Brandt, Paul - Alberta Bound Lyrics

Sign said 40 miles to Canada
My truck tore across Montana
Ian Tyson sang a lonesome lullaby

And so I cranked up the radio
Cause there’s just a little more to go
For I’d cross the border at that Sweet Grass sign

I’m Alberta Bound
This piece of heaven that I’ve found
Rocky Mountains and black fertile ground
Everything I need beneath that big blue sky
Doesn’t matter where I go
This place will always be my home
Yeah I’ve been Alberta Bound for all my life
And I’ll be Alberta Bound until I die

It’s a pride that’s been passed down to me
Deep as coal mines, wide as farmer’s fields
Yeah, I’ve got independence in my veins

Maybe it’s my down-home redneck roots
Or these dusty ‘ol Alberta boots
But like a Chinook wind keeps coming back again

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Brandt, Paul Alberta Bound Comments
  1. Im Brkn

    i think i developed terminal cancer after this

  2. Christian Andersson

    Some say I'm gonna roadtrip Alberta, that's for sure.
    Cheers from Sweden

  3. Emilia Handlovsky

    I was born in Calgary and raised here in Alberta

  4. Emilia Handlovsky

    I remember last year my class did this huge show and at the end we sang Alberta Bound❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Charlie ND

    I don't even like country music but this is a huge jam. I was born in Toronto and I live in BC but I will always respect Alberta.

  6. Typhoon LMS

    I'm gonna visit Alberta next year in summer,
    I can't wait :) Greetings from Manchester, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

  7. HyperactiveJam

    Favourite song of Atlantic Canada

  8. Mary Stevers

    I wish my province (Ontario) deserved a song like this.

  9. Jacob Pierce

    I'm not even from Canada and I love this song.

  10. Craig Conley

    Hope to home soon!!!

  11. JAIDEN 100

    i Like song

  12. Titus Virilius

    I'm from alberta and I'm not alberta bound. Alberta is going through hard times under trudeau communist oppression. Please pray for us. Please pray for #wexit

  13. Sierra Smylie

    I love this song it’s my favourite song

  14. matthew thorne

    Cold lake Albert I am sure proud of where I’m at

  15. sssub

    🇨🇦 Alberta 🇨🇦

  16. Steven Sheats

    Alberta Bound Good Song
    Paul Brandt
    Nice Toyota Truck
    And Great Video
    Featuring You Paul Brandt
    In The Back Of A Flatbed
    Semi Truck

  17. Aidan W

    Justin Trudeau has left the chat

  18. Campbell Thomas

    Couldn’t make in the USA.....the headlines read, Paul Brandt disillusioned with Nashville....just wasn’t good enough

  19. Wolfen The Gamer

    I miss these days, the days where Alberta was not in debt and the days Alberta's government did not hate us, and the days conservatives were on top as they should.

  20. Dave R

    Paul I hope you don't mind but I think that your song has just become the National Anthem of a new independent nation of Alberta.

  21. Johnny Utah

    Being Albertan is a gift from god!

    JL Luna

    Not really but sure

  22. Cynthia Virove

    Great Song by Paul ,,thought I would play this VIDEO,,there is a ELECTION on October 21 Conservative Landslide,,AMAZING SONG and Talented Albertan⭐️🎶⭐️🎼⭐️🎵⭐️🙏🇨🇦💙

  23. May Loo

    Too much of a city girl to appreciate this song.

  24. Richard Killy

    I lived in Alberta from 1978. From the time l was 11 to when l was 21. I loved it there and l still miss it. This song brings me right back to the feeling of being an Albertan!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jaxsen Lyons

    I live in the town where the jerky shop is

  26. Wayne H.

    I'm from Saskatchewan but some of my best years were spent in Alberta. Sitting here in Australia, this song brings back memories of those magical days.

  27. Zackary 1928

    a nissan wow not many of those in country music videos

  28. Gypsy Ninja

    Berta is my home.

  29. Brandon Hathaway

    I’m Ontario bound !!

    Charlie ND

    Hell yeah!

    Brandon Hathaway

    Oh and Go Leafs Go !!

  30. True Clappie

    Dude you are the best my school I use to go in Canada we listened to you song a lot man we miss you

  31. Jeremy Torrance

    You're a beauty Paul Brandt! From Calgary

  32. CrEaTiVe

    My childhood was growing up in the crow's nest pass where that ice cream shop was in the video. it's still there today but god has it changed. I love that area to bits

  33. K S

    moved from Europe to BC to Ontario. can't stand it there. can't wait until we move back home west next year. Alberta bound !

  34. James Crocker

    This shouldn't be a "country song". It should be our anthem

  35. Freddy Marcel-Marcum

    Can American guys live in Alberta at least part time? I'm a trucker looking to buy a house.

  36. Strix

    adrossan alberta wya!

  37. dadark wolf

    The greatest province..

  38. The Republic Of Western Canada

    I’m Alberta bound but not Canada bound! Independence time!

  39. Delia Donkin

    home town in this video! I'm proud to be Albertan:)

  40. Lisa Simpson

    Diversity is our strength

    The Republic Of Western Canada

    Lisa Simpson Nope! Unity is our strength. Unity embraces similarities while diversity embraces differences(in the collective). Unity let’s you be a unique and different individual but finds what is similar between everyone. Diversity just points out differences but doesn’t unite the people on common ground.

  41. Lisa Simpson

    Alberta = land of right wing white supermacist

    ANTI NWO // Alberta Canada Milky Way Galaxy

    Lisa Simpson I’m brown skinned and I’m a conservative! Never encountered ANY white supremacist in Alberta and I have being in the most right wing parts just saying. That seems like a stereotype you just made up. I’m alberta bound and will always be! Alberta first and Alberta forever before any other place. I’m a proud patriot of alberta!

    The Republic Of Western Canada

    Lisa Simpson You suck at trolling lmfao

  42. K9 Pirates Lair

    Put the Politicians and Politics aside, this song describes Canada and all Canadians from the West Coast to to the East Coast.
    Canada, the greatest place on Earth!

    ....from Chilliwack, British Columbia eh

  43. Kat's HotDogs

    AlberTa gang gang

  44. Faze It Out

    Happy Canada Day Everyone♡

  45. Alex Sander

    I Love d's song

  46. Alex Sander


  47. Candybar tissy

    Red deer born and raised Alberta bound for life! I love this song

  48. Allan D

    2019. Canadian country music!!

  49. Wing Waker


  50. Lemonade Tea


  51. Sabrina Cadrain

    Sasky born and raised


    South Africa born Alberta raised

  52. Mark Dewald

    Alberta is definitely the Texas of Canada. Strong economy, oil country, beef country, generally conservative, and independent. As an American I absolutely love this song.

    sam hope

    *very very bad and poor economy, actually

    vince milne

    We're going to make Alberta great again!

  53. Dixon B. Tweanerlags

    I enjoy the song, and that beautiful flag in front of you but a Nissan? Really?

  54. Fricken Heck

    Why does he have a southern accent.


    Because it's how farmers sound here

    Fricken Heck

    @Marco you aren't fooling anyone, I live here myself.


    @Fricken Heck 🙃

  55. Brian Glove

    And I’ll be Alberta bound until I die...

  56. D'Arcy Jousset

    Still my favorite song. About my Favorite place on earth. I will never call any where else home.

  57. Tracy Beyer

    2013 first trip, mountain camping ❤️, 2014 moved out to Red Deer, fell completely apart. Came back to Ontario been trying every year to move back to Alberta. June it is happening. I may have been born in Ontario but Alberta has my heart in so many ways. ❤️

    The Republic Of Western Canada

    Tracy Beyer I was born in BC but Alberta will always be my home!

  58. Glen Hayhoe

    Longview Jerky, thumbs up if its the best you've ever had!

  59. Greg Williams

    This is the only Alberta Bound we'll ever need.

  60. Magical Crumbs

    I'm proud to be born and raised in Alberta

    Emilia Handlovsky

    I made this comment and I'm still proud to be born and raised here in alberta

  61. Vaughan Starr

    Love the song, and the vid, except for those bloody windmills! What a blight on the natural beauty of the countryside!

  62. D M

    Saskatchewan person here, I can say Alberta is better but sask is just flatlands with wheat, definitely worth the trip like every 2 years.

    The Nigerian Nightmare

    Same thing here in alberta, except the mountains in the west along the border with BC and the southeast badlands along the border with Saskatchewan and the Taiga/Boreal Forest in the north by Ft. Mac but most of our important land is prairie flatland

  63. Clarence W

    I'm from Ontario, and spent 8 years at CFB Wainwright.. I fell in love with the province. Currently at CFB Comox, BC & counting down the days until I get to move back to the promised land of Canada. Y'all don't know what you're missing. 'Berta is the BEST province in this country.

  64. johnny3839

    British Columbia And Alberta best place to live on earth GOD Bless Canada!

    Yeg Mtb

    @American Gunsmith thats fuck face making it look soft i bet if came to Alberta you find nothing but steers maybe some queers but that doesnt represent me

    Lisa Simpson

    Bc is amazing. Alberta is not cuz of da white supermacist majority

    Yeg Mtb

    @Lisa Simpson try the other way around but a stuck up B.C people Cause they have money ok Alberta's racist eh

    The Republic Of Western Canada

    Lisa Simpson I’m brown skinned: been to very conservative areas in Alberta! Never encountered a supposed “white supremacist”. Please stop bringing up politics so normal individuals can enjoy their lives. I’m always alberta bound

    Redfire 281

    American Gunsmith then dont come to canada?

  65. James Sackman

    Love this song but I can't decide if I like this one better then Gordon Lightfoot's version

  66. matteo gambin


  67. AlbertaNorth


    The Republic Of Western Canada

    Yes! The accent in this song shows how Alberta would be better as a us state

  68. Yeg Mtb

    Born and Raised Albertan and love it we have rolling hills pararie land n mountains. Love my home Province

    D'Arcy Jousset

    BCXC we got everything but an ocean.

    King Louis XIV

    @D'Arcy Jousset Yes we do. Mountains, prairies, lake beaches, rivers, taiga forest, badlands(closest thing to a desert), glaciers on the top of the mountains(closest to tundras) and some deciduous forests. We have everything accept a tropical forest and as you said ocean but otherwise we have somewhat of everything.

  69. Jason Carpp

    I'm American, born and raised, but I love this song.


    Well we are Canada's version of Texas

  70. Dalton Love

    Well Iam...

  71. Hillary Joseph

    babe im hoping for us to work things ou and i can still live with my housband honey cakes may i lie with you?

  72. KyleLH73

    The only thing that’s missing is a Dodge truck the Albertans truck

  73. gayle mattice

    I luv that hes a true Canadian,,!!

  74. jenny fraser

    Best song ever

  75. Hillary Joseph

    theerree here heavenn gone bi to all whaat yoou beivenn be i have aan iriissh bboi in heaven thazt loves me aanways

  76. Hillary Joseph

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  77. Hillary Joseph

    are you going to tell me now or what?

  78. Hillary Joseph

    wish u good rest

  79. Hillary Joseph

    aadress and everything and ask if we could merry....mommy n dady....kk

  80. Hillary Joseph

    this is ur chat ill say bi then

  81. Samantha Lanneville

    My mom was in the my mom was in school with you her name is Carmelinas oast you is my favourite person in the universe because she’s my mother I am associate sure I am a child Sasha Mandeville🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🐷🐷🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐽🐷🐷🐷🐽🐽🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐻🐻🐻🐻🐼🐼🐼🐻🐻🐽🙉🐦🐧🙉🐥🙊🦆🦅🐷🦅🐻🐦🦉🐽🐷🐷🐭🐹🙈🐴🐞

  82. david krahn

    I had to move away from alberta. It hurts me every night knowing that i can't live that country life anymore

  83. Lighthouse Pictures

    Sadly Canada has changed a lot to bad side reminds nothing old west

  84. M W

    Calgary Stand Up !!!! Love my province .

  85. Hillary Joseph

    and tell me 18 hotshot

  86. Hillary Joseph

    tell dad that brighht there honey

  87. Hillary Joseph

    house payment, ask him aand thnak h asskingg price! 300000? 2gther forever

  88. J RTB

    Alberta's anthem!

  89. J RTB

    Such a beautiful video for a beautiful song!

  90. Hillary Joseph

    and reply this time

  91. Hillary Joseph

    I own a trailor on the rez with my family....

  92. Hillary Joseph

    want to live in the north of van with me? plz hunny??

  93. Jordan Games/Vlogs

    I was born in Lethbridge lived there for eighteen months then I went to live in Picture Butte with my uncle and fake aunt because my mom had “issues”. Lived there for four years and then I moved to my dads and stepmoms place in Sylvan Lake and I lived there for just about four years and then he gave me up because he and my stepmom were tired of me and my mom had been fighting for me for just about eight years and so I went to live with my mom again in Calgary and here I am living a good life overlooking the part that I’m living in a stupid annoying giant city.

  94. Jordan Games/Vlogs

    YOU CALL THAT PIECE OF [email protected]$ A TRUCK?!?!?!?!

    The Republic Of Western Canada

    Jordan Games/Vlogs IKR. Like when you buy a truck, buy American!

    Jordan Games/Vlogs

    The Republic Of Western Canada Damn right.

  95. Figarete sontonye

    im thinking to but house in florida

  96. Figarete sontonye

    dated for 7yrs

  97. Figarete sontonye

    its hillary remember?