Branch, Michelle - Fall Lyrics

You were the question
I needed answered
You'd never know how scared I was
Falling in love
You would talk softly
You are a riddle
And I felt so innocent
Standing in your eyes

So hear me now
I'll scream out loud
Can't figure out
How you've entered in to my world
And I fall down

You are the vision
I'm always seeing (Oh oh)
And being alone right there with you
Left me satisfied
You're all I need in life

So hear me now
I'll scream out loud
Can't figure out
How you've entered in to my world
And I fall down

And I fall down (Oh oh oh oh)
And now what can I say
I'm so far away
I'm waiting for the day
When I'll be standing in your eyes
In your eyes

(Whoa oh) So hear me now
I'll scream out loud
Can't figure out
How you've entered in to my world
And I fall down
And I fall

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Branch, Michelle Fall Comments
  1. Dana Battle

    Great tune, we need more please.

  2. John Penza

    I've honestly never heard anything by Michelle that I don't like. She is amazing.

    elser won


    Nick Michalak

    You and I both. I've been listening to everything she's done, and there's not a song I haven't enjoyed yet. Now, I keep finding more tracks that haven't been released, which is an utter crime.


    John Penza same here

  3. TheSuperhomosapien

    Is it just me or does this song sound a lot like Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band?


    yes. it sounds a lot like it. i think she might even said it.

  4. That Guy Anthony

    106% correct! Who in their right mind could dislike her? Michelle is totally underrated. So much raw talent.

  5. Sabra Leonard

    I'm turning 17 in a month!!

  6. Sabra Leonard

    Listened to her music since I was like 11 :)

  7. Sabra Leonard

    no, this chick rocks:)

  8. brandon nichols

    i dont know but im a guy and i like this is that weird

  9. Mystic_Duchess

    OMGGG what psychos dislike michelle's music.....!!!!! At least she writes her own songs unlike most of them in the business

  10. Police Officer Fan Club

    never heard of this song.. where is it from?

  11. Convoluted & Exiled

    Great song as always! <3

    But um...Is it just me? Or does the begining really sound like Dave Mathew's "Crash" Tune? o.O

  12. sonia sony

    omg perfect song i love it <3

  13. zzz

    her voice is lovable. Why the hell people dislike those videos of her???

  14. Khyla Monee'

    ooh the beginning kinda sounds like matt nanthanson's come on get higher. thumbs up if you agree :)

  15. NeseBoo101


    Tell it girl, good comment, oh and she's my hero too!!!!

  16. KoalaBearWarrior

    I just realized this, the intro is almost the same as "crash into me" by dave mattews.

  17. crazykidben

    I have a live version of this song that was recorded at a concert where Michelle says mid-intro "...and this is not Crash by Dave Matthews." The audience has a laugh about it and she continues into the song. At the end she playfully sings, "Will you crash into me?" She is clearly aware of the similarities if she can joke about it.


    do you still have it?

  18. SinnamonS

    I miss her voice on the radio shes amazing!

  19. Charlie FB

    lisen the new song by michelle branch with timbaland."getaway"

  20. Charlie FB

    lisen this song "GETAWAY" BY MICHELLE BRANCH ft timberland

  21. SohmaHero

    Hey, LunaTizzy! Shut up! Yes, it sounds like Dave Matthews but I'm sure there are other songs that sound just like it. They're not the first songs to use the same chord progression. She does write her own music and yes some people to write songs they think fit her style. So before you trash talk my hero, learn a few things about music. K? Thanks :)


    This sounds exactly like the intro to the song "CRASH" by Dave Matthews Band

  23. vegana Veganismo

    great song, thanks for uploading it, these songs by Michelle Branch aren't on youtube, can you upload them please?
    Goodbye to you (Unplugged)
    Empty handed
    A case of you

  24. Andres Rodriguez

    love the song!!! =)

  25. Senka8 Senka

    this is like the only video of the song in youtube! cant find it at 4shared.. is there a studio version of this . its a great song

  26. joey chemis

    lol i get the reference, and satriani wouldn't have been so pissed at coldplay if they had just admit what they had done and talked to him. But yea, there was exaggeration by both coldplay and satriani they handled things like little children.

  27. George williams

    @yellowberries101 haha, gud thing dave matthews is no satriani

  28. TusaID

    XD Hah, I thought the exact same thing...

  29. mahnahkah

    @yellowberries101 It is! I noticed that.
    I love both songs.

  30. Leonardo Yanuen

    this girl is very beatiful... muy bella

  31. shyprincesshalz

    exactly!! god damn those stupid haters!

  32. SohmaHero

    Okay, just so everyone who thinks shes copyin Dave Matthews, shes NOT!! Thousands of songs use the same chords, patterns, and arrangements, u just cant tell sumtimes, so SHOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Jamie Ann

    The beginning guitar part reminded me of the goo goo dolls - iris :o

  34. Jay Jay Bee

    lmao XD

  35. Shinamura

    haha i clicked on this cuz i missed read it, and i thought it said fail-michelle branch

  36. Cecelia Geiger

    oops-wrong song

  37. eibeelee

    thats exactly what i thought

  38. blange

    i thought the exact same thing. wtf??? way to be original, michelle.

  39. Cecelia Geiger

    "When you hold my hand, you hold my heart"
    pure poetry!

  40. Youtoober22

    isampak that is exactly what I said to myself when this began. That's because it does. I still love you Michelle.

  41. Phylicia Goodridge

    I love this song...and a funny thing , i have a live performance of this at a concert and when michelle starts to play it she actually says "and no this is not crash by Dave Matthews"

  42. SohmaHero

    R u kidding me?! This is an amazing song!!

  43. wrecker77

    yes she is part asian

  44. asiaqueen4ever

    no, dutch,french,indoesian,and irish

  45. MusicMusic20A

    this is a dave matthews rift wtf it starts exactly the same and then she changes it but i thought for sure she was going to cover dave matthews crash into me take a lizzy listen.

  46. Sara L

    I think the most amazing thing about this is that it is sung live and you can't even tell!

  47. Elaine Salonga

    hey anyone... where can i download an mp3 format of this??? please please tell me... thanks in advance...

  48. Catherine Baker


  49. George williams

    so crash into me

  50. MyDreams84

    This beginning sounds like "Collide" - Howie Day!

  51. peaceEM

    dave matthews, anyone?

  52. soccergirl36963

    omg, that's exactly what i was thinking! i was like "... they put up the wrong song..." lol

  53. sueannwashere

    doesnt the beginning sound like dave matthews band-crash!!

  54. Tyler Smith

    yea the verse and intro do sound just like crash into me

  55. 000sundancer000

    When did she write this song? How come it's not on any of her albums?

  56. Akatsu Shiro

    actually that's the quality of the MP3 >_> I gota copy too.. it was recorded off the Radio afterall.

  57. A B

    COMPLETELY. I thought it was going to be... o_O

  58. Jared V

    Shes just the best... she is beautiful and has a great voice along

  59. Jared V

    she es the best!!!! she is beautifull... and has a greate voice along

  60. everyoneloveskayla

    im such a huge fan of hers. shes absolutely amazing cant wait to get her new cd.

  61. xxstormxangelxx

    i love michelle. she ROCKS!

  62. HPLA

    "Everything comes and goes" is that the name of the new album?

  63. Cassandra Farrar

    yes yes this song is quite old

  64. Laughing Buddha

    you guys are retarded. she's been playing this song for like 7 years.

  65. Chris Mulwee

    This has GOT to be from her new upcoming album, "Everything Comes and Goes" as I have never heard this song before.

  66. SohmaHero

    OMG!! Those songs are amazing!

  67. Arren Cheng

    love her so much
    wait for her new album
    "Everything comes and goes"

  68. SohmaHero

    I found it on someone's blog with a whole bunch of other live songs, but I don't remember the website.

  69. Nadine Schulz

    Awesome! Thanks for posting! God I want this on MP3!!!! :)

  70. Karla Pants

    I love this song oldie but goodie

  71. SohmaHero

    Oh Yeah!

  72. SohmaHero

    Me too.