Brandon Heath - S.O.S. Lyrics

I've been blinded by insecurity
And all the pain I feel
Could be the death of me

I'm surrounded by
Fear that won't let go
If there's a way out
Someone let me know

I'm reaching out
One last plea
Is hope all gone
Somebody save me
SOS, I'm lost at sea
Is hope all gone
Somebody save me

I've seen traces of
Joy that never ends
But it seems so far away
If it's even real
There must be more than this
So change me if it's true
If You are for real
Help me follow You

Why do I do the things I don't wanna do
I don't wanna do
When all they do is hurt me
Why do I do the things I don't wanna do
I don't wanna do
When all they do is hurt me
Why do I do the things I don't wanna do
I don't wanna do
When all they do is hurt me

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Brandon Heath S.O.S. Comments
  1. Hannah Vest

    ❤️ we had this song at camp, the day I gave my life to Jesus Christ for real. The day I said "take it all I don't want it anymore" I told him to fix me and make me new. And it was the best experience of my life

  2. Valmir Silvestre

    Alguem nao pode traduzir ?

  3. Angel Jaya

    My God just now I need your help, your love, your power in me, in my family, please answerme!!

  4. Emily Anderson

    I’m a ham radio operator and it was neat to hear the Morse code of “CQ” over and over in here, very powerful. CQ is an invitation to anyone who is listening and hears it to respond to the call <3 And we know that God always will!

  5. Hayden

    *If anyone see's this just know God is good!*

  6. Marcos Gubolin

    Maravilhoso louvor! Glórias a Jesus

  7. Anna-Simone Phoenix

    Is HOPE ALL GONE.......NEVER......God Is Always there... Taking the the pain with you....making u stronger...Hold on LOVED ONES .....I LOVE you Toooooo!!!

  8. Anna-Simone Phoenix

    Thank you God for saving me and Not giving up on this stubborn mule.....I'm a pain...and I know your there ..but Laziness has taken hold of me and I want to be set free...let me soar to you....Sing your name among the I am NOT BRAINWASHED...I BELIEVED IN YOU FROM MY FREE WILL! AND YOU HAVE NEVER LET ME DOWN...THERE ART TIMES WHERE I WANT TO GIVE UP BUT YOUR SPIRIT REMINDS ME THATS NOT WHO I AM...I AM A WARRIOR FOR GOD!!! SAVE ME LORD....WASH ME IN YOUR HOLY WATER, AND BLOOD, TAKE MY HEART AND MAKE IT NEW....HELP ME BE CONSISTENT....OH HOW MY SOUL WANTS TO BE FREE...I just want to be a good girl....I just want to make you smile....I just want to wake up and think about you....and You oh Holy Mother of God....don't leave Faith is Coptic Orthodox...

  9. Anna-Simone Phoenix

    I needed this...thank you for the lyrics...I've had a rough time staying consistent in praying...thing is...I want to pray...I want to believe...I want to scream Jesus Is My Saviour!!! GOD LOVES YOU AND HE LOVES ME!! DONT EVER GIVE UP BEC HE JUST WANTS YOU TO TRY!!! He is not expecting perfection ...He just wants you to try! Sorry for all caps😅

  10. sage Price

    this is my favorite song. god bless you all :)

  11. Nelli Savchenko

    This song helped me so much! Thank you so much! God loves you and He WANTS to help you!!

  12. bradhb73

    Touching song, and a heart-felt, Spirit-filled performance. Thank you for posting.

  13. Marilucia Alves

    A letra é muito bonita meu deus eu amo música Jesus sempre esteja com voce

  14. Marilucia Alves

    Brandonheath muito linda maravilhosa cio do céu marilucia do brasil

  15. Lance Poelman

    Thank you Ed Cash!

  16. The Cause of Christ-Children Of God

    I need to go home God I'm scared truthfully take my negatives in jesus name amen

  17. Harley Stevers

    This song made me cry bc im going through a lot my bf broke up with me and my bff is homeschool and now I have no friends ik Jesus is there for me it just hurts to let go of them

    Anna-Simone Phoenix

    Harley Stevers may GOD be with you....and Watch the rainbows he sends to make you smile!!! I'm here if you need a friend!!!

  18. DogWarrior1010

    100/100 Good Job I Love The Song

  19. Emerson Mateus Santos

    Beautiful song! Deus abençoe a linda voz do Brandon! God bless you also!

  20. Emmy Lim

    I know you're there, Jesus. I cry out to you, I reach for you, Lord. God, you know the pleading, the need I have right now. God, you know the confusion and fear in me right now. I pray that you will guide me and that you will shine your light on others as well. Please lead them to your purpose for them and keep them going.

    If you have read this comment, no matter where you are, I can tell you that God is with you and will save you in whatever season you're in

    Kayla Cote

    Emmy Lim Amen and God bless!!! <3

  21. Rohit Brandon

    Discovered you Brandon. Feel blessed. Your songs are poetry prayers and perfect tunes all in one.

  22. Sharon Imafidon

    BLESSED be the name of JESUS FOREVER that saves Me a somebody.

  23. Jaedie Smith

    I love dear,😍😍😍😍😍sos I am very lost, oh dear am reaching out, !!!!!!! my hope is all gone😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

    Anna-Simone Phoenix

    Jaedie Smith I'm here and so Is God....God bless you dearly beloved of God our Father!!!

  24. Patrick Nix

    O God!!! Help me, Lord!!! I'm reaching out!!!!!!

  25. Sindi Matto

    this is my favourite song

    Jaedie Smith

    Sindi Matto me too, I love it


    Jaedie Welcome Me 3

  26. Zahra Shakir

    Very good and beautiful!
    Thanks for this song ! 👍🏼✨👍🏼✨⛑

  27. Ånthony Ųzümåki

    he's there for you, you're found in jesus christ there's always hope in jesus he would never forsake u or me not after what he did for us he's love you .

    Kayla Cote

    Isaiah Arteaga Amen and God bless!!! <3

  28. Eliud Martinez

    Awesome GOD forever :)

  29. Emili Ratliff

    This song is so beautiful

  30. Shadoxir

    How can one song make you cry, laugh and be at peace all at the same time.
    Ultimately, this song gave me peace because there will always be the One who will save me =')


    Shadoxir I think that God :)

  31. Myrna Bermudez

    my favorest song everrrrrrrrrrr

  32. Mountain Shredders

    you guys should check my channel out! i give 5 min short biblical advice for teens and up!! GOD bless.....see you there!
    just click on my name "mountain shredders" thats the name of the channel!
    here is the link just in case!

  33. Myrna Bermudez

    Hallellujah lord save me only you know the pain ive held in my heart all these years 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢save SAVE ME SAVE ME LOORRRRDDDD

    Kayla Cote

    Myrna Bermudez God bless you <3 You are in my prayers

  34. Daniel McKinney

    Jesus, you're love is never rude or selfish, but patient

    Yari Liz

    You got that right! He is very patient with us.

    Daniel McKinney

    Yes he is

    Kayla Cote

    Daniel McKinney Amen and God bless!!! <3

    Anna-Simone Phoenix

    Daniel McKinney Always!!!

  35. Isaisha Perry

    love this song....

  36. Paul Binalizo

    My favourite in his newest album! Anyways I am not use of him singing this "tenor" high. This makes this song really fresh coming from him.

  37. Carlos A. Capeles

    Awesome very. Good keeping. Up with the music. And words.


    Thank you!!