Boyboy West Coast, The - I Feel You Lyrics

Baby, I want you (I want you, girl)
These other girls won't do (They won't do it for me)
I know what you've been through (I know what you've been through)
You need something new (Something new? I got you)

You've been on my mind (Stuck on my mind girl)
I know love is blind (I know you don't see it)
Can we just unwind? (Come and chill with me)
We'll lose track of time (Where and when?)
I feel your energy (I feel you, girl)
Met her overseas (Met her across the world)
I've got you, you've got me (I got you, girl)
I fell right from the start (You had me from the start)
I can hear your heart (I can feel it)

Baby, I feel you
These other girls won't do
I know what you've been through
You need something new

We can go anywhere (Girl, just let me know, we can go)
Dream, I'll take you there (I can take you there)
I got racks, we can share (Racks on racks)
Heart broke, I can repair (I got you, girl)
Body like a goddess (Yeah)
She's from the tropics (She exotic)
I'll stay, I promise (Promise I ain't goin' no where)
Let's get it poppin' (Let's get it poppin')
I like her tattoos (She likes mine too)
Your friends can come too (Bring your friends too)
My cribs large, I got room (Cribs large)
I love the way you move (Love the way you move)
Come close, we can groove (Come here)
You've got you and I've got me (I got you, girl)

Baby, I feel you
These other girls won't do
I know what you've been through
You need something new

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Boyboy West Coast, The I Feel You Comments
  1. Bobby Hill

    This song is actually catchy listen to a bit 😳

  2. Byron Da Don

    This foo thought ppl were gonna be anticipating his “hit singles” 😂 foo should’ve dropped the album when he became a meme

  3. Mike D

    Boy boy Westcoast you need to do another club track this time with Jammin James and Odm from lighter shade of brown

  4. The Rap Vault

    Release these on your other channel


    But this is his actual YT the other is a fake

  5. katie dow

    Bruh I’d smashhh🤣🤣

  6. MaliusV

    Let's hope Boyboy manages to blow up again

  7. CreatveMnds


  8. Marky Mark

    He should collaborate with Post Malone.

  9. AymenBoy

    And he's not lying

  10. Joe Robles

    You fell out extremely; like a fucken Black hole 🕳

  11. Vanessa Merino

    I have been waiting a lot, finally 😍

  12. MickTime

    Bruh this is so good I just cant bro its lit

  13. Lokam Films

    This is so fire bro 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Alex Mireira

    I’m just here cuz I saw the sexy bihs on IG but nvm

  15. Ulus Koremezli

    Another banger

  16. Ruben Gutierrez

    this guy fucking sucks

  17. Mica Lopez

    Love his music! Good beats, sexy as voice! 😘😘😘

  18. The Monkey Crue

    It’s about time. Still fell off hard tho ngl

  19. La Comunidad_UY

    Please don't stop releasing your music bro! You're awesome.

  20. Google Adsense

    BoyBoy fell off hard, should have released these songs when he had clout.

    The Monkey Crue

    Google Adsense tbh, he would’ve been up next, smh

    Mike D

    he needs become the hook master and have Odm from lsob and Cng do a party track.

  21. Big B in da house

    When will it be on iTunes??

  22. Chinny

    So good wtf

  23. Braham Davalos


  24. 5ifty9ine

    He ain’t bad just needs stop going off beat 👎

    Mike D

    Blue face is off beat like milli vanilla was to sing their songs

  25. Norma angel

    love it get it with your sexy ass 😍😍😍