Boz Scaggs - Miss Riddle Lyrics

Hey Miss Riddle I'm stuck in the middle again
I don't know how but you've got me playing both ends
Of a game I should know all about
That you came and turned inside out
Hey Miss Riddle I'm stuck in the middle again

It's a long way home it's late and yet we pretend
It's a long way home when you call last night just friends
So cool so clear so nonchalant
So absolutely what I want
Hey hey Miss Riddle I'm stuck in the middle again

I've heard a lot of talk about how you were sizing me up
A line or two you dropped about but don't let me interrupt
Your game Miss Riddle I'm stuck in the middle again


I found out why those birds go looking for spring
I found out what those dizzy heights can bring
Because I've found your lips so awfully nice
One stop south of paradise
Whatcha say Miss Riddle
What say we do it again.. again.. again

Hey Miss Riddle I'm stuck in the middle again
I don't know how but you've got me playing both ends
Of a game I should know all about
That you came and turned inside out
Hey hey Miss Riddle I'm stuck in the middle.. again.. again

Whatcha say Miss Riddle I say we do it again

It's a long way home
Whatcha we stop it
Whatcha say we drop it
Whatcha say Miss Riddle
What say we do it again.. again.. again.. again

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Boz Scaggs Miss Riddle Comments
  1. Keith Casper

    2001: A Boz Odessy. It's as good as his seventies stuff, smooth as butter.

  2. alex aguiar

    Song for dream!



  4. Douglas Butler

    He songs to me like Will Downing

  5. Peter Hudgens

    This is what a real artist sounds like. Grown folks music. A cool jam for the laidback person to chill to.

  6. Deborah Johnson

    Heard this the other day for the first time-luv it

  7. Damon G R And B Artist

    Boaz Scaggs Damon still Singing still after40 years in the game and still at it coming down always a helpless Romantic

  8. Lady T

    When I first heard this song I fell in love with it. And I searched forever to find this song..😍😍

  9. HHolland1018


  10. IBIUBU

    Tappin toes noddin head snappin finger blowing oO’s 💨 twirlin like Gone In The Wind Fabulous 🌪

  11. Larry N

    Paul Hargrove and Boz, you rock!

  12. Shea O Callaghan

    i am here in Ireland in Jan 2019 and this still sounds fresh. Love Bozs voice. Come and visit us soon,

    Fred Flintstone

    Me, first...

  13. The1Thatgotaway412

    Doesn't get to much more MELLOW than this!!! 😎🥃🚬

  14. Karen Brandwein

    Tell me more!!
    Good Music...I like this cut. Smooth. It's saying something.
    And I'm just as confused if not more than the song.
    Musically great...when was this cut?
    Doubt mean to sound like a dummy. But....

    Fred Flintstone

    And here we are,'s from the album "Dig", Karen. Around 2000...maybe 2002. Somewhen back then. Everybody was freakin' about the 911 attack... hmmm... must'a been around 2001.

    ras 977

    @Fred Flintstone Released ON 9/11.

  15. pretorious700

    Seriously chilled song

  16. Joe Garza


  17. Elizabeth Coleman

    This that forbidden Music.....and if you go with no intentions.... it's still a DONE DEAL!! #FAREALDOE

  18. NorthsideGanksta

    smooth af

  19. Pete Ciallella

    Nice song by Boz

  20. stanley stewart

    Smooth, it's like can we do it with out a fight. Love that.

  21. jstarang1

    This song is extra cheesy and sounds way to generic champagne lounge type music...the vocals are too stuffy...this guy was the lead guitar player for the Steve Miller Band? My stock Acura sound system is a rare car system channeled in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. It came with a demonstration disc to show you how all the instruments come out in different speakers in true 5.1 channel surround sound off DVD audio discs mixed in 5.1. They basically built 5.1surround in the car and went a step above premium audio for the Frank Zappa audio stickler type. But long story short I heard this song on the demonstration Acura CD...had 20 cuts...mostly major pop hits like Dire Straits Money for Nothing and Doors Touch Me. This was the 12th cut on the CD and it was super cheesy to me. I like Steve Miller though. Fly like an Eagle was on the disc as well. First time I heard of Boz Scaggs was in a family guy joke and I'm very well versed on music history this is just a big one I overlooked.. .even though I'm not a fan I'm glad to be aware...and love this man's guitar work with the Steve Miller Band

    Dave Hackett

    jstarang1 you drive an Acura?, PUTZ!!

    Dave Hackett

    @jstarang1 So, you're a Racist Pig and a putz, good to know.

    ras 977

    Cheesy is Barry Manilow not Boz-thnx for your comment.

    Larry N

    Everyone has their own taste. I see what you're saying, but I still love the atmosphere created on this cut, sort of a guilty pleasure.

  22. Neil Miller

    First Time I Heard This. I was outside doing the yard work at my house. I had to stop working and turn it up. You have to hear it in the park

    Karen Brandwein

    Havent been to the park in about 2 yrs now. But I can imagine....
    Use to be there almost every afternoon or evening.
    When I was home.

  23. alex aguiar

    beautiful song just absolutely beautiful can here it over and over again love it.

  24. Robert Puglia

    again, again....

  25. Tauheedah S. Tupeona

    I so freaking looovvveeee this song! 💗💖❤️

  26. George A. Johns

    Boz....The man....Love ya Bud!

  27. Veronica Bolanos

    Nobody can do it like Boz.

  28. Tony Weaver

    Yes! nice groove and a cool message, In the middle of the riddle with a lady he loves

  29. Macron biotique

    Too smooth, too good................ Thx.

  30. Thomas Duban

    One of the best period!

  31. Michael Lawrence

    so cool so smooth

  32. Stephanie Boykin

    I love this song.

  33. Mr.Kenneth D Smith

    why aren't they in the hall of fame ? box was awesome and his band was too .some of them formed Toto I think Toto should be in their too

  34. RealJap

    This is babymaking music!

  35. Linda Wash

    Yes, Again....


  36. Mary Ella

    His voice truly commands every fiber of ones body , mind , and soul as one listens to this song. Truly the most unique voice I've ever heard..such Heaven to ones ears.

  37. David Noroski

    Mellow sheet...

  38. Desiree Coleman

    Definitely love making tunes...go Bozzzz

  39. JoAnne VanLoon

    Fantastic and so Sexy...!

  40. walter brandenberger

    The best Thanks Boz

  41. RealJap

    This is definitely my favourite song of Boz.

  42. cane9man

    I'm not a fan of Boz Scaggs but this is an incredible song.

    Maria R

    Took me almost a year to like him. 44 years later and he's the only one for me. Everyone else is boring and sounds the same. Boz is the best!

  43. John Chan

    Absolutely luv this track. Great lyrics, catchy beats and lovely muted trumpet

  44. Michael G

    Love Boz. I am going to listen to him in RI on July 27, 2017. Yes!

  45. anniling

    beautiful song  just absolutely beautiful can here it over and over again love it.

  46. John Ruiz

    Sssssssssss.....what a nice way to drop into the tune.....: )

  47. Sara Erickson

    simply sublime

  48. Laurent Contini

    So, so... Smooth, smoother than any synthé music lounge, so groovy, la classe, Boz!

  49. Half Rutter

    Great song and great vocals by The Boz.

    Ulysses Freeman

    Half Rutter Bibb

  50. Kim Jasso

    I haven't listened to this music in so long.  Boy what I was missing.  So smooth.



    Nahom Workayehu

    ETHEL J. RIDDLE how are you doing after 2 years?

  52. shane weekes

    smooth as silk and as hypnotising as a codra

  53. Linda McFarland

    lovin this thanks Emmy

  54. ganiteshwar singh Miglani

    All time fav ... WoW ....!

  55. Michael Smith

    This is a jam and I hope miss Riddle hurry's up and find me. I am ready!

    Carol Burnette

    Baby face never keeping secrets and never telling lies

  56. TheLallykat

    Cool 🌞

  57. Stephen Gomes

    First heard this and was bobbing my head to this jam!

  58. Tracey Mcmillan

    love miss riddle, one of my favourites X

  59. Linda

    the best boz ever

  60. Dennis Murphy

    Definition of soul people! Boz forever!

  61. Jacques Dolbeau

    One of my all time favorites. Still looking for Ms Riddle.


    +Jacques Dolbeau ---   I found her... right when this song was out...  but we were in our 50's and lived 100 miles apart...  our lives and our jobs made us just walk away empty handed. Good luck... don't give up

    William Lemmons

    I don't know is you are still looking for this it is spelled Miss Riddle but by know i hope you found this great song.

  62. Carla de koning

    my kind of music

  63. Mehdix BROUKI

    Doing love when its played...

  64. Carlinhos Souza

    So cool!

  65. 47bellaluna

    Gawd, i love this man and his music.

  66. okrajoe

    Needle on the record goes round and round.

  67. Lorey Martn

    This Cut makes me want to Hug Somebody

    vince herlock

    yes ..I am available..

    Larry N

    Beautiful response

  68. Patrick Daday

    This is baby making music if I've ever heard it

    Mark Nappo

    Patrick Daday . hahahaha true

    Jessie Gardner

    One stop south of paradise.

    Elizabeth Coleman

    You got the SHIT all the way RIGHT 💛💝💚💙

  69. Laura Kolb

    too cool...........

  70. pabloalarroyo

    WOW !! Smoooth.

  71. P Horn

    One of the greatest songs I've ever heard....

  72. Tim Vromen


  73. Charisse Myles

    finally found this song one of the all time classic!!! smooth boz :)

  74. LaKeisha Robinson


  75. marshall mccary


  76. Benny Carrier


  77. fletchdies

    This and 'Harbor Lights' are arguably the Boz mans prettiest work. Hes so class.

  78. MissingMars

    YESYESYES -nuff said :-)

  79. Peter Trembath

    hey miss riddle, thanks for posting-just got new album Memphis -epic as always...

  80. water1oo

    totally lost in his voice ... around camp fire.

  81. SnufDog1

    Never heard this, though listened to Boz in the 70s. Superb. Replaying it immediately. And has anyone's singing voice aged so well? Many thanks.

  82. Jack Meoff

    I like at: 1:44AM, thanks esmereldatitswallop

  83. 1emmain

    As time passes, Boz Scaggs seems to grow and grow as an artist - you can only evaluate these things properly after twenty, thirty years go past.

  84. Gina G

    I love the Boz Man! Long time fan.

  85. Richard E

    If you like this you will like "Love will find a way" by Lionel Ritchie.

  86. Richard E




  88. veronica246able

    Speechless next harbour Lights my all time favorite .

  89. Ms. Smith

    thanks for sharing.

  90. y6yuhg

    "Omu Gnom-Original" Instrumental sampled from this song! Love from Romania.

  91. justagirl416

    I've listened to this song for a couple of years now and it's still one of my all time favorite by Boz. It's got a jazzy sexy feel to it and worth listening to over and over again!

    Cassandra Davis

    It oozes sex!! Love it!!!

  92. Rascal Rollins

    A side of box scaggs that I never knew about verrry coool

  93. jazlova1

    great song .. very smooth voice . thanks for the post

  94. Allan Dacruz

    I never knew this was by him? Can see why sooo many people really like Boz and his music over the years. Worthy of a chilled remix but lovely in the original format too. Cheers. It's a bit like him being Toto's first lead singer.mmmmm