Box Car Racer - There Is Lyrics

this vacation's useless
these white pills aren't kind
i've given a lot of thought on this 13-hour drive
i missed the grinding concrete where we sat past 8 or 9
and slowly finished laughing in the glow of our headlights
i've given a lot of thought to the nights we use to have
the days have come and gone
our lives went by so fast
i faintly remember breathing on your bedroom floor
where i laid and told you but you swear you loved me more

do you care if i don't know what to say?
will you sleep tonight, will you think of me
will i shake this off pretend it's all okay
that there's someone out there who feels just like me
there is

those notes you wrote me
i've kept them all
i've given a lot of thought of how to write you back this fall
with every single letter in every single word there
will be a hidden message about a boy that loves a girl
do you care if i don't know what to say?
will you sleep tonight, will you think of me
will i shake this off
pretend it's all okay that there's someone out there who feels just like me
there is

do you care if i don't know what to say?
will you sleep tonight, will you think of me
will i shake this off
pretend it's all okay that there's someone out there who feels just like me

do you care if i don't know what to say?
will you sleep tonight, will you think of me
will i shake this off
pretend it's all okay that there's someone out there who feels just like me
there is

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Box Car Racer There Is Comments
  1. staper meitei

    Ne bdy listening in 2020

  2. Tahale

    Listen in 2020 ?

  3. kucing garong

    This vacation Useless..

  4. kikiller whale


  5. Felipe Alles

    Listening in 2020, what a great song.

  6. Amar Kharidia

    Still one of the sweetest guitar and drum syncopations between Tom and Travis
    Hashtag 2020!

  7. The Atheist

    2020 here!!! I miss those days when music had a real meaning ! :/

  8. Ryan Joanno

    Still going strong in 2020 hehe
    I missed music :/

  9. Steve Berlen

    Listening here in 2020!!


    Any box car racer fun listening in 2020 its 2020

    The Atheist

    Here!! Im glad to know that people still listening to box car racer!

  11. lendra junanda

    Blink 182

    black candle

    Kangen ketika tom masih di blink 182 :D

  12. kyle Peter

    This looks like that dude from blink 182

    S Gemini

    also sounds like blink

    Matthew Van Tonder

    Because the lead vocalist- Tom DeLonge is from Blink-182

    S Gemini

    @Matthew Van Tonder that was the joke 😉

  13. lil Mousten

    i love tom's voice .

  14. Nugraha Kusuma

    a decade later...

    Ya Nope

    in 2 years it will have been 20 years since this was released.


    it's 2020 and here I am

  16. xMay AveX

    This song has hittin me straight in the childhood.... It's like my hole past flashed before my eyes....

  17. Samuel Soto Chinchilla

    Box Car Racer = Blink 182 without Mark
    +44 = Blink 182 without Tom

  18. Maxon Mendel

    this song and Best of Me have the same video 0.o

  19. question mark???

    Mcr, sksk,box car racer ,boys like girls and simple plan 2020 pop punk reunions

  20. question mark???

    2020 reunion

  21. Romi Hutagalung

    Box car racer i like it

  22. Earn7

    First song of the 2020 year for me

  23. ShadoeFax

    Sophomore year of high school just slapped me in the face

  24. Manu Chiote

    relembrando o quanto isso é bom

    Will Noob

    Neh 🖤

  25. Nina

    I usually don't care about celebrities' personal lives but it actually makes me sad listening to this song now Tom has divorced his wife :(

  26. Ian Ivan Seven

    Who will listen this song on 2020?



  28. BangisTv

    2019 guys? The nostalgia were livin knowing that world never exist again

    André Brito

    yeaaaah, by the way a huge hug from Brazil duuuuude

  29. Walkin'Cat

    Wait a minute, these are Blink-182, right?

  30. asvvampire

    i liked this more than +44 and current blink 182 because of Tom. I want old blink with Tom again

  31. Matt Nelson

    Wow this brings back memories of a different life, sadly the same life i live now but knowing those days, feelings, people, the feeling of LIVING are gone and will never come back makes the rest of whats ahead in life suck knowing I wont ever feel that alive again lol. Life is what you make it i get that but when ya know all ya want in it aint gna happen well, i guess its autopilot from then on out.

  32. 5trezip23

    No I'm seriious... gonna start my band man. Can I just get my drummer? Yeah I just need my drummer, start my own band. out of here...

  33. Aditya Nehra

    Travis is the bond between Mark and Tom. He needs to work his magic again.

  34. Joel David Jijon Muñoz

    Porque se parece al vocalista de blink 182?

  35. PrajWaL SaDashankaR

    I was just the fan of tom not blink

  36. Sara M

    can’t wait to see comments like “anyone listening in 2025?”


    HATE those things.

  37. verzure

    Me: This vid is so similar to The Starting Line Best of Me
    Youtube's "Up Next" recommended: The Starting Line Best of Me

    Pete Deadline

    Me too bro

  38. sissy girl

    Blink-182 , you are as strong in my ❤️ as David Bowie very very legend.

  39. bern ie


  40. MrRodrigo0919

    Holy shit my 16 years old hit again!

  41. Chinthu George

    Going to start looking comments here 😂👀

  42. alice nick

    the chick in this is hot

  43. Angel Smith

    Still my favourite song #2019

  44. Ahmad Turki

    its 2019, 12 midnight on a sunday. and this song is playing over and over, gosh i miss my ex :(

  45. Nick

    Boxcar Tom was the best Tom

  46. ThePresident2040

    Kinda sounds like the lead singer from Blink-182...

  47. Brennan Long

    Great song

  48. Biar Paham

    Macbeth x atticus x DC

  49. Rai Gustavo Nasinial

    it's really a shame that this kind of music narrative has lost ground in the mainstream scene

  50. Arcydzieła Boga

    I’m looking for the similar genre song and video: A guy runs from something enters a bar where all people act and move simultaneously the same way. That’s all I can remember.

  51. Kelsey . Elise


  52. Marcel V

    I think this is the best acoustic song i know..

  53. Hockey&Life etc.

    They should tour with blink 182 and +44. Oh and angels & airwaves

  54. Via Valen

    blink 182 favorit lagu SMA lulus tahun 2008 ..
    lagu DOWN top markotop...

  55. Hassan Alnajjar - A65AP

    I thought this was a Blink 182 song.

  56. Nelvanator Q

    Can we Blink 188 and join these 2 amazing bands. I miss him

  57. David Jones

    tom must love fake rain in his music videos!

  58. LongVol Since82

    The bassist from +44 would be perfect in this band.

  59. Wilsound

    He was going to rape her

  60. Ulysses

    Can't believe people actually like this crap. Lmao.

    Rodrigo Forense

    Really? With the amount of crap people like, this is something you "can't believe"?

    You live under a virgin rock or something?


    @Rodrigo Forense Newsflash, this is crap.

  61. Jaron Hubele

    Will I shake this off, pretend it's all okay? That there's someone out there who feels just like me? There is...

  62. daniella

    probably very un relatable to everyone in this comment section right now but I’m 16 and i’ve never fallen in love or had a boyfriend and this song makes me feel like i’m missing out on the classic high school experience of dating and getting your heartbroken over stupid things and then doing it all over again. i know it would hurt but i wish i could just experience it once

    RumblinTumblin CowboyShumblin

    Dont think about it too much, times will come good and bad. We're all eating a giant shit sandwich out here.

  63. NTT Pariwisata & Traditional

    Wowww ...I love music🙏💝💝💝💝🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  64. Haiku Dhai

    The singers and the drummer should make a band along with a bassist from +44


    Ci mancavano...

  66. James Holt

    Fucking Awesome!

  67. someoneYOU DONTknow

    November 2019?

  68. Michael Corpuz Casilla

    2019? Anyone?

    Achang Sangtam

    Blink 182 the best ...high school memories

  69. Light Lorraine

    @hikagaming91 nostalgia rocking out with Wesley while we were depressed and hiding in the car while mom yelled at dad inside the house

    Light Lorraine

    @hikagaming91 i wanted to believe my person was out there and felt the same way as me. "there is." i Love You.

  70. JstinStinny

    I know B182 is the crowd favorite and aVa is doing there thing but BoxCar Racer has always been my favorite

  71. Aaron Carroll

    When I hear this I get nostalgic for the days spent in cars just staring at the stars

    L Jones

    This comment sums it up for me

  72. Munsong King XIV

    hello November 2019👋

  73. SoundMuzak

    Only BCR song I like

  74. NX GAMER

    2019 ??? 😷❤

  75. Kaine Bassett


  76. MBM KIM D


  77. Ace

    Gosh, I miss my high school days. Song brings back memories.

  78. Oscar ivan González

    Pulgar arriba si eres latino y viniste a escuchar esta canción :)

  79. ehh idk

    is this supposed to be so much alike simple plan video "perfect"?

  80. ldxq

    Isn't this the same house as Perfect by Simple Plan?

    Jeep Ford Guy

    Before perfect there was there is


    @Jeep Ford Guy but that doesn't mean it cannot be the same house. I mean it looks the same to me

  81. GhostBoi

    Is that the same spot from the starting lines best of me video

  82. William Davis

    I think Tom is warming up to this level again. Fingers crossed that some Boxcar shines through in his next record.

  83. René Pohland

    The best time of toms voice. It has changed so much during all the time but on this track he nailed it.

  84. Oscar Feria Yacarini

    Love this song

  85. Zumo Dominguez

    Me suena mucho a i miss you de blink

  86. Joseph Stalin

    This video just made my nipples hard. I wish I was joking

  87. Ryan Ng

    this is ghost on the dance floor before ghost on the dance floor

  88. robert shelton

    Dude from blink 182, if you could sing you wouldn't need 5 bands

  89. Gabriel ferrada moron

    Escuchando Box Car Racer en 2019 😊

  90. carlos garcia

    How come tom was only handcuffed

  91. carlos garcia

    I love this song

  92. Amanda Fernandes

    Looks like the Simple Plan

  93. ollie Oliver

    Its jimmie baby lol i feel just like you i stay true what i say to you ill move you your happy your blown away by the way you know where here to stay earth is dieing help us jesus we need help we need guidance... Amen

  94. Rjane Sky

    October 2019 💟 throwback hahaha

  95. Irving Cruz

    October 2019???