Boyz II Men - The Perfect Love Song Lyrics

I've been thinking of you
And I've been trying to figure out
What you remind me of
Cause you are nothing like I've ever known

Are you an angel
Sent to me...feeling so unreal
Must be heavenly, it's a mystery
And it hit me, that you remind me of the perfect words

The perfect words written by your favorite singer
The type of song that you turn into a ring tone
I get this feeling every time I think of you
And I know now, you're the perfect love song

Ronald Isley, Babyface, Jodeci and Marvin Gaye
Made melodies that can't be replaced
But'r the perfect love song

Joe, R. Kelly, Mary J, Faith, Mariah and Sade
Made the whole world sing many times, many ways
But you are
You're the perfect love song

Your voice is soothing to me
Like the strings of a guitar
It takes me right back to the beginning
And I fall in love all over

You never, never ask for nothing
That's why I wanna give you everything
That's why I sing the joy you bring
It's worth more than the perfect words


Every time I'm with you
I get inspired to be a better man
Your love is timeless, it lasts forever
Like the perfect love song


Usher, Brandy and Beyonce
Voices sound so heavenly
Made the whole world sing
Many times, many ways
But you are the perfect love song

[CHORUS 1 and 2]

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Boyz II Men The Perfect Love Song Comments
  1. Shahina 92

    2019 i discovered this song and i love it. Tellement poétique et unique 😍😍😊😊

  2. MrBlactye

    Da Best Eva Boyz 2 Men

  3. Mariana Saragi

    men II elderly

  4. Paulette Kimuntu

    Rnb comme j aime

  5. Raquel Kwela G

    Well made video!!!

  6. Joanne Echon

    I love this song perfect love song by Boyz 2 men😘😘😘

  7. Ingred Moosy

    Best group ever love them 😍😘👌

  8. s R

    Miss my love. Now, this moment I really miss you honey

  9. Tysha Spencer

    Great Melody

  10. ニョッキねこ


  11. 柳かおり

    I like 💓💓

  12. Daverick Murray

    life if you're here because of the doctor singing this song

  13. Tolulope Seun

    wow wow wow, I can't have enough of you guys music, the lyrics are touchy, and I love the sounds the most.

  14. thorv piter oliver

    Faltou a witney na musica. Mais mesmo assim. Ficou perfeita

  15. Pelangi Khan

    You never get it Moytto you take me for granted you broke my heart man i cant take this anymore anti always be the 1 good bye ya Habibty 💔 😥 😥

  16. Flo Ldr

    for you, SYL~

  17. ana matias horla

    I don't like this song because is not very good. I think it should be more like One sweet day from mariah carey. Romantic i mean. Gustavo from Spain.

    Calvin Hamilton

    man sit down if every song was the same nobody would listen

    Chadwick Gray

    Calvin Hamilton Man u can't trust nobody who introduces themselves after they make a statement. LOL!!!!!

    Tysha Spencer

    ana matias horla...This song is really nice and's better then some of the new stuff that comes out now

  18. Sayad Khan

    Take notice. They are all wearing their pants properly, with belts. That is the first step to good R&B

  19. Ellis Haradoeb

    Boyz II Men rocked  Namibia.....thanks guys.

  20. Chan Yumi

    Im big fan since i was young age❤pLs tour in TOKYO jpn ❤❤❤❤💗

  21. Mariano Ancos

    I like so very much this group

    Chan Yumi

    me too 😝

  22. claudia9551

    My favorite Em and their songs.hope they don't sell out

  23. mresmith4302

    The hook has reminds me of the melody of Here I Come, which is an excellent song in which to make love. 

  24. Ana Saquing

    Nice song it

  25. Dieselsinger

    Was this song ever released on an album?!

    Elton Wright

    +Dieselsinger yes it was called THE REMEDY

  26. argolo gomes Argolo

    Boyz II Men!!! The Best Group!!!!!

    argolo gomes Argolo


    Ricardo Andrade Caetano

    +argolo gomes Argolo isso sim demais !

    bea Hicklen



    one of my favorite songs of all time. simply beautiful.

  28. Nimmers Nim

    Whitney and Luther??????? WTF....How the Boyz gonna front like that and dis the best voices to ever sing a love song???


    Its simply what rhymes. Its a chorus not enough room to list everyone. They weren't listing the best singers. They were listing some favourite singers that would make the chorus sounds good. You say Whitney and Luther who are actually my favourite solo artists. Someone else would came around and point out why not Smokey or Brian MckNight or The Tempations or The O'Jays etc. Take it for what it is a nicely written chorus not a best list. 

  29. terry wanjiru

    dope.i love you boys to men

  30. Noire Aru

    Beautiful just beautiful..

  31. Ezzcamotage

    I like the pîctures of the others singers it's cool to do that

  32. jono_kells_

    This is how I'm feeling! 

  33. donna sidney

    Love this song.

  34. ALiza Sunshine

    The perfect love song..huh?

  35. Tarek Hossain

    dreame  withy........................................................

  36. David I

    Now this is what I call real Soul And R&B from a multi talented Group. Where can I find this Song?

    David I

    Oh yes.

  37. loveizlimited

    ♥ cayuuute!

  38. Roseline Wamaitha

    beautiful song

  39. Roseline Wamaitha

    beautiful song

  40. Ron Boles

    I think that this song is unique, in that it is so original in sound quality, lyrics, and overall composition. These young men are well endowed musicians. The way that they commemorate the talent of other artists in their own song is so humble, and greatly compliments the image of Boys II Men....

  41. Gennaro de Concilio

    relax ! 

  42. Roxana Adyi

    for u habibi

  43. Elle Jaie

    Beautiful song!

  44. Latesha Carter

    I get lost I'm their music to this day.

  45. Jorge Ortiz

    Hey hey hey honeyluv this is so yu baby :* 04.9.08 6yrs strong nd still gonn i live for yu i love yu

  46. Djenish Asilbekov

    Азаматсынар !

  47. Yvee007

    Great song!!'

  48. Esther Mazinga

    the type of song you turn into a rington

  49. Nimmers Nim

    Where the shout outs to Whitney "The Voice" and Luther???? Its Never Too Much when She Gives Good Love to All The Man She Needs. Here and Now it's a Miracle that She Will Always Love You. There's Nothing Better Than Love, let him Take You Out...Until You Come Back...She's Saving All Her Love For You!!!

  50. Diamondlady7

    <3 <3 Meu doce anjo David euteamo mais do que palavras podem dizer estou em meu coracao para sempre <3 <3

  51. pearl sharma

    Alright. I'm displeased. My nephew resides in the opposite room. I'm bothered because he recently grew extraordinary at getting the women. The guy discovered the Master Attraction site (Google it) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing ladies back. He's continually pulling girls back. I hear it, which is yucky. If only he never discovered that site. My best friend is getting laid now too coz of that site.

  52. G Graves

    Awww beautiful song, my hunny shared this with me today, love it!! :-)

  53. Alivia Turlich

    I love this band

  54. aaron G

    when wanya steps up you always know dat voice

  55. aaron G

    these guys are just amazing

  56. Jessy Sivilien


  57. ZomBabe1986

    I wish were someone's perfect love song

  58. Don Dunfiato

    most perfect love song ever... respect boyz II men forever and always

  59. Fred Kay Banda

    Perfect love song indeed. I'll sing this to my girlfriend

  60. Ron Boles

    This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing it. I wonder who wrote this song.

  61. franco morales tapia

    son bueno

  62. Barry Glencross-Andrews

    I love song remind the day I meet my wife and the words are so true

  63. angeleah moore

    never heard this but u cant go wrong w/ B2M

  64. N&J Twin Lyfe

    Man I use to play this song out but I love this song and even so much more now... :)

  65. Asyf Adam

    i laek baoyz 2 man

  66. Jonathan Hopkins

    Check out COME IN (CUMMIN) by jhop215

  67. Gio Larathe-Hamilton

    I love Usher too, :( but were all entitled...

  68. Gio Larathe-Hamilton


  69. MR EATS

    Should of taken usher out of the list, he's a disgrace

  70. Nimmers Nim

    Great song, but why the fuck they ain't mention Whitney and Luther???? They are the best to ever sing a damn love song!!!

  71. david entendu

    This is for my girl my one true love and only she's irreplaceable honestly, damn I hope she notices how I've been hurting and longing for her attention. There is a void in me again...

  72. mrhl2008

    This song is very good, impressed as usual by these guys, there voices can't be duplicated.

  73. Musically Medicated

    You guys are saying that you should focus on God to find the right person and I believe you are right. But there is this guy (who lives far away right now) that i've been in love with for round three years. Is it wrong to pray for him to be with me someday? He takes my breath away even with the little things and he amazes me so, and if he were here (thanks to God) I know I could face this world without fear. I'm young and God help me I might be losing my mind but I believe I love this guy.

  74. Saitoti Meekisho

    I absolutely love Boyz II Men. To this day i still find new songs by them and am yet to be dissapointed

  75. Lizz Way Zukarithas

    love u this group los amo boyz ll men

  76. linda b

    im sorry to say but there is no one perfect. However if you can see pass the flaws then that person will become perfect in your eyes. So dont search for the perfect one! look for the person that makes you happy and in love. And yes, i found my person :) he is not perfect, not so romantic, immature and sometimes so naieve. But, he makes me happy, and no one can make me cutie butie ba, but he makes me so weird >_< HE lives at the other half of the world, and we are 2,5 years together. i love him

  77. Nashwa Hawissa

    what happened to amazing music like this :(

  78. Luxington Dobrev


  79. Brayden Ellis

    @elias27villarreal I kinda feel same way i try to stay away from this song but its so good to listen 2

  80. elias27villarreal

    @Coolbeans642 wow that is so true right now im feeling like crap for being with the wrong woman

  81. tenorlyric1

    Love these guys. Been a fan since high school days:-) Keep up the good music guys, you're a greatest inspiration!!!

  82. Mangels

    @Martukangels que linda letra de esta musica

  83. Mangels

    uuuffffffff que amor tan grande

  84. NoHeavenonEarthonlywithYHWH40

    because he made you and knoiws exactly what you need to be complete for his glory......

  85. Za3rour

    @rnmultimedia thanks for the reminder :)
    God Bless <3

  86. Mico

    I can't say I don't like SOME of the music that we have today....but this shiet...this shiet right here...THIS SHIET RIGHT HERE IS MUSIC!!! BOYZ 2 MEN, BRIAN MCKNIGHT, DRU HILL, KC & JOJO...OMGOSH! COMING FROM AN 18 YEAR OLD?! YES THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE LIKE ME IN THE WORLD! haha

  87. bugs bhana

    listening to boys II men from the time was small love them toO bitSs!!!

  88. PrestigeGamingHD

    @rnmultimedia why do you have to focus on god to find the perfect mate. thats ridiculous

  89. aysen cik

    i love you guys <3

  90. Drea B. Vivian R. Ragland-Bridges

    I've always listened to them....and i always will...They Are One Of My Favorite Groups Of All Time......

  91. J-Savy

    Still a big track (Y) .... would you lovely ppl be able to check out my Rap/R&B track (J-savy - did you wrong) if you have a moment ... i promise if you like rap, R&B and and have that one that gotta way. You will like it ... stay blessed J-Savy

  92. Tanasi W.

    Usher, Brandy and Beyonce
    Voices Sound soheavenly
    Made the whole world sing many times, many ways <3

  93. mycrowmedicine

    @Summerhoney1 - you are so right! God is the creator of the perfect plan!!!

  94. Segun lawrence jeremih

    they've inspired many singers accross d world am a perfect example

  95. Segun lawrence jeremih

    God!!!!! i dont kno how 2 best describe wat dis dude r but dey r inspiration from heaven cos dey made me cry lik a baby wen i hear dere songs bt in particular PERFECT LOV SONG.keep boys2men...

  96. Jimmy Gagnon


    I can respect your faith, but your Father wants nothing more than for his children to be happy, and live life to the fullest. Its like looking back to your parents with that silent thank you. He knows... Just remember, and press forward. Have faith in yourself

  97. Kim Mantsur

    the perfect words written by your favorite singer, the type of song that you turn into an ringtone, i get this feeling every time I think of you and I know,you're the perfect love song..!♥