Boyce Avenue - Be More Barrio Lyrics

If you been on the run too long and it's time to let it be
I'm going back to the neighborhood where the love is always free
There's a buzz in the air, it's always there baby, even if you don't believe
So don't be scared, it's everywhere, yeah you don't have to leave

Oh, oh, oh
We don't have to journey too far
Oh, oh, oh
Cause everything is right were we are
Oh, oh, oh
I've been around the world to know
Oh, oh, oh
We all need to be more barrio

More barrio
More barrio
Be more barrio

It doesn't matter where you come from, and it doesn't matter what you've seen
You'll find a few who get through to you and give you what you need
As long as it known that you're never alone, then you're learning how to fly
Cause baby we're better and stronger together and together we'll touch the sky

Oh, oh, oh
We don't have to journey too far
Oh, oh, oh
Cause everything is right where we are
Oh, oh, oh
I've been around the world to know
Oh, oh, oh
We all need to be more barrio

More barrio
More barrio
Be more barrio

I've been running for miles with my brothers
And I've been watching the tide with my lover
And I've been feeling the high with the others
Cause we all, we all know were we belong

Oh, oh, oh
We don't have to journey too far
Cause everything is right where we are
Oh, oh, oh
I've been around the world to know
Oh, oh, oh
That we all need to be more barrio

More barrio
Be more barrio
Be more barrio
Be more barrio
More barrio
Be more barrio
Be more barrio

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Boyce Avenue Be More Barrio Comments
  1. John Loyd Pendon

    I was like ohh ohh I still love this song

  2. Andrew Geha

    This is so good!!

  3. Shelly Amber

    'ure ''t.,thé sillösst,......

  4. Krabby Patty

    can you do against all odds by phil colins ? please!

  5. Bayuu Bayuu

    lagu nya sangat bagus dan saya suka

  6. Juzo Yoshida 吉田重三

    Love you guys. I love your version always. BTW what brand is your leather jacket. Always looking cool!!!

  7. Mai

    it´s so beautiful

  8. Rian Aji

    Telolet :'V

  9. Zelda Chavez

    oh M.G. ;)

  10. Norma Heeney

    Lovely song .

  11. Monička Novotná

    U love you Boyce ! Come to Czech Republic !

  12. white flower

    im good by just listening and watching you boyce ave,

  13. Vanda Guilherme

    perfeito! Love Brasil São Paulo. 😍👏👏👏👏👏🎤🎧🎵🎶

  14. Jaaay heart

    my idol <3

  15. Jericho Plaza

    Whats the Title?

  16. เกษตรกรออนทัวร์ KOT Channel

    I like cover by boyce

  17. Amanda Duarte


  18. Nina Glum

    I really like the interior!! :)

  19. Laura Cunha


  20. Adit Thia

    come to indonesia boyce

  21. Thomas [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅е]

    Крутой канал с классными песнями! Спасибо вам!:) ❤😍👏

  22. Phoebe Xie

    Can you cover Geronimo

  23. LA Live Percussion

    Nice arrangements!! the background percussion!

  24. samar

    u have agreat voice man . i would like to sing with u some day :)

  25. Felipe Henrique


  26. Kenneth June Lebrillo

    Please do PILLOWTALK - ZAYN next. :)

  27. Jake Tucker

    I don't think anybody will actually read this, but I just started doing covers like my idols Boyce Avenue and would love it if you guys checked out a video of mine and threw a like my way. Thanks guys!!

  28. ชื่อ ส้มเปรี้ยว'ว

    ติดตามผลงานตลอดนะค้าาา ❤

  29. Krzysztof Spławski

    Very please

  30. Krzysztof Spławski

    To poland

  31. Rick Boyd

    Beautiful I love it and you.

  32. Bernardino Payos

    They're coming here on Feb 22 but i don't have the money :(

  33. faboano dias

    os cara manda bem

  34. Magdalena Ziembikiewicz

    I am totally in love with your voice!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Neil Gordon

    I just really started listening to these guys music, and i love it, you guys are amazing

  36. Karla Janelle Ramos

    What a great cover! Been a fan of BA since 2008 and I really like how they arrange their covers. I wish I could know the guitar tuning they have used in this cover. 😊

  37. Rebeca Melo


  38. Rebeca Melo

    Curto antes de assistir! kkkk

  39. Abelardo Rodriguez

    beautiful PRS

  40. Ouissal Jelil

    I really love your videos

  41. Sev Ramirez

    so good in my ears

  42. Meggan Wright

    who is this guy singing with him??

  43. Renata Araújo

    simplismente o melhor ♡

  44. Marlyanti Kesuma Hati

    your voice is very romantic.

  45. Djunaedi S

    tetap dalam jiwa - isyana sarasvati please cover it :p

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    Boss's nova

  47. Maria Paniura

    Come to SPAIN next time!!!

  48. maciel maciel

    Já estiveram no Brasil... Que pena de perdi

  49. maciel maciel

    Good music great quality video arrangement note 10. Very show ... I am a fan of these brother

  50. daniele claumann

    amo qualquer música sua voz linda.curto muito.

  51. shelly bechar

    Please come to Israel ! ♥♥

  52. Vitor Sá

    brazil s2

  53. andre ramadhani

    nice perfom

  54. Arison ArcdSen

    I have a request to you! Make a version of the song Nobody's Perfect - Jessie J

  55. Akila Kavisinghe

    Cover "Hello" by ADELE!!!

  56. Jack Moore

    great cover!!!!!

  57. acoustic covers

    dat cheeky smile though

  58. Mychael Prado

    Boyce you should sing hallelujah i dont want you bach eamon

  59. Roche perera

    Simply annoyed that i could not catch your concert in Kuala Lumpur.

  60. Joseph Lund

    Lets touch the sky!

  61. Juan pablo Gonzalez Picazo

    Damn it! They like Phoenix, now I like you guys even more :D


    Coolest bros music helped me a lot even in my daily life when i feel bad your music made me feel better when I'm sitting doing nothing i listen to your music amazing guys...

  63. Nur Fatah82

    The best

  64. Shelly Amber

    I have money .*** :D

  65. Dominick Tee

    I love this cover so much good work BA.

  66. Shelly Amber

    *Ö *LiikaaaA, PiiK'A = PP

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    ooww sooo good you're!

  68. Gaelle Van Binst

    maybe one day if you are single

  69. Sunny Claw

    You are so AWESOME I really like your voice ;') .

  70. Sunny Claw

    You are so AWESOME I really like your voice ;') .

  71. Jay Pepper

    whats wrong with you, you just keep singing like you know who it is you love, you seem to have all the answers but i dont see your woman standing beside you. your not a man unless you have your woman standing beside you, so unless i see this i will think like your all the rest who think they could possibley be a real man without a woman. its impossible. without her your just a stupid boy singing tO himself ...FOR MONEY

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    Desde 2007 escutando o Alejandro Manzano cantado e nunca ouvi uma musica ruim. puta banda foda

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    very good

  74. Aprillia Prihartini

    Your voice... ♥♥♥

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    hey man i am waiting to hear Hello for adele by you :D :D

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    nice song

  77. Juvelyn Almoguerra

    great guys! I love you Boyce avenue! more power for your careers! I'll pray for you!

  78. king john Tendenilla

    nice.....tray song hello adele..........thinks

  79. Ludovica D'Ambrosio

    Hi guys!! I'm an italian fan of Boyce Avenue and this is my fb page, please help me to grow up!!! ^^

  80. Amelia Trypis

    So much love for this video! Love the way your music makes me feel.

  81. Germana Aguiar

    Come to Brazil pls!!! <3 Love³

  82. Manuel Jimenez

    Hey guys, for me you're like fine wine, you just get better with time. Ive been following you for a long time, i think that ever since you uploaded that first video, ive been listening to your music. I just really wanted to say that i love the music you're doing here, and that keep doing what you are doing, and plzz dont loose the entity of boyce avenue in the music business.

  83. Dalton Braga Silva

    Tops Dos tops

  84. Carol Alencar

    Lindos! Venham pro Rio de Janeiro 😍

  85. Haniyya Anjum choudry

    Rahart Adams bring me here as he posted this video on his Twitter. Love them already but after listening this song, love them even more.

  86. Matt Lawson

    Holy shit, I didn't realise just how much MORE beautiful this song could sound! IN L-O-V-E!
    _(I do stripped back covers of songs, check it out if you'd like!) ~Matt_

  87. yoselin guzman

    rahart brought here anyone else??

  88. kim jalon

    Hi boyce avenue, by request can you sing The question (Familiar 48)? We'd love to hear your version. You guys are really awesome, everything you do inspires us making music a vital part in life. Thanks in advance. God Bless you guys.

  89. Sergio

    Love you too

  90. raila tadeu

    queria baixar essas musicas mais com voces cantando ,como faço

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  92. Vitor Jose


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    hello my name is fernando'm from Brazil and I want to see your bankroll playing the music of the band velvet revolver `` `fall to please pieces``

  94. Boyce Avenue

    Tickets and Meet & Greet passes are now on sale for our upcoming shows!


    @Kzel v.
    Of course :) but I probably won't plan  anything abroad anytime soon. (I'll just wait until they come play in Paris although with recent events, that might be a little longer than expected :(

    Marisa Pinto

    +boyceavenue sing Labrinth - Jealous, pleaseee

    Mariana Cardoso

    +boyceavenue Come to Brazil. Please!!!!!!!!!