Brandi Carlile - Way To You Lyrics

Way back when, when the days were young
We had our fun
Never cared much about being cool
Or growing old to play the old fool
Part of your life you spend paying your dues
Walking the miles and singing the blues
If I'm born into a pair of ramblin' shoes
I'll tell you what I'll do
I'll take my wings with a heart that's true
And find the way to you
Part of your life you spend paying your dues
Walking the miles in your old man shoes
When I finally find the way to shake loose
I'll tell you what I'll do
Hang my worry on a golden noose
And find the way to you
When we're all old and withering sages
Talkin' 'bout what might have been
Like a missing line or torn out pages
We're gonna miss you then
Walking the miles, singing the blues
Learning to love what god gives to you
If he gave me rockets on the bottom of my shoes
I tell you what I'd do
I'd burn my sole where the sun was new
And find the way
The way to you

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Brandi Carlile Way To You Comments
  1. Bridget Quigg

    So amazing. I was at this show. Love your video of one of my favorite songs. Thank you.

  2. Nathan Smith

    heard this for the first time on the radio npr was doing a rebroadcast it was a amazing

  3. Katie Stanley

    She is...But she only likes girls, sorry dude :-)

  4. Canna-Pope of the Western Slope

    me too yo

  5. Canna-Pope of the Western Slope

    Shes so hot...

  6. May your swords stay sharp! (mysss29)

    Hmm. Seems like she's even BETTER when she's not playing the guitar? (if that's possible...)

  7. Evelyn Creed the harmony...

  8. parkyj

    who could not like this?

  9. Rhoda Crow

    I'm in heaven when Brandi, Phil, and Tim sing together!!!

  10. YankeeRhoad

    Love it !!!

  11. Jennifer Cooley

    From my book, A Special Something! :-)

  12. Jennifer Cooley

    ~ Tomorrows breakfast ~
    Love is a strange thing
    As you sit, fast & pray
    Over which way to go
    in the over flow of our addictions,
    and its contradictions

  13. Jennifer Cooley

    on how much a part of our life it is
    who really cares
    who really wins?
    Over last night's dinner
    and tomorrows breakfast
    As you wait for the mail to be opened
    and return to normal life!

  14. Sydney Rodriguez

    OMG LET THE WOMAN CHEW HER GUM! She sounds amazing either way!!

  15. CristhelParra

    Love U Brandi :D

  16. Javiera

    Perfecta :D

  17. ajimlala

    please come to egypt

  18. LenaDreams2012

    I grew up with Phil and Tim <3
    I still remember them playing in their basement and pretending to be monsters to make me laugh :) It's great to see them doing what they love.

  19. Krts_s

    No wonder no one dislikes this. She's so gorgeous, talented, and her vioce is so incredible!

  20. Connie

    I absolutely love this. It is so sweet, and Brandi's voice is perfect for all of it.

  21. aurumdrakone

    i must say that despite how much i adore brandi, im a bit angry right now. i would give my left nut (which i dont have, mind you) to see her live but she doesnt come to ok. thats alright, when im doing my shows and she wants to see one, im not coming to washington!

  22. agirlandherdog98

    excellent video, song... awww... and let the woman chew her gum if she wants pleases... :)

  23. mandas677

    I love this song so much, it's becoming my favorite! (I think I say that about all of her songs, but I really mean it this time)

  24. irenicum

    Wow, that was great! Very clear both visually and audibly. Nice job!