Boz Scaggs - You're Not Lyrics

I can read the papers but I can't read you
Cancel my subscription I'll take pay per view
Is this a lover from another planet made up to look like you
You're out there honey and this is out of hand

Or is it all smoke and mirrors
Some holographic stunt I'm going through
Or is it voodoo
And though your fingers don't leave your hand
They just don't touch me any more... any more

Well I see your face.. its here
And its like your voice.. its here
Your pretty pink mouth.. mmm its hot
Well everybody's here - you're not

Well I know you're in range
The jingle of your change is ringing a bell
A ringa ringa
This knee jerk show of affection
This sticky new confection
Well I can't get it down

And even when you do that thing
The kinky thing you do
Well you're getting too good
You been practicing without me
And I just don't recognise
The space behind your eyes anymore

But you got your little dog.. he's here
Even your...your good intent.. it's here
You say you'll meet me and you're on the dot
Well the gang's all here honey but you're not

I see the writing on the wall
Looks like I'm heading for a fall.. Uh oh
But the supernatural fact
Is this a disappearing act I'm about to debut
Why couldn't you be true

But you're not

But you're not... [etc]

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