Boyle, Susan - You'll Never Walk Alone Lyrics

When you walk through a storm
Keep your chin up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At he end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

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Boyle, Susan You'll Never Walk Alone Comments
  1. Steven Daly

    Beautiful . I've been going through a storm but I know at the end is a golden sky YNWA

  2. Sicario Gamer

    Liverpool FC forever in my ❤️. You’ll Never Walk Alone

  3. tradewins

    Didn't know she was a LIverpool FC fan! Her singing is fine, of course, but this was not a well-produced recording. The piano is too loud in the first 1/4 of the song as is the lush orchestration in the final 1/4.

  4. Liri QtDays

    Right now in japan they are using this song for a skating showcase

  5. Anne Phair

    This is one of my favourite songs of all time

  6. Rabiesdog Chalot

    God bless you Susan.

  7. Richard Post

    Dec 4 is a day many will see the truth in a relationship that is what she says no it's not it's been attacked and abused and been told that I should be killed and I am gay I m not going anywhere but letting them give me more n more effective means to be able to do

  8. Richard Post

    If someone love you there should not be any one in your biz n if they are that is not the best way for them to be loved and loving because they are not the only person who is willing to do whats with the other person who the one banging on the wall o there just banging on purpose because they are trying to make me move or they are not the only ones who have been in on hurtful behavior for what reason and been there and been told

  9. Leslie Taylor

    You'll never walk alone...if you will walk with Christ.

  10. Carlos Zenon


  11. Nancy Howard

    Beautiful Angel that Susan Boyle

  12. ladyofwildrose

    Beautiful- my favorite version so far....thank you

  13. Darren Nicholl

    brilliant version

  14. Boy Rohim Rohim

    Beautiful Susan Boyle Fery Fery good ilovyou 💋💋💋💋

  15. Eva Lu

    A God given talent and we get to enjoy it. Thank you Susan.

  16. TheTembran

    YNWA to the 96. How I wish they (and my late Father) could have been in Madrid on the first of June.

  17. Chipmunk 000

    Hauntingly beautiful,makes you feel better, beautifully sang,by an amazing, talented lady.

  18. Максим Зубарев


  19. Ümit Kizek

    Wonderfull sound ! 👏👏👏 from Turkey #YWNWA

  20. Toni Banham

    Thank you for the music Susan

  21. indira dinar jasmine

    Thanks Susan Boyle for your Beautiful Voices...Love and Hugs from Indonesia.😘😘😘😘💗💗💗💗
    Keep Healthy💋💋💋💋GBU💗💗

  22. João Conceição

    In a perfect world She Sing this song in Anfield Road in the last game of the season to consagrate Liverpool as English champion

  23. Ross Parello


  24. daveygg1971

    No ain’t Red

  25. Suely Fernandes

    She is wonderful !!
    Brasil 2019

  26. Chiahou Zhang

    What a wide voice range!

  27. Nai Muds

    Hey guys, you might want to listen to a Songbird's 'live' version on stage of You'll Never Walk Alone on YouTube. Trust me, you'll most likely be blown away sky high deep into the clouds with her truly unique version. Here's the YouTube link if you're interested->

  28. jeffrey jacobson

    God speaks to us through Susan Boyle.

  29. Hoa Song

    Get out of social media like facebook n you tube.🤣🤣🤣

  30. Gloria Brawldy

    Beautiful song, and beautiful singer.

  31. Linda Poynton Fitzgerald

    Nice song

  32. Thomas Kolodziejski

    My mother use to sing this song to me

  33. Amir Wolf

    Not my kind of music but it’s good for the performance I’m currently doing at my boarding school

  34. Miriam Cardoso

    Sem palavras!!!! Sublime!!!

  35. Linda Richter

    Honey, walk on with hope in your heart.

  36. Thomas Farrow

    NEVER!!!!    Because I walk with Christ.

  37. Stefanie Lesser

    This is Susan Boyle's best....

  38. Judith Iorio

    I can't even wager a guess as to how many times I've listened to Susan sing this song. She is truly a spectacular singer. Also, a thumbs up for the beautiful picture of Taylor Swift.

  39. Richard Northcott

    That woman can take any song and totally own it.

  40. 井上瑞希


  41. あおいみかん


  42. はむはむら


  43. Car Love's Lily Shirogane


  44. Nonya Bidness

    This is one of the few songs I've heard of hers that makes me think she might actually be worth half of the hype she gets. Gorgeous version.

  45. Betty Bellis


  46. 66flamer

    yes. that's all. Almost had me in tears. Thank you

  47. Jo Alex Sg

    Utterly mesmerizing!!

  48. Judy Lim

    I like her when she sings high notes. It suits her perfectly well. Not low tones, doesn't fit her at all. Like the 1st part of "You raised me up" it would have been better if she sang on high notes than low. Doubtless she was trying to create contrasting pitches..


    Nicely done a/v some great shots. Ignore the thumbs down crowd says more about them than your video.

  50. Boots Batoy

    I admire her voice

  51. rene florencio

    Another masterpiece rendition of Susan Boyle.........

  52. Anne Bronn

    So talented. Gifted.

  53. katie kile

    Best version I have heard. Want this played at my funeral

  54. dhc rockburn

    memories of choir in high school.

  55. The Random gamer

    It sound like a 20 year old is singing that

  56. Martine Daoust

    WOW WOW WOW What a voice

  57. john m

    I don't own a TV but saw many times this lady's first performance on the Britains got talent show....far and away the best voice i have heard on any of those shows; and considerably better than her professed idol Elaine Page, she of the monotone and vibrato like a sheep calling for it's young.

  58. #TEAMALZ DanielzBrownVlogs


  59. Phillip Watson

    Spot on sang it well!!

    Arthur Van der Vieren

    Yes , it is ! I have sang this song on my 72 birthday , just for fun and pleasure ! Tou find me on Youtube : You'll never walk alone by Arthur ! I am not a pro ! Thanks for listening ! Greets !

    Nai Muds

    You might want to listen to a Songbird's 'live' version on stage of You'll Never Walk Alone via YouTube. Trust me, you'll most likely be blown away sky high deep into the clouds with her truly unique version. Here's the YouTube link if you're interested->
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  60. Ernest Alaniz

    Has a lovely voice. And like to see her someday in concert.

  61. 홍석용

    제리 앤 페이스메이커스가 부활해서 여성으로 태어난 느낌?
    어떤 가수가 불러도 이렇게 감동적인 리버풀송은 처음이야.

  62. Kitty Terry

    This is the one to listen too! Excellent version..All Americans and the world should know this song..hear and feel it's melody...and let it resonate and vibrate with every breath of your body...A beautiful song that speaks to all mankind...

  63. ronaldo meirelles


  64. Jean Hawkins

    Out standing x

  65. Patti Ellsworth

    Susan you sang that song like an angel, it brought me to tears. Lv Kathy Stuhre🕊🕊🕊

  66. Sue Grant

    I've heard this song many times.....But just just recently wondered why it's always at funerals???.....Why not Christenings or confirmations or weddings ??? xxxxxxxx

  67. Sheila Mackintosh


  68. TheBookSplash Show

    I dedicate this song to my good and close friend who fought aggressive Liver cancer and was brave through his entire battle before his body couldn't take it anymore. Unfortunately he passed away on December 17, 2017 at age 24 and was buried 3 days before Christmas. Him and I would chat a lot he would tell me what treatment he went through because I lost my Grandma from Colon cancer 7 years ago and I helped him through the struggles of the treatment he faced because he would ask me the side affects and I told him because I saw it through my grandmother. He would smile and thank me after he would make me smile and we would laugh at the jokes we made and the star wars line we repeated. He called me the mother version of Darth Vader and I called him storm trooper. But he is now in heaven, the cancer is gone. RIP Carlos. Until we meet again

  69. Allan Friskow

    beautiful wish I found this version for my mum love you more then words can say always in my heart rip.mam xxxx

  70. David Walsh

    A beautiful no nonsense performance....I love it.

  71. Lona Robson

    Powerful song, sung by a wonderful lady who wanted to be able to sing in front of everyone ... a dream come true xxx wonderful Susan xxx

  72. anita oxenham

    My god. Brought tears to my eyes.brilliant.

  73. Dee Hall

    'Probably' 'best 'rendition' of this song ever'

  74. Jim Swingle

    Oh my, such a voice, and by a woman who was initially mocked on a tv show, until they heard her sing.  God Bless Susan Boyle.

  75. Mary Mary

    I want Susan Boyle to sing me to sleep, lol

  76. TheChaz2011

    Susan's flawless performance of this beautiful piece of music. Sets the standard!

  77. ARTHUR HOWARD Nicander

    She has to be one of the greatest female vocalists that's come down the pike in a long while. Never get tired of her singing.!!.....

  78. Douglas Kay

    What a tragedy the World didn't have the benefit of her wonderful voice until she was 47 Y.O.

  79. Claire Ryan

    To my Toby Jones I love ypu cx

  80. Mitchell A

    She has a voice of an Angel. <3

  81. Yvonne Wheeler

    My heart is crying beautiful ,💔❤ beautiful.

  82. Leonido Magno

    Here voice sounds like an angel's voice. Magnificent!!!

    Leonido Magno

    Hi! I am your fan here in the Philippines...

  83. Arthur Van der Vieren

    You'll never walk alone is not a song for football alone ! It was written in 1945 for the Musical "CAROUSEL " ! You can find my version also on youtube ! Thanks for listening from this emotional song ! A lot of greets , Arthur. You'll never walk alone by Arthur ! Thanks for listening once !

  84. MARV

    Wow! I'm speechless.

    Mavis Barrett

    MARV and

  85. Tibor Mészáros

    It is a big hit from the musical “Caroussel ” written on the base of the Hungarian play “Liliom” by Ferenc Molnár (1909).

  86. Conrado Cruz

    Love this song. rady j. cruz London U.K

  87. Kimberly Donovan

    Don't be afraid of the dark .Because lightness is right around the corner.

  88. Huus67209 Huus67209

    this is not Judy Garland's version but is beautiful.

  89. muhson sap

    YNWA Liverpool FC

  90. d m

    May God bless and protect you, Maria, your sister and your whole family. I'll pray for all of you. (From a sister in "the body of Christ", who cares.)

  91. Benjamin Capozzi

    Easily the most beautiful version there is besides hearing a full stadium singing this... it always tears me up, so many many many memories and feelings coming free with this song <3

  92. jolyana be shaya

    I love u susan you angel 💐😘

  93. Elaine Atkinson


  94. ricky todd Botelho


  95. Peter S

    There's no denying the enormous amount of talent Susan Bolye has,
    like a fine wine as her confidence has grown over the years so has the mastery of her music,
    Susan has had to face many personal challenges that at times nearly destroyed her and her career,
    but with the help of friends and family stood firm and has travelled afar,

    Seems so long ago now when she made her first appearance on Britain's got talent show.

  96. Bunny Mad

    Oh my. I'm all a shiver. Love the way she reworked the timing. Love the gentleness and the build. The most touching rendition I've heard.

  97. Laveda Carter

    Beautiful, Susan!

  98. Janine Bone

    She has an amazing voice. How sad that we missed many years of her wonderful singing.