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Front porch light would be turned on
And I was always gone too long
Curfew was at 10pm
And I’d sneak in trying not to wake him when I got
Daddy always said I was half a bubble off plumb
Head-strong and stubborn, and maybe I was
Yeah, I couldn’t wait to leave
Last place I in the world I wanted to be was

Now I’m flying down that old dirt road
But it seems these wheels are spinning slow
I’d never left that way if I’d have only known
He’s gone, so here I am

I sat in my car and cried
Wished to God he was still alive
Inside, mama wiped my tears
She said, He would have been so happy that you’re here at Home
Then I thought about my life
And about my kids and about my wife
And about how time just flies no matter what you do
And every soccer game I have missed
And every time I fight when I could forgive
And how I can’t let it come to this
When I get home

Now I’m flying down that old dirt road
But it seems these wheels are spinning slow
And it’s taken me a while but now I finally know
Everything that matters most is at

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Brandt, Paul Home Comments
  1. Tyler Hartt

    Makes me wish i had a father figure.. im not close to my dad he was never there.

  2. Kelly Hudson

    What a great song.

  3. Stormy Kopa

    "I'd have never left that way if I had only known,
    But he's gone, so here I am...home."

    Damn...right in the feels :'(

  4. Useless trash uwu


    Ive always had the tune in my head. As well as the lyrics "now in flying down that old dirt road"

    So happy i found this song
    Thanks google

  5. Myrtel Lou

    Gorgeous guy! Love you're voice so much 😊

  6. Morgan Yates

    only 600 likes wtf I hate country music and this song is beautiful

  7. Craig Conley

    Still say his best album!

  8. jared henry

    Now I'm flyin down that old dirt road!! That makes me remember all the times I've had with my papa before he passed R.I.P papa heaven needed a hero ps I know that's a song

  9. Doug Barber

    Paul home is so true my heart I'm 63 and I wish I could go back and say I'm sorry thanku paul for a wonderful song

    Charity graham

    +Doug Barber good for u doug paul is the man brings the man out in all of us

  10. Gerald S

    If Paul Was From The USA He Would Be A Superstar.

    Matthew Walsh

    +notoriousL he defiantly a superstar in his home province of Alberta.

    Brock R

    Gerald S Im from the US and Paul is a superstar to me. id rather hear him than any of that crap on the radio now for sure.

    dan graham

    But he's Canadian so that makes him awesome.

    Charlie Woods

    You can’t define someone else’s success that’s what is wrong with this statement. Truthfully he’s making much more as an indie artist in Canada than hat he was on a major label in Nashville. Gets to play the music he wants to also. Closer to home and seeing the great country of Canada. Really isn’t a negative.

    TX Blue

    Gerald S, Paul did the USA. tour, he didn`t fair well there.

  11. Dietrich Teichroeb

    I dont have a home yet

    Gerald S

    @Dietrich Teichroeb I hope you found one or find one soon. God Bless.

  12. Gracie Such

    makes me think  of growing up with my daddy

  13. Gabby Mengel

    Two years age my dad died and I really miss him

  14. Gabby Mengel

    To years my dad song remembered how he was

  15. Brandon Hurst

    Gloria Adams Aye i remember that 

  16. angje gjergji

    wait ordering PAUL BRANDT ALBUM big fan no way i could never think that i will always be alberta bound for ever i love the band i love the build it forward foundation i love pauls voice is really touched My heart with a great songs with a speacial touch a songs that talks about home leaving ,i came from a big family and always think of them and 3 times i been home since 1990,its sad when my siblings got married i wasent there ,when my dad died i had last minut to catch a plan to go

  17. stephany montano

    this made me cry so much :'(

    Waylon Hoss

    I cried my eyes out at his concert many years ago when he sang this.


    Me to!!

  18. Gloria Adams

    Paul Brandt trivia: Did anyone know that he is a registered nurse and before the fame he worked at the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary?

    Brittany R

    Gloria Adams that I did! He was also in a talent show singing. That's how his career started or so I'm told by the nurses that worked with him!

    Jim Hoover

    Brittany - It was the Youth Talent Show at the Stampede - 1992.

  19. H W

    i am a big fan of paul and i am going to see him in june

  20. 22suzie44

    "half a bubble off plumb" wow...heard that many times!

  21. dollie swinamer

    my dad used to be a long-haul driver. most people have no clue the sacrifices you guys make

  22. Steph Boyer

    Love this song.....theres no place like home, family, friends, loved ones


    Lost my Dad last week, cant have a better song than this.This is exactly how I was, last place I wanted to be at home. It hurts me so much that my dad is gone.I have a family now with 4 kids, the best place I want now is home.
    I came to Alberta 10 years back, hearing some great country music, Paul you are the best, and this touched me so much, I cried in my car hearing this song.GOD BLESS YOU.


    looking at your cd at wallmart yesterday was suprised to see you and dierk bently and jonny reid and few other singers wow congratulation in that i m amazed


    i love your music i could die if i did not have your cd s with me

  26. Vanessa DiPa

    this is such an amazing song - it's a shame canadian country singers don't get as much recognition as american ones

  27. Kyle Price

    I lost my dad almost 10 years ago now. He is the main reason I started to listen to Paul Brandt again, I can't listen to this song with out cryin' I miss my dad so much

  28. Chad Billings

    Wow! No views!

  29. theresa duplessis

    hun I wish u all the best keep your head up keep smile. because your not alone. :)

  30. Monika Klewe

    He is a brilliant country singer, i love him!!!

  31. Yuna Kiryu

    I've always have this distance between me and my old man... we never get along no matter how we tried, it's just we can't get that close to each other.. wishing sometimes he is gone though cuz of the past which I ended up not liking him.. but I do realize he is my father after all.. and this vid made me shed some tears thinking about the circumstances in the future as we can't keep our parents forever. I think I have to try to cherish every moment I spend with him from now on even in distance..

  32. melissarlmills

    I sat in my car and cried - wished to god he was still alive.

    Love you, papa bear.

  33. jidd32

    one of my very best country artist and songs...i'm 4rm nigeria and i think paul deserves lt more recognition than he'd ever got.....

    .....beautiful song....simply beautiful

  34. stefan

    there isnt alot that makes me cry but for some reason this song makes me cry lol

  35. Manifesting Destiny

    mayyybe Paul best song. wished i could hear it all over the radio airwaves every day. no joke. Paul deserves much more recognition than he gets.

  36. fatherofone2006

    @14HCAT you obviously have no respect. No compassion and no empathy. Better hope you don't go through the same hell. My guess is you've never had true love. Never felt love, never had someone to call your own. Still parties hoping to find that elusive one night stand? Just so you know, Sex is not love.

  37. fatherofone2006

    @driftbaby2 right on drift.

  38. fatherofone2006

    @14HCAT is that how people in north america react to others problems? No compassion? no encouragement? everyone goes through a life changing crisis. It is sick to see how some people judge others and belittle them even more for bad things happening. So if you go through something like what hawk went through, or even worse. Losing a loved one, finding out you're being fired, finding out you're terminally ill, how will you find compassion if you don't show any.

  39. fallenangel


  40. Justin Kirk

    you know how people say "Home is where the heart is"? well, my parents split up at few days ago, so does that mean that i dont live in my home town anymore...? but out in alberta with my girlfriend...? cause shes the only one who has my heart...
    my older brother told me some things that my dad said about me, i dont know if they are true or not...but if he actually did say them, i dont think i wanna see him again for awhile...

  41. Jamie Cardinal

    home is where the heart is, where-ever that may be.... You'll always be loved by those all a those who you make them to be... :-))

  42. kris cummins

    a story that everyone can relate what a great song' everything that matters most is at home' that ring so true

  43. Dr.Guillotine

    @hawkjunktionboy Women are stupid dude dont worry about her. Obviously her problems are more important than yours (in her mind). Typical woman all she wanted was your money anyways.

  44. fallenangel

    @driftbaby2 forgot to mention grandfather died last year and haven't got over it, he was the greatest man in my eyes.

  45. fallenangel

    this song reminds me of how much i have fucked over my life, lost my friends and family.

  46. slywkad

    Paul will be back. I hope!


    That's not to good

  48. lioninthelake

    Amazing song, beautiful message. Paul, your song really hits home. ;)

  49. Colleen K

    i love paul and this video