Branch, Michelle - For Dear Life Lyrics

When you reach out, I move in
A little premonition on my skin
Can you feel the storm that’s rolling in?
Do you hear a new love whispering?

One moment more and I’m holding onto you
For dear life
And now that I’m sure I am holding onto you
For dear life

A deep blue night comes creeping in
The candlelight is flickering
So used to feeling all alone
Now here comes something I don’t know

One moment more and I’m holding onto you
For dear life
And now that I’m sure I am holding onto you
For dear life

You are everything to me
You’re everything to me

One moment more and I’m holding onto you
For dear life
And now that I’m sure I am holding onto you
For dear life

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Branch, Michelle For Dear Life Comments
  1. Cyber guy


  2. lightwav1550

    Michelle is an amazing talented beautiful woman


    Eu admiro muito vc michelle branch te amo muito bjsssss sou seu fã

  4. Jeremy Stone

    her daughter must resemble her father, I don't see michelle at all...

  5. Michael Mendoza

    Whoa what took me so long to find this music video?!?!?! So dope :)

  6. John Dachel

    Cool music video!

  7. Davide Notini

    Great Michelle!

  8. Jim Lopez

    Ah, the beautiful evolution. From a pop-star singing about boys, to a musician singing about her daughter. Fantastic :).

    Terry Gamble

    +James Lopez Actually this song was dedicated to her hubby at the time.

    Brett H

    Singing about boys?

    Missy P

    She sings of things people no longer believe in: Premonitions and Holding onto someone for Dear Life. I love this song, and for now, I'll just agree with you: ah, the beautiful evolution. Quite an artist that everyone should have on their radar, but they're missing out.

  9. Dina Mulyani

    really like you michelle <3

  10. Raja Pamungkas

    he daughter ?? she has indonesian face.

    Tiago M.

    I do hahaha Unfortunately, she's never gone to Brazil, but I hope she does. I started listening to her songs one year ago, but I think I remember of her music videos on MTV when I was a kid haha :D She's soo gorgeous, a real woman... <3

    Fiona O'Keefe

    +Tiago M. what's wrong with looking Asian? Michelle's beauty was inherited by her daughter, end of story! Being Indonesian is beautiful as all ethnic mixtures are beautiful, you really need to deal with that & move on!!!

    Tiago M.

    Did you read well what I wrote? Who said there is something wrong? I LOVE ASIANS, THAT'S WHY I SAID THAT!!

    Fiona O'Keefe

    so many Asian women are trying to eliminate their Asian features, thinking that looking European is more attractive than having their unique Asian facial features! it's sad & sickening that society tells them, that you have to be white in order to be beautiful & alright!!! it's a horrible trend that needs to stop, the eye surgeries, the shaved chins, skin's all disgusting!

    Andrea Patricia Crowley

    She's really pretty and smart like her mother luckily.

  11. John Penza

    Such a beautiful song. I hope it gets an official release as well as more great music from Michelle.

  12. Rob Tse

    Her daughter ? Long time I never heard her songs, now she has a daughter. I miss my 90's time, including M2M, SClub7, etc. Today's One Direction, The Wanted, Taylor Swift is nothing compared to 90's one.

    Carmela Camba

    My playlist still contains 90s and early 2000 songs, (m2m was my first fave) and they think i'm old... i dont care..

    Andrea Patricia Crowley

    Yeah things change,people change but if you're not fake the essence of you remains,she stills the same person since she started she hasn't changed she's always true to her origins and music style,that's a genuine true artist.

  13. Ekaiman1

    I wish Michelle the best always, she's so talented!

  14. Drago Kwan

    is this from a New album???? and when does it come out?????

  15. Simi Broggini

    Beautiful, touching, amazing. Life still good, just live it. Great job Michelle!

  16. Tom Clements

    Her daughter Owen is the sweetest thing!!!

  17. alitozap

    Sigue igualita no envejece xD

  18. IHS 13

    Great job with the edits and audio, as Elisabetta said :) Thanks!

  19. qwerty870227

    im grew up with her songs (since the spirit room) she has a beautiful daughter.. how time goes by..goodbye to you never get old.. u'll be a great mom!

  20. Elisabetta M

    Good job with the editing! :)

  21. JCGaming

    Wow. That little girl has grown. Lol