BoySetsFire - Until Nothing Remains Lyrics

Rise ye wolves up above the sound
Through the choir of sheep as they drown
Raise the banner of the proud and untamed
Burn the kingdom down... until nothing remains

Death throe dances pull in quite the crowd
Cheering throngs of the scorned still unbowed
The system’s dead and we spit on the grave
Let it fucking rot... until nothing remains

You hide in a sickness that leaves you unbowed
Scorched earth policy friendships allow
For your dreams and their failings to mount
An assault on continuous lies

Let them fall from your lips to the ground
And consume you in flames with your crown
You can add up your ill-gotten gains
And keep count till nothing remains

When ashes remain
Burn... ’til the truth is out
Burn... down to hallowed ground
Burn... and rebuild again
Burn. Burn. Until nothing remains

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