Box Car Racer - Elevator Lyrics

The building turned it's back ignored my call,
The concrete looks too thin to break my fall,
The sunset stretched across this nighttime scene,
I counted people as I neared the street below,

I saw it all, I saw it all go down,
The shadow grew as he approached the ground,
The sunset stretched across this nighttime scene,
I turned away as he came near the street below,

Let's forget this all move on
Let's forget this all move on
Let's forget this all move on
Let's forget this all move on
Let's forget this all move on
Let's forget this all move on
Let's forget this all move on

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Box Car Racer Elevator Comments
  1. RumblinTumblin CowboyShumblin

    As a blink fan this song is very needed, fulfilling and sobering

  2. Kevin

    i love the thing at the end

  3. Amar Kharidia

    When it comes to blink 182....…I saw it all, I saw it all go down

  4. Devin Rahmat

    i feel the tension between

  5. Alan Johnson

    Didn't Mark and Tom fall out over this album because Mark was pissed that Travis was involved and not him? Even though Tom let Mark on this track, I'm pretty sure this is where the cracks started for what we have seen through the years until the new generation of Blink today.

    Great song tho 🤘

    Hey There

    marks a bit of a bitch sometimes ,, still love him but yea

  6. rob b

    hello i'm a realfakestubborndj

  7. Drew Hemmerich

    If this song is gonna have Mark Hoppus, it might as well be a Blink 182 song!

  8. Daniel Gibeault

    This would've been the result if tom and Mark were still together
    And made a new album

    But then Matt skiba joined

    Art Vandelay

    probably not

    Alexandre Lanza

    No, it would not. If they were still together they'd sound more like AVA, just like they did in Neighborhoods.

    César Montejano

    Not like AVA, just listen Tom's solo album, (To the Stars...) and hear the songs like "New World", "Circle Jerk Pit" and "Golden Showers......" that is the sound if Tom wouldn't have left the band or the sound of the next record of Neighborhoods

  9. The Noah Jimenez Experience

    I wish angels and airwaves were more like this.

  10. John Hope

    Still good

  11. TRE▽ƎЯT

    The Logo

  12. Jay Jay

    More of this Tom could have made a amazing blink album, wish i could have seen blink mature with Tom or travis, but i guess dont change whats not broken.
    . ....matt skeba...smh


    I come from the future. Matt killed the new album! He's did great. Thoughts?

    Jay Jay

    @Pepper i felt like the whole 9ine album is like Mark confessing his angsty love for Tom.


    @Jay Jay I must admit that there is probably some truth to that lol.

    Jay Jay

    @Pepper no doubt that skeba is one of the better parts of blink now. But their lyrics and pace dont fit blink.

    Marc Yinug

    @Jay Jay yeah i definitely agree... i don't really like blink's whole pop thing but i can respect it. it's a shame though..

  13. Rachel Willy

    Can we please have a new BCR album and no more new crappy blink? 😭


    Rachel Willy :(

    Art Vandelay

    come on, a new BCR album wouldn't be anything like this. Just appreciate that this album was made

  14. Gabriel Bass Covers

    Mark Hoppus ❤

  15. damage 2836

    Let’s forget this all mulan

    Rachel Willy

    Now I can't unhear it.

  16. Ocean 343

    I never realized how incredibly deep this song is

    robert jamieson

    Kreamy Lettuce very deep lyrics and meanings, just takes the correct ear to hear it. Like a lot of songs, the story is in there, just needs to be listened to correctly to hear it


    like gucci gang,everybody skips the important message :(


    This song is about 9/11

    James VII Gilbert XIII

    Its about someone commiting suicide by jumping of a building while his friend whached its also how humans can forget how pepole die

    Ham Bone

    @James VII Gilbert XIII its about 9/11 jumpers

  17. Ace Alice

    It's funny that everybody thinks it's weird that Mark only sang on one song on the album but when you really go and listen to the full record and really get into it you realize there was really no place for it in the first place besides this one song which isn't like a ordinary Blink-182 song Tom and Mark sing the exact same kind of vocal style in their own way, but to have anybody else sing on this song but Mark would have been weird I'm glad Tom had him sing it

    Diamond. brady

    Plus its Toms project if mark was in it more it wouldnt seem that way. But its to show mark was still his best friend regardless of its toms thing at the time.

    Diamond. brady

    Itd be like if tom and mark were still friends when mark made plus 44 I'm sure tom would have ft. In at least one track. Didn't happen like that but lol

  18. Kaisen Bracker

    Box Car Racer feat. Mark Hoppus = blink 182 feat. David Kennedy

    Aby Med


  19. Erin Rose

    So many memories!!

  20. Kevin Ungerecht

    love this shit still

    Megan Capelinger

    Kevin Ungerecht ffg

    Erin Rose

    Kevin Ungerecht same here!!