Brady, Paul - Smile Lyrics

They say the world is heading for a breakdown
No more safe ground anymore
Just one little slip and we'd all be gone without a trace
But when I see your face I just have to

Forget for a little while
What can I do?
Live in the here and now
For me and for you

A long time ago way back in the beginning
They thought the ending was getting near
But now we know that every time the darkness comes
That old morning sun will surely rise and

Doin' its thing in style
Whatever they say
We're only here a while
Time ticking away

I could be just a dreamer
But I say the grass looks greener when you

Just for a little while
Forget what they say
Do what you do in style
Do it today
Take it the extra mile
It'll be ok
Love in the here and now
Let's get out and play

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