BoySetsFire - Ordinary Lives Lyrics

In the valley there's a rising cleansing tide,
And did you notice that we've all been left behind?
But there's a chance that we'll survive
In a new age of pride and clever grace
A light beyond the pious stale embrace
Of self-deceit that keeps us in our place

Is there anybody out there?
Is there any other way to survive?
We can live so much more than these ordinary lives!

There's no life in this fear in chasing time
And refugees if apocalyptic lights
Aligning missions to design
The ever vigilant to find the afterlife
As we make certain that our fear keeps us in line
It's how we learn to sleep at night

There's no hope in a life of denial
There's no hope to survive
We are free, and our lives divine
We are the key we seek to find

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