Brady, Paul - After The Party's Over Lyrics

How does the world keep turning?
How does a feeling grow?
How does a love stay burning
After the first hot glow?

Whoever said, "When a boy meets a girl
It's written in Heaven above"
Must've been mixing up loving
With being in love

After the party's over
Can a love go on?
Can a love stay strong
When the dancers are drifting apart?

How can we two discover
How to carry on
Living the same love song?
What makes good love go wrong
When two hearts belong to each other?

When is a dream 'just dreaming'?
When should a lover go?
When is a lie worth living?
Baby, I need to know

Somewhere way back
In the darkness of time
Somebody could not be strong
Now when we look
For a world to believe in
It's gone, it's gone

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