Boz Scaggs - Middle Man Lyrics

Yes I quite understand
I just might have your man tonight
He'll be lookin' good Hollywood
Everything right on cue
That's a clue
If you're in town and he's around
Well anything I can do
I could get him on the line
Yes I think you'd like him fine
You could spend all his money.. honey

He'll want a little
Just a little
Taste of your love
He'll need a little
Just a little
Bit of your love
He'll take you uptown
Up Third Avenue
So if you need a little
I'll be the middle man for you

There's a hot moon tonight
If I feel like jumping I just might
We could grab a pack go back and start
A little thing or two me and you
I can't resist you know there's
Something I've been dying to do
Maybe we could take in all the sights
We could roll some heavy dice
And we could blow all my money.. honey

I want a little
Just a little
Taste of your love
Not just a little
But every little
Trace of your love
I'll take you uptown downtown
Up a lonely avenue
Yes I'm in the middle smack dab middle
Man for you

I want a little
Just a little
Taste of your love
Need a little
Just a little
Taste of your love
I'll take you uptown downtown
Down a lonely avenue
Oh I am the middle
Yes the middle man for you
Yes I need a little
Just a little
Taste of your love

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Boz Scaggs Middle Man Comments
  1. Mark Summers

    JoJo sounds like a pimp.

  2. Joey Ranno

    Well, there's an old one.

  3. Frank Parent

    why all the dislikes???

  4. glitzen05 dood

    why do i picture Jon Arbuckle doing his dance to this?

  5. Kansei


  6. Alex Gorakine

    Is he lying on a leg or an arm?

    Juliette Torres

    Alex Gorakine yes

  7. lynn allen

    “THE BOZ” 😊

  8. sentforth5

    Summer of 1980....Lord, I'm old

  9. Aditya Wirangga

    258 dislikes from DIO BRANDO

  10. Ann James

    I love this song.

  11. greg rgeuge

    And he has another song called "slow dancer"... I'm sure there is some sort of connection I can feel it...

  12. Guy Verhaeghen

    So classy !! i love it , i love it , i love it !!

  13. Patricia Finelli

    Love Love Boz Scaggs. My youth ! Great Musician and Artist of my time!

  14. Gladis Basallo

    Good theme

  15. danco35

    Classy, sexy and cool, nice slow dance beat and what a great voice, the whole album kills it.

  16. Papa Shanghoe

    Really interested in why such a masterpiece has so many dislikes?

  17. Sergio Rivera

    Boz Scaggs

  18. Attention

    This is a perfect song, in my book.

  19. Bret House Sr

    Love the horn arrangements..

  20. Jorge Mario Ochoa Barrera

    Saber si en alguna parte habrá una canción llamada Giogio.

  21. pappy999

    224 dumbass idiots don’t know great music.

  22. Anderson Vincis

    2019 like...

  23. morris caudill

    NYC summer '80.

  24. Tom Towers

    This shit is gangsta. 👍

  25. Wolfgang Nitsch

    Sounds so well... 🎵🎶🎶🎶...😍

  26. Ladonna Foster-Hayes

    This man is bad. Why is there not even 1k likes? I see you Boz. Here after watching the David Foster Hit Man special.

  27. Doc Brown

    Summer 1980

  28. Cyrax FDS

    Is this some kind of JoJo reference?

  29. Dylan Wilson


  30. That was easy

    It's all below jo jo

  31. Wyguy the French Fry

    I know it's referencing some comic book but I cant remember which one.

    Cum Flatulator

    I don't think it does. The song came in 1979, JoJo Bizarre Adventure did in 1986. Maybe Araki, the mangaka, was inspired by this song to create the first JoJo, as it deals with some "Gentleman" touch.


    @Cum Flatulator no it was definitely "Get Back" by The Beatles.

    Tim Joestar

    Araki was inspired by Beatles' "Get Back" and also Jonathan's, his favorite restaurant.

  32. Willard Perry

    I always dug this track,,I can relate I have a JoJo in my family.


    Is running away part of it

    Patricia Finelli

    My sister is Josephine. We all called her Jo Jo. She passed fairly young, from Leukemia. She was so beautiful inside and out...RIP My Sweet Jo Jo!

    Stephen Mealing

    Are they Stan users?

  33. Ronald Elston


  34. Luis Navarro

    Is it me or does this song sound somewhat like Georgy Porgy

    Joe BILL

    Steve Lukather played on that record.

    Dale McNamee

    The late Jeff Porcaro also from TOTO played drums on this song...


    Toto played on lot's of Boz Skaggs albums


    @Mystory Bratt Wrong.. She used georgie Porgie

  35. Johnny Mc

    I love this song

  36. rwsab

    Smokin' saxophone work by Adrian Tapia 🎷

  37. Ethan Bryant


  38. Thomas Schofield

    "JoJo" by Boz Scaggs
    DEBUT DATE: Saturday, June 14, 1980.
    FIRST APPEARANCE DATE: Saturday, July 12, 1980.

  39. Pfsif

    Fly bass!

  40. Carla Linton

    Carla Linton. Boz Scaggs is one of my favorite Male Artist of All Times. My favorite song is JoJo.

  41. 1060michaelg

    JOJO-- I am driving a gypsy cab down Second Ave one night and THIS song pops up on the radio as if on cue...I catch a "wave" and go all the way from 96thst to 10th...New Yorkers can attest to this especially on 2nd Avenue-- JOJO the perfect song for that "moment"--Thanks Boz for ALL the memories!

    glitzen05 dood

    Is that so?