BoySetsFire - Heads Will Roll Lyrics

Your kingdom’s rotting from the inside out
Your god must be so proud
The infidel must accept submission
Blood lust with divine aggression
The dead air is deafening
Easy targets to avoid the real enemy
Provocation gagged and bound
Bodies drop we ignore the sound

We stare in silence… create apologies
Afraid to speak the truth
While heads roll in apathy
Over and over again

I refuse to ever hold my tongue
Kneel and bow wont be silence by the fear of death
Until there’s nothing left
To live for to die fighting
The will of a new dawn rising
No more, no less
bring it on, I stand defiant

Your symbols all are stolen, your words are nothing new
Bleed with pride for your masters, you weak pathetic fool
Fuck your prophets, fuck your holy war, fuck your laws
Fuck what you kill for

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