Boyboy West Coast, The - U Was At The Club (Bottoms Up) Lyrics


You was at the club (Yeah)
Bottoms up when I first met you (Bottoms up)
Couldn't get enough (Couldn't get enough)
Had to get you straight to my bedroom
Drank still in my cup (My cup)
Crib is large so you can bring your friends too (Well, bring 'em all!)
Pillow full of makeup
She so bad, she gon' need her own debut (Yeah)
Shawty just like me (She like me)
Loves drugs, hates bein' sober (Hate bein' sober)
In my psyche (She in my head)
In my heart and I didn't even know her
Ass you wouldn't believe (You wouldn't believe it!)
See you in those jeans, I wanna pull you closer
Eyes looking Chinese (She Chinese)
She didn't smoke but now she's a stoner (All day)
Everything you need (Everything)
No, no, no mediocre
Young, wild and free (She free)
No cuffs, so, no, you can't control her (No cuffs)
Body covered in ink (In ink)
I can beat it up, or we can just go slower (Slow it down)
Baby, come with me (Come with me)
I'll give you everything, and it'll never be over
Girl, just let me know (Let me know)
We can go and fuck up some commas
Boyboy West Coast (West Coast)
Imagine this comin' from the bottom
Actin' like she don't (She don't)
Tryna front, we know she wanna (We know)
Baby, we can go (We can go), Acapulco to Tijuana

We just livin' it up (Live it up!)
Having fun, give a fuck what y'all say (Give a fuck)
Shawty loves a thug (Yeah)
Matching whips as we dippin' down Broadway
Sparkin' like a blunt (Spark it up)
She dab it up, and I be rollin' up all day (Smoke it up!)
No coffee in my mug (No coffee)
They be askin' why I lookin' so sloshy
When we locked eyes (Locked eyes)
Know you were mine, didn't have to ask you
Fuck them other guys (Fuck 'em)
Give you everything, and we can split this cash too
Feelin' like a dream (Like a dream)
Tell me what you need and I can make that happen (I do that)
Love the ocean breeze (I love it)
All aboard, let me be your captain (All aboard!)
Mixtape on repeat (It is)
When the boy come on, they like, "Who's that rappin'?"
House like a retreat (Like a retreat)
I come from the hood, no, not the Hamptons
Never wanna leave (Never wanna)
I give you ecstasy, and a little thug's passion
Apostle on my sleeve (On my sleeve)
What you like? I got the latest fashion
Coolin', watchin' T.V. (Chillin')
Blowing clouds, lookin' like a dragon (Dragon)
All she want is me (Just me)
In silk sheets, no, no, not satin (Silk, man)
I think you're the one (The one)
Tell me what you want, look at the cost is
Can't say that I'm sprung (Can't say it)
But if you keep this up, might be my fiance


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Boyboy West Coast, The U Was At The Club (Bottoms Up) Comments
  1. Tommy

    It's know that his music is bad, but it's better than any other rapper nowadays. His voice is dope and the melody is funny asf

  2. mateoleao

    1 year now..


    Hope I meet someone special at the club this year

  4. Zeno Clocks

    Its been a year and its still a bop 😳

  5. Catherine Fahmy

    what if we drank air from cups at the club... 🙈😍😌

    haha jk.

    unless... ;)

  6. andrea g

    I miss him

  7. Meu Cu amareli

    Autotune 0%

  8. Jocelyn A.

    He made me fall in love


    Who here in 2020?

  10. Verso

    Mom can we go see Pop Smoke?

    No, we have Pop Smoke at home

    Pop smoke at home:

  11. Farrah LawLou

    You was at the club

  12. Kawhi Leonard

    Hello I am from the year 2020. Yes I still listen to dis :)

  13. Blackopsplayer321

    I like how he started drinking nothing

  14. doctor strange

    Anyone realize he is just drinking air?

  15. Mishanya Mishanya

    Nearly exactly 1 year later, randomly remembered this

  16. Our #1 Pewdiepie

    Happy Advance 1 year anniversary

    "Always at the club"

  17. Yuckie Dab

    Eyebrows said, “,”.

  18. Johnny Stewart

    I literally thought this was a couple months old. Not a year...

  19. Th1rt33n

    I remember when this was a thing, i was still friends with my ex best friend

  20. Marimutos

    I feel like Memes are dying in 2020......

  21. balkanboss12

    Why does he look like the moon man from rick and Morty

  22. Ashun

    This is the first time I’m seeing this

  23. rayne bromley

    2019 was a good one 😞

  24. Chxrrybuns

    I miss 2019

  25. Benjamin Duker

    He so drunk he can’t lip sync

  26. Daniel’s Horrible channel

    Editor: how much auto tune?


  27. Exodia

    When will this man make another song

  28. yeet yeet

    guy: you was the club bottoms up when I first met you

    Mohammed (peace be upon him): وطريتيً يمرر. وستروس ني يورو مني كمصريرس

  29. Moses Johnson

    What the hell is he drinking for his voice to be that deep😂

  30. Cool Stuff YT

    y do i feel like this song was around for 10 years

  31. Ionized Alpine

    Producer: how much auto tune do you want?

    Boy boy west coast: *YES*

  32. ManLikeDaveN

    Tune of 2019

  33. just Nnenna

    2020 and this still stucks in my head

  34. Jim Lahey

    There’s a special place in hell for this guy

  35. Kash 45

    I’m already having a nostalgic issue 😢

  36. Jay Gill

    Can we bring him back

  37. Unsigned Mafia

    17M 😱👏

  38. BigFatDuckingNigga


  39. StupidVideos HD

    He is flexing with his chain and his cup

  40. Bees gacha Studios

    2020, I'm scared I forgot about him 😂

  41. TheDark soul

    2:07 that smile reminded me of Ricardo Milos

  42. grace bricks alot

    He looks like guru rinpoche

  43. Bananaboi 12345678910

    Bro this dude straight up going vago’s mode.

  44. Evan Shadow

    The slow mo depressed face .

  45. JayandJ LPS

    Why is this starting to feel nostolgic already?

    JohnHernz 28

    You was at the club

  46. Purple Strain

    Missing this meme

  47. chew barka

    Year 6060. Still Fire

  48. Eva Yip

    Bruh dis dude got better eyelashes then anyone I know, how the hell did no one notice how good they look? 😅

  49. Mc Shoovie

    "What do you mean we don't have a budget"

  50. Ian Bially

    CEO of empty cup

  51. Luiis 188

    New Songs droppin 2020?

  52. Sub to my Channel now Or your a bitch

    How rememberd this Song From PewDiePie s rewind 2019


    Sub to my Channel now Or your a bitch *not me*

  53. Singoller

    Randomly remembered about this

  54. Mey Tan

  55. Mia Palmore

    The fact that he’s moving in slow motion on time😂😂

  56. Nur Subaykan


  57. *.Aesthetic ._.Bobba.*

    2020 ppl??

  58. XRVenomGamer

    Damn can't beleive it's almost been a year. It feels like last week when I first heard this song

  59. Thomas oc

    memes aside this is bangin

  60. Jesucristo Salvador

    People in general:You can't look gansta if you're white.

    This vidd:

  61. nbn awesome vlogs

    I was at the club

  62. Galaxy Wolf 3540

    Oh uh stinky

  63. gas man

    Haters will say its auto tune

  64. Its ._. Sophia

    Love this song 😢❤

  65. KevinDontEatBut

    My guy literally not drinking anything but auto tune. Still bump to it tho

  66. Qualla Sowalla

    Back here in 2020 because I just want this dude to hold me and say that everything is ok.

  67. datbiotch 0

    Bruh why did he have to upload with internet explorer

  68. Arcane Serein

    Omg his eyebrows 😂😂😂😂

  69. C4CTU5 ;

    This dudes double cup is weak

    My friend 8 cupped

  70. Volfski Hagenn

    Yuri Soyboyka

  71. One Eyed Rohan

    No cars
    No expensive bullshit
    No naked girls
    No raining money
    Just *EYEBROWS*

  72. Wade Collins


  73. obesecoochie8172


  74. Miska Mendes

    2020? 😢😢

  75. Víctor Astray Roma

    Who see in 2020?

  76. A R T H U R 98

    who comes here for tiktok?

  77. sacarver


  78. Timothy Lee

    I fear this man... he drank *AIR* out of that cup.

  79. Timothy Lee

    *Drinks out of empty cup with malicious intent*


    my brother's ex-friend max used to post memes on instagram about this all the time

  81. ocks

    Why do I have a feeling the people who made the music video saw this guy's video and decided to hire him?

    Gennaro Balsamo

    The guy is actually the singer


    @Gennaro Balsamo Fair enough.

  82. ACE_Plazma

    His eyebrows 😂

  83. pixel Ninja

    He looks like my dad

  84. ǝʞblx

    This song brings back nostalgia

  85. Nigga i forgot

    The memes of late 2018 were the golden age

  86. Sebs Hendrix

    it’s 2020 and this is still the best song to pop up

  87. Wallan Wedward

    Yup u guessed it, ninja meme sent me here

  88. Pan Paweł

    If you want to reduce CO2, let him drink it

  89. YowDog MasaRap

    Dang 11 months already,.,

  90. Julian

    jokes aside this song is actually pretty 🔥

  91. Cyber Viruz999 ANIMEEE!

    You was at the cup

  92. Endo Skeleton

    Uhmm 2020?

  93. Bearly Koalafied

    Hell yeah brother

  94. Wushh

    Congrats, you are in Pewdipie's 2019 Youtube Rewind

    here's a cookie 🍪

  95. Teutonic Order - 2b2t

    highkey looks like jack sparrow

  96. Dr. Phil

    My crush: I like Mexican gangstas that can sing


  97. icetrocity

    $5 to get in the club;; $icetrocity


    8 meses ago

    Sal Al

    @glizz.y Me

    (aright, maybe I missed it by a couple seconds)


    Sal Al omg you brought me back to a comment I didn’t even know I had typed lol

    Exclusive Water

    icetrocity $10 for premium