Boyle, Susan - Wish You Were Here Lyrics

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell
Blue skies from pain
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

Did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for the cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange
A walk on part in a war
For a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here
We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year
Running over the same old ground
What have we found?
The same old fears
Wish you were here

How I wish, how I wish you were here
We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year
Running over the same old ground
What have we found?
The same old fears
Wish you were here
Wish you were here

So, so you think you can tell

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Boyle, Susan Wish You Were Here Comments
  1. scarfaceSPBRZ

    Susan has a blessed voice

  2. Peggy miller

    WOW WOW Much better thank Pink Floyd

  3. Barb King

    Love Susan's voice.Majical

  4. Fank234

    Love it

  5. roberto giugni

    When she sings wish you were here i feel a strong desire in her voice.......stunning!

  6. WaitWhatExe

    It looks like her voice improved a lot, Loved it

  7. tjjenn

    Absolutely beautiful.xx

  8. Mi Picasso

    This woman could sing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and make a masterpiece out of it.  Her voice gives me goose bumps all over.

  9. ian mcIlroy

    Sid would have liked this

  10. Mic Jay

    espectacular hermosa voz....

  11. A French Model

    This is WAY much better than Disturbed DESTROYING and MUTILATING Sound of Silence.....

  12. محمد سعيد

    beautiful. inspirational. and wonderful lyrics performance and music. I LOVE SUSAN BOYLE ❤❤❤❤

  13. Chris

    i have to admit i am not a fan of her but when i heard her perform this on BBC Children in Need it was so beautiful

  14. 1nterwebs

    OUTSTANDING . Probably oneofthe best sung songs ever. Now of course I am talking about the 24bit flac version she released online through a DAC and powered speakers .. takes you another world.


    PS even the wav from the normal CD is nuch clearer and spacially defined than this. But try and get the 24bit version from accousticsounds

  15. Tyler Iannucci

    How clean her voice is is throwing me off on this track. What a voice, though.

  16. Evie Archer

    Hi There! If you're looking for some new music to check out, please come stop by and hear my song "Close To You" on my channel! I'd love to know what you think :) Here's the link: Hope you enjoy!. Thanks!Thank you! -Evie Archer

  17. joe torak

    I love Pink and I love Susan!!!  Imagine my surprise!!  You go Susan!!!  I wish you were here in Phila!!!

  18. Tony Boyle

    Her voice is magical.  Why would she waste it on Pink Floyd?  She hits the notes with fantastic precision, but she would do better writing her own music.  Susan, write something about Scotland, and sing it with a Scottish accent.

    Mauricio Eduardo Santana

    she can sing but obviously she can't write, it takes a different kind of talent for that.

  19. Lydia Kenis

    NOBODY can touch on this song !!! Certainly not a woman !!!

    Michel Mathy

    c'est magnifique!!!

  20. Bridget James

    I think this is an amazing cover!!!!!! 

  21. TheScunneredMan

    I'm adding my voice to the LIKES.  Good job,  Just different from Pink Floyd.  Same as her Wild Horses' is different from Stones version.

  22. Stephen H

    Actually, that's ok. After hearing the original about 3 gazillion times this isn't bad. No where near as good as PF, but this is a good version.

    Danny Hood

    No this is beautiful   .. Roger waters would like it except it doesn't do weird things  to your face as think pink gracefully did disgraced  

    Betty Adams

    When I heard she was recording this, I looked up Pink Floyd ( I had never heard of them ) and I thought, " How can she  make something out of this mess. Well she did.

    Mauricio Eduardo Santana

    Betty Adams, if you had to look up who Pink Floyd were and think the song was a mess then you have no ear to talk with, or brains

  23. Antunes Carlos

    Sou fanático por Pink Floyd, e a música ficou linda na voz da Susan Boyle.

    Ezequiel Barros

    Ficou muito top 😍😍😍

  24. Denis Preston

    Love the Pink Floyd version but this is lovely !!!

  25. CorsetGrace

    When I heard about this I couldn't imagine she didn't destroy this classic...but she did a good job.

  26. marguer1

    Lovely and I like some Pink Floyd songs!

  27. bigscotsman1

    Destroyed a Classic

    john fernon

    she destroys everything very lucky woman

    Michel Mathy

    @john fernon ??


    A singing Onion. If it weren't for her serious ugliness she would be a nobody.

    Michel Mathy

    @hallobadee TA VU TA GUEULE 


    She may be very ugly. But still not ugly enough for you. 

  28. Pat Neal

    Absolutely beautiful!

  29. Papiprah

    My goodness, her voice is just magical!

  30. Tennislovingcoffeeaddict

    I'm sorry to disagree with the previous comment, I think this is utterly magical, Im no Subo fan, but this is stunning, love it.  That voice is gorgeous

  31. Roger barett

    Absolutely horrendous

    Michel Mathy

    vous écouté avec vos oreille, ou vos pieds lol

  32. Steven Hopkinson

    Just seen her perform this on Children in Need . Brilliant, well done Susan . 

  33. hauseriv

    I never imagined Susan covering Pink Floyd but have to say she did a modern, credible job. Very pretty.