Boyz II Men - Ain't A Thang Wrong Lyrics

Its 11:45
Gang of Escalades parked outside
Big bladess chromed up with shine
Only one thing on my mind
All week I've been a slave to the grind
Tonight I'm tryin' to have a good time
Rollin' wiht my whole crew behind me
To the livest hot spot we find

Haters step out my way
'Cause a playa just wanna play
No occasion to celebrate
But I'm gon' do it anywat
Line outside but I don't wait
Roll through the door but I don't pay
Lettin' go man I just can't wait
No more further delay
Time to get it on my people

Ain't a thang wrong with having a good time
Ain't a thang wrong eith getting it on tonight
Woo, woo, wwo fel alright
Leave the bullshit way behind
'Cause its party time

Making my way inside
See a honey by the bar that looks tight
Told her to order anything she likes
'Causeshe looks just that nice, yeah
After two drinks or more
I took her hand and moved to the floor
I handle mine, baby handle yours
'Cause I'm a make it hot for sure
Time to get it on my people



I wanna see you dancing on the floor
Hands in the air like you don't care no more
Because tonighr we're gon' all out fa sho
Nothin' else on my mind
You know it party time, party time

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Boyz II Men Ain't A Thang Wrong Comments
  1. Jonathan Mrutu

    This album is dope but this song is fire they went hard on this

  2. Tamieka Jones

    Love this song

  3. FingazInc

    My favorite song from this project.  "the 10's the rims that's bigger than Gary Coleman!!" The whole project was totally underrated!

  4. vivian bryan

    I like this song it fun u can have fun with music sometimes

  5. papilgee4evaeva

    I think this is the first time Boyz II Men cussed on a record. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO..........

  6. EssentialClassic

    "10''s and rim bigger than Gary Coleman. Sittin' on Michael Jordans." I miss this album.

  7. Classic Car Enthusiast

    Line out side but i don't wait

  8. Stephen Hewison

    Waahoo! Thanks for putting this back on you tube. Their most underrated song by far!

  9. Edward May