Boz Scaggs - Payday Lyrics

Hey you steppin on my head
Why you have to throw rocks at my bed
Must you shout or could you kindly keep it down
Do we really need it.. an Apocalypse right now

Oh man

Where's my sunshine sunshine was my friend
She was good to me right until the end
Where I left her yeah well its hard to tell
Got to call her just a soon as I get well

Come payday everybody gets strange
Talkin 'bout my Payday hey hey
Better get out of my way baby

I don't mind a job works no big deal
It's how they treat you and the way make you feel
I'll take my check you take your mood
And let's just say whatever man whatever gets you through

Cos its Payday
I'm blowin the blues away boy
Talkin about my Payday hey hey
Don't be waitin up for me now

Brothers.. sisters
Tonight we party tonight we're dancing
Hey we're talking the ultimate smash of a lifetime
This ones on me...

Sometimes it like a war in here facing down alone
But ever since I woke up I've felt it in my bones
Waiting for that hour is all that keeps me clear
There's gonna be some lightning strikin man when I get out of here

Cos it payday y'all better stay outta my way
Talking about some Payday hey hey hey
Man its all coming home

I said its Payday y'all

Gonna shake it on down tonight

Gonna do my dance tonight yeah

Talkin 'bout my Payday.. Payday hey hey

Come payday....

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Boz Scaggs Payday Comments
  1. Phil Braithwaite

    Head are a bobbin' coz it's the man with the groove...

  2. pretorious700

    Bad vocal mix, great performance

  3. Sky Dog

    Been a loyal Boz guy since 1972………Turned my wife onto "Running Blue" when we first met in 1988
    I wish he and Steve Miller would do something together again!

  4. Timidater

    Boz is the KING!!! Rock it boyzs!!!

  5. petewoodroffemusic

    The great John Herrington on guitar from Steely Dan!

    El Nebraskense

    I was wondering if that was him. Also played with the Dukes of September tour.

  6. Larry N

    Great group. Love the trumpet accents.

    Sky Dog

    Ever notice that some of the best music has horn sections

    Larry N

    So true, Skydog

  7. william Shutts

    DIG was by far one of the sweetest, meaningful, sly and extremely underrated works by Boz Scaggs, ever. Thanks To You and others are just R&B magic.

  8. Jon Brant

    Pay Day...We All Get Straight

  9. A. Eliason

    CD released 9/11/2001

    Fred Flintstone

    Yeah....weird, ain't it?

  10. Tim Cooper

    Boz is unsung artist that deserves more recognition

  11. Robert Dore

    Boz assisted by THE quintessential session / tour player Jon Herington; there's nothing that this guy can't play well.

  12. Walt Steed

    practicing bass and this jam came screaming up from the back of my mind WOW !! glad it did Love this Jam

  13. bane anokic

    tata na predavanju,, evo sta je muzika, ,

  14. Trish Bell

    Just love Boz!

  15. Cowboy Soul

    love it

  16. Rev Eddro

    Boz one classy guy!!

  17. Steven Haworth

    He says Boz Scaggs is one of his 'favourites' but then looks at the prompter as if he didn't know the guy's name.

    Sky Dog

    Well EXCUSE ME!!!

  18. Agostino Pella

    Grazie Boz!! Un maestro!!

  19. R E T R O M A N


  20. Ariel Cohen

    Wow...Herro on rythmn..and synth bass..nice work guys

  21. Gene Z

    great song, great album