieszka Hybner

    Absolutely inlove♡

  41. Duke Hust

    Holy fuck best country song of the year by far!

    Lakeesha Friesen

    the only thing I would like this is an automated response confirming your appointment is scheduled for this calendar for the

  42. redgreen66

    Hoping to hear this on the 19th at his Ottawa show!

  43. SMarie92

    i absolutely love his voice

    Cynthia Virove

    Funny_Gurl_27 Paul is the best Country Singer in Canada 🇨🇦 ⭐️ 🎶 ⭐️

  44. Samantha Gerbrandt

    I love this song so much!

  45. janer

    my MOM and dad put this on a CD I have been looking for it forever

  46. Furious Sherman

    I've been looking for this song since I heard it on the radio. I like it.

  47. Dwayne Wladyka

    This is another awesome tune!

  48. Matthew Walsh

    This song is good. Better than Get a bed with the rap

    Calvin Nielsen

    The rap in it just ruins the whole song for me

  49. Paulsgirl28 R

    Love this song reminds me what I went though in April and May! Can't wait for October 2 Paul

  50. KamiCrit

    Pretty good.

  51. canadiangirl1041

    This is awesome, I really like this song!!!

  52. Josh S

    Personally, i prefer his other songs
    "I'm gonna fly"
    "My heart has a History" "Alberta Bound"
    "Small Towns and Big Dreams"
    "Forever Summer", etc.
    Paul Brandt is my favorite, but with his earlier songs... :)