Box Car Racer - Sorrow Lyrics

because i need you more than you need me
because i want you more, i know

because we move too fucking fast
i think i really had to wish to make this last, i know

i'm sorry please forgive me, believe me if you would

because i cared way more
because i really felt that you felt so much more, i know

i'm sorry please forgive me, believe me if you would
i'm sorry please forgive me, believe me if you could

i'm sorry please forgive me, believe me if you would
i'm sorry please forgive me, believe me if you could
believe me if you could

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Box Car Racer Sorrow Comments
  1. William Davis

    I still need you more..

  2. Blendrang gori

    Mantap asu

  3. eron way

    31 October 2019

  4. Dales _

    This song is really good but is really underrated

  5. nigel

    Because I need, you more
    Than you need me because
    I want, you, more, I know

    Because we moved, too fucking fast
    I think I really had to
    Wish to make this last, I know

    I'm sorry, please forgive me
    Believe me, if you would

    Because I cared, way more
    Because I really felt that
    You felt so much more, I know

    I'm sorry, please forgive me
    Believe me, if you would
    I'm sorry, please forgive me
    Believe me, if you could

    I'm sorry, please forgive me
    Believe me, if you would
    I'm sorry, please forgive me
    Believe me, if you could
    Believe me, if you could

  6. chris chan

    Aug. 22/2019

    AHU Gumby

    Basic bitch

  7. Dimarizki Putra

    What a best ..

  8. herrniemand

    это я слушал)

  9. Jack Snake studios


  10. Martin Terrell and Jennifer Ann Weller

    Jen im srry pls 4give me believe me if u would because i cared way more becuz i really felt you felt so much more. Ily bae

  11. carlos huacho


  12. col game

    2018. like

  13. Naomi Xx33

    I haven't listened to this song in about 10 years, and I just found it again. I'm in love this song is so fucking good

  14. reace m

    Excellent song. Brings back many memories for me. Thankyou

  15. Rafael Redfielld

    sounds like stay thogether for the kid

  16. Mark Marco

    Best song Ever! Remembering my old high school days!

  17. Chaz Ormond

    I can’t believe the guy dies at the end... I guess it really was Mach one or bust.

  18. ndlr_

    Tom very very nice ❤

  19. jordean gomes

    Muito Bom esse vídeo ☆ I LOVE box car racer ♡

  20. Amanda Loudin

    lyrics aren't right.

  21. sebastian Martin

    this song could perfectly fit in a blink 182 album ... tom got what he deserved I think

  22. xeutron77


  23. Jan von Studnitz

    what a powerful song

  24. h4h4 productions

    Tom calling Travis to play for Boxcar Racer was the first step that led to the destruction of Blink-182. Why couldn't Tom just fucking ask Mark and Travis if they wanted to release an album like this and call it Boxcar Racer? Tom is an asshat.

    Jan von Studnitz

    Tom wanted to do Post Hardcore stuff and he and Travis were getting into the idea, just the two. also Tom probably wanted to write the songs alone as he didn't want to share the writing. Also telling Mark "Hey I wanna do a Blink album but I want to do all the songs myself" would have sucked too. And the fans would have asked why Mark doesn't sing or why all songs are Tom songs. The album would have been as great but would have gotten negative backlash if it had been a Blink album because of that. It made sense to do the album without Mark. One thing I have to criticize about excluding Mark is that in the end the songs did turn out to sound like Blink and not that different for it to make sense to form a completely new band for just one record (they knew it was gonna be a one album thing). For example "Stay Together For The Kids" could have been on "Boxcar Racer"...


    He explains it in his documentary

    Hunter N

    lol fuck you, obviously Travis thought it was okay as well to just go on ahead with it, and Mark was featured on Elevator. We might have not got their self-titled album if they hadn't broke up the first time as well, which is their greatest achievement in my opinion. It's Mark that can't seem to let go blink's glory dayz, for some reason they had to pick up Matt to make this shit album called California. Tom grew up, gave us Box Car Racer and AvA which are both amazing projects. Mark was probably just pissed off that +44 sucks ass compared to Box Car Racer and that he's always known that Tom was a huge piece of what made blink so special. Tom's emotion and amazing lyrics, Mark's goofiness and voice, plus Travis's sick drumming (which wasn't present on California) are what made blink incredible. Those das are gone though.... we all have to accept that.

    Henry Dent

    When Tom flys in on his spaceship in 2020 we will see who the real asshat is.

  25. ADLCXD

    because i need you Mark


    Haha. How perfect was that.

    samuel lalduhawmas


  26. Nyoman Gede Budi artha

    god song ,i like this

  27. TheTrueATX

    Man i want to continue Tom's old style of music before he changed i just might form a band and start creating my own music like this

    julien martinez

    Or is your name just ATX... whoops


    No its just ATX but nice to know that you want to continue this this style of music :D

    Will A

    +TheTrueATX internet collab?


    @TheTrueATX im in !!

  28. Benjamin Gordon

    This song is so simple, but perfect.

  29. gess hert

    the end tho D:

  30. last hope lutfi

    they all in my memories...

  31. Jeb Voorhees

    what clip is this from 2:35?

    josh odisher

    "a lonely sky" it's the first source in the description.

    Jeb Voorhees

    @josh odisher Thanks bro!

  32. iJayyQ

    Nice video... I haven't heard this dog since my high school days (2001-2005) brought back a lot of memories!

    shannon mitchell

    the good ol days

  33. PUNKSareNOTagressif

    The lyrics confuse me. it's a paradox? could somebody explain me :)

  34. Piotr Szumny

    I first thought that this is official video. ^^ Great job, man!

  35. Claudio Osorio

    están chingones tus videos tu si eres fan de blink 182

    vaga bond

    Claudio Osorio. Pero no es blink jeje

  36. Will Setiawan

    great job, who making this video :D

  37. Stephanie Chambers

    I love you Tom

  38. xsomerandomchick69

    Amazing work man

  39. Eric Knutson

    This whole album needs to be heard, I enjoy every track. Therese tons of drama, and it very repeatable to allot of people. I wish Blink 182 would produce all there music like this.

  40. The Kadju

    if there was a new blink album,don't know why they are so bumped up with the text? Blink can easily sing about this kind of stuff...

  41. luis Sanchez

    Will definitely be in love with this song for the next month lol.

  42. shane hawley

    This is great. It deserves more views for sure good work

  43. Jonnys Profile-Melodic Euphonic aka DJ JonnyO-Winz

    Good song

  44. The Jolteon

    Awesome video! Thanks for sharing

  45. Jonah Hordusky

    great video!

  46. Daniel Fischer

    Blink and boxcar seriously got me through my teenage years, the ups and the downs, this music is how I expressed myself, so good. Cheers to you Tom and the crew (y)

    Mitchell Bell

    Not +44?

    Heather Lawrence

    Ya we all have

  47. Matthew Peer

    this is awesome

  48. j calin

    relamente , es la mejor music que he escuchado, me encanta tanto esta cancion , tanto por la letra, cuando empieza y cuando termina , con la bateria  de travis baker , esta cancion es un himno , no se que decir , carajo  q amo el rock punk , diablos no me voy a morir sin tocar algo parecido , fuckkkkkkkkkk

  49. x305seth1

    insomniac lullaby 

  50. GreenArrow734

    I was watching this video and I accidentally hit the volume button and it said +44... scary

  51. Vera Brocchieri

    that's my status...:(
    how to get over it?? i just...can't.


    Did you?

  52. Puga

    Alot of views little subscribers sad D:

  53. pedro vargas

    awesome video ..

  54. Elin Thapa

    "because i cared way more!!! because i really felt that you felt so much more !! ,i know" ..damn that is why ..tom is one of the great person that i admire

  55. Laurin Schrader

    is that official?!

  56. Nick Trousers


  57. imapanda500

    I'm crying..why am I crying? ;-;

  58. Opex Party

    Thanks for the upload.

  59. trevisz 182

    Nice. :)

  60. LaylaYidashi88

    Cool! I wish i am so good doing video.

  61. A.K.

    Very cool ;)