Brandt, Paul - Canadian Man Lyrics

Canadian Man at your service
From the land of the chill
If I can’t warm you baby nobody will
I’m a genuine Canadian Man

Strong and free
That’s the True North
And baby, that’s me
I’ll salute you as long as need be
I’m a genuine Canadian Man

Well it’s hush-hush, while I mush-mush
My dog-sled made for two
It’s cold outside, but ooo, what a ride
To the warmth of my igloo

Warm and dry, we’ll be sipping on cola and rye
Then I’ll bake you an Eskimo pie
Your genuine Canadian Man

Well we’ll ride and glide over the Great Divide
On my ’95 Ski-Doo
Sweet honey-child it’s the call of the wild
When I’m calling you oooo

Canadian Man
That’s me the ice-breaker supreme
Forget your “American dream”
And wake up to Canadian man

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