Brandon Flowers - Right Behind You Lyrics

As by the door to get to Heaven
Seven trumpets big and bright
You hear it coming in the middle of the night
A caution to the children
Time to turn your crimson white

We’ve all got reservations
Trials will come suddenly
And without explanation
But you were born with goodness
You were born with goodness
Wherever you go now

I’m right behind you
In the light of hope
I’ll be beside you
On that dusty road
And if you get blind, well that’s alright
Wicked winds blow with grace and might
Cling to the ways of my name
When you touch the stone

Break your word over me
Sinking in the quicksand
Break your word
Don’t you see?
You’re breaking me down now

I’m right behind you
In the light of hope
I’ll be beside you on that dusty road
When no one expects you to deny
And no one accepts your reasons why
You cling to the ways of my name
When you touch the stone

No one expects you to deny
And no one accepts your reasons why
You cling to the ways of my name
When you touch the stone

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Brandon Flowers Right Behind You Comments
  1. Cheyenne Hedden

    THE TRUTH !!!!!!! ❤️🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  2. Mhtr Jhttr

    Red spy in the base! Protect the brief chase!

  3. Mohamed Bibicha

    I have no word to scribe💝

  4. Ildiko J.F.

    Love, love, love this song 💜

  5. Matt T

    *why does this song scare the living shit out of me.....*

  6. Luis Galindo

    Alguien sabe donde puedo comprar o descargar estas canciones 😭

  7. Carlos Cryz


    Callum Guy

    Carlos Cryz wonderful

  8. soldaderyan

    As by the door to get to heaven 7 trumpets big and bright


    ... you hear it coming in the middle of the night...

    Melanie Ruth Harvey

    A caution to the children time to turn your crimson white

    Tyler Bettafish

    We've all got reservations

  9. Alanna Luzia

    não tinha me dado conta do quanto essa música é linda

  10. Zulma

    He is amazing!!

  11. zer0 95

    god fking damn, i love this song so much......

  12. F R

    As it is Brandon's faith and this song is clearly about the end of time, some people have started discussing Mormonism on here and I just want to add that the only mormon I've met (I'm from the UK) was an American lady I used to work with and when we asked her about her religion she didn't give it a very good advertisement and made it look laughable.  She said a guy in New York about 100 years ago was given some sort of gold bars from Jesus or God, but he didn't have them to show people as proof so we have to take his word for it.  So you see what I mean?  I suppose you could describe all religions in a poor way that makes them sound a joke and not something to make you change your life and follow it, but there is more substance to Christianity and I could make it sound more attractive to another person than this lady did about mormonism.  Great song btw.  

    Mike Ongoco

    @henry tortoise All religions sound like a joke. Mormonism and traditional Christianity included.


    @Mike Ongoco where do you stand? what do you believe in? what's life's purpose? i think everyone should once in their life think about that and then it doesn't seem like a joke anymore.

  13. andrew turvill

    Have i been mishearing it and misunderstanding it lol. I thought cling to the waves of my name...when you touch the stone. I thought it was like an old flame touching the name on your grave once youve gone. Too deep maybe oops

  14. Matt Norris

    My Dad Likes A Cat in his Weetabix

    Will Rolt

    +Matt Norris: yum yum

  15. Joshua Nesbitt

    Brandon Flowers is one of the top male vocalist in this past decade. That's how I feel, what is it about his voice. It's amazing

    Eneida Zerati

    @Joshua Nesbitt Paul Banks too

  16. Edmond Ow Yew Tinn


    Michele Neri

    it is now

  17. MistaCrispytopher

    I love how the best song on the album is a Bonus Track

  18. Daniel Marin

    Detrás de ti.....

  19. xavyer cruz

    bravo bravisimo , excellente cancion , I like all his songs .

  20. Marce Inos

    Brandon and The Killers are great!! I love their songs.

  21. Jesse Phillips bit harsh word selection, but finally someone sees the truth...i'm rather of glad to see other people actually are still trying to follow the original plan

  22. bogoas81

    He is Mormon. But Mormons still believe in Jesus.

    Tyler Bettafish

    They just don't believe in the trinity, which is basically what distinguishes them from Christians


    @Tyler Bettafish they don't?? but brandon once said in an interview that he talks to his "heavenly father" which would be a part of the trinity...father, son (jesus) and the holy ghost? maybe they just don't believe in the latter..but that still doesn't make sense.. so, are you sure? :D sorry for this long comment ^^

  23. Jeesb Urger

    Goddammit should of done a better album...

  24. insertaghere

    i thought he was mormon since he was in one of those mormon commercials

  25. n2feelnfit

    Love this entire "Flamingo" album...Brandon Flowers is story telling genious :-)

  26. Mamma miA

    of course.. )

  27. kenna anderson

    perfect brandon flowers

  28. JohnathanLingo

    When he says "cling to the ways of my name", he ain't talking about himself. Since he's a christian, one guess about who's name he's talking about.

  29. Lola-Rose Layden

    I'm glad the killers are back, These songs arn't as good as the killers..There good though, he's a musical genious! ILOVEBRANDONFLOWERS!<3 and the killers! everythings perfect with the killers xD

  30. Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

    Mormon symbology. It is good to have artists who are members of the one true church of Jesus Christ.

  31. Alex JPH

    excelente como siempre


    good song!!!

  33. marilù Salas

    nice nice nice me encantoooooooooooo!!!!!!

  34. Thomas Hall

    nice sound!!! love it

  35. demiraliakyar

    bu şarkıyı seviyorum <3

  36. Sofia Mella

    me encanta , la canción

  37. soldaderyan

    nice song, reminds me a little love a recently lost

  38. poluduskola

    brandon <3