Boyz II Men - Boo'ed Up Lyrics

I don't give a damn who sees me
It's all about you cause you please me
To me you're not just another breeze
That's how I feel about you

Some dudes act hard, try to hide it
PDA to the girls they deny it
It's all love when they see you they should try it, that's how I do with you

Public display of affection
Whether before or after we're sexin
No flippin on you in public, no wild flexin
You're my angel and I'll be your protection
Yes those are the chicks that I deal with
Don't get the kind of treatment that you get
Matter fact, if they saw me they'd be pissed
Cause they don't think I know how to do this
But you Miss...

Baby, I just wanna, I just wanna
Be all booed up with you
Wherever we are, all I know is
I just wanna, I just wanna
B all booed up with you...yeah

Girl I'm really into you
I'm enjoying the scent of you
The more time that I spend with you
The closer I get to you

It don't matter where we are
In the park, restaurant, or the car
I want to show the world
That you are everything to me

The attention that you show me now
Is enough just to hold me down
Whenver I'm not around
Just can't get to you

It's a mutual thing
Cause how you feel about me is the same
I hope the way it is now will never change
I like how me and you is arranged


[Repeat chorus]

I know sometimes you don't feel beautiful
That's why I take time to let you know
How crazy that sounds to me

There's things I see in you that you don't see
I'm sure there's somethings you see in me
That keeps this lovin real


There's no secret


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Boyz II Men Boo'ed Up Comments
  1. pikinho charmeiro


  2. Alberto Andres

    Uff. this is a nice Jam. BiiM fan. Cheers from Dom. Rep.

  3. Mgcineni Joel Martins

    Still my favorite jam.

  4. Denise Ramos

    shit this song is so nice

  5. TheGodsRain

    A straight JAM!!!

  6. Ozzy k

    boyz 2 men knows how get the public attention

  7. xMotoHooniganx

    dis song da shit fukin love it gets u goin lil kinky lol

  8. biimfan


    I love My Boyziimen song called "Booed Up". Because the song is off the hook. And beat is off the hook.

  9. Helder Silva

    o The Remedy e um album excelente, pena que nao e tao reconhecido assim, mas ele e mesmo um remedio para que gosta de boa musica

  10. Helder Silva

    that's true,

  11. Capital City Gymnastics

    like fine wine....only better with age!