Bowling For Soup - Normal Chicks Lyrics

You're not Pamela Lee,
But you look good to me
You're no Olivia Munn,
But you're so much fun
You're no Jessica Biel,
But you've got sex appeal
You're not Kristen Bell,
But you're pretty kick ass as far as I can tell

And you've got great natural boobies

I like you in sweatpants, no makeup
I even like your messed up hair
You're just perfect right when you wake up
You're so pretty when you don't care!

There's just gotta be a heaven above
Cuz there's an angel on Earth right here
There's nothing you need to fix
I like Normal Chicks

Not quite Lucy Liu,
But you love Mötley Crüe
No Jennifer Love Hewitt,
But I still think we should do it
You're not Scarlett Johansson,
But you're good at romancing
You're no Rachel Kapelski,
That's just a girl who went to my High School

And it's okay if you eat a whole pizza

I like you in sweatpants, no makeup
I even like your messed up hair
You're just perfect right when you wake up
You're so pretty when you don't care!

There's just gotta be a heaven above
Cuz there's an angel on Earth right here
There's nothing you need to fix
I like Normal Chicks

No Botox, no tanning beds,
No hair extensions on your head
You don't need plastic surgery
To impress a normal guy like me

I like you in ripped jeans, a Frank Turner T-shirt
And the flip-flops you got at the gap
When you're dressed down and not dolled up
With a backwards baseball cap!

I like you in sweatpants, no makeup
I even like your messed up hair
You're just perfect right when you wake up
You're so pretty when you don't care!

And there's just gotta be a heaven above
Cuz there's an angel on Earth right here
There's nothing you need to fix
I like Normal Chicks
There's nothing you need to fix
I like Normal Chicks


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Bowling For Soup Normal Chicks Comments
  1. Florencia Agustina

    I love this song😂😂❤

  2. Gabs Souza

    I love this song, but I'm sure if you told a girl you like her cause she's normal, she would be pretty pissed out lol

  3. Bruce Wayne

    Bfs is the opposite of one direction

  4. Katie Simpson

    I appreciate the intent of these lyrics. It would be 10x more powerful if the "you're not...but" in the verses was replaced with "you're not...and"; maybe a thing to do in concert. The chorus is great.

  5. Coco Mico

    This is basically "just the way you are" without filters

  6. Sentinel

    I like this band.

  7. chadbailey30

    Very surprised this song didn't break main stream for these guys. I can definitely see this being a radio hit...

  8. Angel Nathaniel

    Oof 2019, my boyfriend brought me to this song and I love it, how did I not see this 3-4 years ago? 😆

  9. Patrick Ho

    I think Jessica Beal is written "Jessica Biel" 0:20

  10. Elijah

    My dream is to go to one of their concerts and hold up a sign that says "I like normal chicks too."

  11. EditorOfSL

    Thanks for this, boys!

  12. some cartoon person

    No one will say that about me!

  13. The Spethal One

    They have the best love songs

  14. Wanttofanta

    Why am I just now hearing this song as of 2 weeks ago from a coworker? So good

  15. Anna May Brown

    Thank u for the frank turner reference 💖

  16. Dr. Death

    just got tickets to see them next month!

  17. Hey, Jude

    Great, natural bwatermelonwatermelonbies

  18. Darryl Conte

    I like normal Chick's i hate feminist Chick's

  19. Vanshika Dhyani

    i fucking love HOW KICH ASS THESE LYRICS ARE and nursery kids could write it <3

  20. TheMacocko

    Thank God she's not Kristen Bell.


    Well she played a normal chick in Fanboys

  21. Michael D. Bauer

    Outstanding! I agree.

  22. hope dean

    Dude bros: This is so true!! Natural is better!!!!
    Woman: *Doesn't shave or wax, has natural facial hair and boobs aren't perky*
    Dude bros: Ew wtf

  23. Maria Cabral

    For real girls listen to me, you dont need to be unique you need to be authentic.

  24. Mark Albert Relano

    the best (Y)

  25. Solomon Konwar

    Be honest... Who else Googled the names of all those sexy girls?? 😂

  26. Anna Rose

    Next time one of my friends complains that she isn't attractive I'm going to spontaniously perform this to her

    Elijah Blanchard

    That's a great idea. Hope it goes well if you get to.

  27. Wing Wolf

    This song reminds me of my girlfriend tbh.
    She might not be "OMG SUPER HOT" to the public eye, but I personally think nobody compares to her beauty.
    There's just gotta be a heaven above because she's a fucking angel to me both in how she looks and how she acts.
    She's just the fucking best and I couldn't ask for anyone else because she's one of a kind.

  28. 1rgam3r

    Thnkin of singin this at my wedding. : }

  29. Nightmares N Drama

    the rhyming game strong tho xD 😍 i love this song!...WELL I LOVE ALL THERE SONGS bfs is probs the only band were i like all their songs tbh

  30. gjjd

    I wish they had put a better picture of Kristin Bell. And also the others, but especially Kristin Bell.

  31. AlexGrimoire

    can't. look. at. the. lyrics. The pics is too... distracting... XD

  32. trinity. aka.batman

    "sweat pants no make up"...WAIT! (goes to Jacob Sartorius's song sweatshirt before getting cancer)listens to it: "chillin with a hair tie. no make and some sweat pants on" ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.

  33. Buster Minal

    Johensen? Huitt? Really?

  34. Mr Clean

    I really want to sing this to a girl I know, but hey! That'll never happen 😂


    Got to sing it to my fiance` today! ^_^

  35. Codes1994

    Yeah this song pretty much describes me just a average girl 😜

  36. pizza pocket

    <3 always my FAV

  37. Grace Delphine

    This is so much better than all those songs talking about how perfect and ethereal some girl is. Because, A. She's not. And B. You're going to figure that out pretty fast and be really disappointed. I have crushes on guys and girls, and if I like someone it will be partly because I think they're hot. But that doesn't mean they're as gorgeous as a model. It means I think they might as well be, because they're totally awesome.

  38. Manash Raj Joshi

    i would love to know the reaction of "Rachel Kepelski" to this song xD

    Abhi Succo

    same here man.....

    I heard she's a music teacher now....


    Manash Raj Joshi
    She thought it was hilarious!!! How cool to be mentioned in a famous song! Hahaha.

  39. Lillian Crawford

    ~and you've got great natural boobies~

  40. Keo Ford

    I cant tell if this song would be insulting or not. I think it may be a little bit.

  41. ChrisWarner97

    Can we get a spell check on Jennifer Love Hewitt and Scarlett Johansson xD

  42. Mary Rose

    Haha I dont wear makeup, have messy hair sometimes, can eat a whole pizza and dont care! xD

    Such a Modest Mouse

    Basically you`re living your life right :D

  43. lextarget

    Love the song, but as long as you're doing a lyrics video, you might want to do a quick spellcheck...


    +lextarget think that was kind of intended

  44. G. sdfghkldbfkebxb Bdjxjdj

    and you got great natural boobies jajaja

    Joseph Keeley

    Are you of hispanic decent?

    G. sdfghkldbfkebxb Bdjxjdj

    By the "jajaja"?

    Joseph Keeley

    @Max G. Yes


    I made the same assumption. all my Hispanic friends use jajaja instead of hahaha.

  45. this account is why i have no friends

    Oh my gosh, the stupid rhymes made this song so much better xDD

  46. Alex Anguish

    not quite lucy lu but you love motley crue <3

  47. Afiqah Zaman

    Some peasant: lol why do you like bowling for soup
    me: *shows this video* this is why

  48. Edward Silva

    You know BFS is a up and down group when you make songs like the bitch song and hers your song and I hate my girlfriend and you come out with true shit like this it's hard to say if girls should go with you or not lol all great songs tho

  49. Launa Kelly

    What the fuck

  50. Where the weird ones are

    WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT^TT

  51. ki11ersky (unicorn bros)

    I like ur songs

  52. meli v

    This is the cheesiest song. I love it!

  53. shelby kadel

    My girlfriend said this song was to me ❤️ but I didn't think much of it in the beginning but then I loved it :)

  54. Just crazy meh

    theres nothing you  need to fix i like normal dicks

  55. Nikita

    I feel this is the attitude my past two boyfriends have had but sadly not the other females around me. My mother is always harassing me for "not making an effort to look good", which for her means: cake on make-up and straighten your hair! Thanks for telling me I am not pretty enough naturally mum!

  56. Sabrina Blue

    Finally a song with realism, and natrual clean bed hair is amazing on both genders. society has ppl trying to hard.

  57. Sherry DeBlois

    A song every chick should hear

  58. papayatoot

    My crush linked me to this and I am not disappointed

  59. Ansley Elkins

    this song is so great I love this band

  60. CJ 4 life

    Just lol at this "Rachel Kapelski". I looked her up on Google and she's the conductor of the Wichita Falls Community Orchestra. She also looks about the same age as them. Bowling for Soup are from Wichita Falls as well, so it's probably true that they went to the same high school!

    CJ 4 life

    @mickey mcintosh They have two completely different facial expressions, so it's hard to tell.... the one in the video looks younger, but it could be an old pic...... but they're probably two different people.


    CJ 4 life - hahaha YES!! shes my dear friend here in Wichita Falls... when I was told she was mentioned in this song I had to come check it out!!! THIS IS AWESOME- HAHAHHA!!!


    CJ 4 life
    NO that's not Rachel in the picture used for the video- waaaaay more gorgeous!

    David James

    CJ 4 life Wonder why they didn't use her real picture?

    Subangelis Gaming

    @David James - They didn't have her permission

  61. Promai Guy95

    this song is so great love BFS

  62. telt100

    Haha, awesone song an video! I like how the names of the women in the video are written :D

  63. The Android Next Door

    Funny because all the 'normal chicks' are the complete opposite of the person described in the song.

    Joseph Keeley

    +JustANormalFreak I know this is really old, but I hope you reply


    yo whaddup


    @Joseph Keeley how do i work youtube omg

    Joseph Keeley

    Now we wait 34 weeks


    @Joseph Keeley basically

  64. Svendal


  65. theMuttshow

    great song n text, but he is just wrong. thats not normal, even tho it SHOULD be like that... but ye i agree with unormal singer ;)

  66. Jay De La Cerda

    100% Agree with the entire song, but the part about flip flops (those are bad for your feet, legs, and back).

  67. Julianne Crider

    This song cheered me up..^-^

  68. trexdrew

    can we add in the lyric to the last chorus "the question is do you like normal dicks?" lol it fits with the song

  69. Kyle Estella Carter

    This is now my Favorite Song...

  70. Leandro Leo

    muito massa essa banda

  71. 808ASIANKID808

    OMG I THOUGHT THESE GUYS WENT OFF THE GRID! I'm so bringing these guys back to my friends XD

  72. Type0

    Best song on album!

  73. Zuon94

    Listening to this song makes me wonder, why does it seem like girls always think they're ugly even when they clearly put a lot of effort into their looks, while most guys couldn't care less about their appearance? They just stick with what works, and that's good enough for them.


    Because women are told their entire lives by the media and people around them that they have to look a certain way, and that if they don't, they aren't attractive at all and will be ignored and alone for the rest of their lives. Sucks, but they are. Just look at a women's magazine and even kids toys marketed towards girls and you'll see.

    Danny Cam

    @Zuon94 Because homophobic sexist American society teaches everyone that women/girls have to be beautiful to be accepted, but if guys are beautiful they are weird in some way. So many movies out where an ordinary not-so-perfect guy main character "gets the pretty girl" and so on, "sex sells" but only as long as it's got hot girls all over it, not hot guys, etc. This idiot country is still male-oriented and thinks everything is meant to appeal to men only, therefore, women are pressured to look good but guys are not because apparently the only reason anyone would want to look nice is to impress a man, not to impress a woman, therefore guys who put too much effort into their appearance are teased and called gay and girly and so on, so that's why guys don't bother. Women must be hot to win a man's approval, but a man needs to do nothing to win a woman's approval; if a guy tries to be beautiful everyone assumes he's trying to impress other men, not women. Hot women must be plastered all over movies and everything else for sale because apparently only men buy things and if they see hot men all over stuff instead, it MUST be marketed for gay men, not women.

    Not all countries are like this, though. At least Japan acknowledges that women have hormones too and knows they buy things. Hot damn the guys over there are beautiful. Girls love them and they know it. America needs to get over being dominated by heterosexual males who are scared to death of people thinking they're gay and then treat women like mere sexual objects.

    Daniel Sullivan

    @Zuon94 Well actually all the guys at my school like pretty girls Iknow that for a fact because quote from one ''I like um you because your really nice and pretty''


    I know this is a 2 year old post, but you did notice how he said "Nice" first, correct? I think he finds you attractive because he likes your personality. I can tell you from experience that most of the time, if a woman looks pretty but doesn't have a good personality to match, she drops quite a few points on the "attractiveness" scale in our heads.

  74. gwn9

    great song..only shouldn't it be Jessica Biel?

  75. FallenDead667

    this has got one of the catchiest riff i have ever heard

  76. battleskull zurg

    thumbs up if you agree normal chicks are better

    Wing Wolf

    This song makes me think of my girl so......normal chicks ftw XD

    Allan Vieira

    Less the Scarlett, cause she's fit.

  77. FreeDWooD!!!

  78. James Campbell

    What is "botex" lol?

    ivan olofernes

    @Lexxie Jameson for the breast and butt u put silicon not bot ox. bot ox numbs your muscle and get rids of wrinkles.

  79. Rosie O'Shea

    The new girl all the bad guys want 

  80. Jay Do

    Aha, maybe in a few years, I could name my friend that's a guy who could sing this song, if they have a nice voice

  81. MayoMeako

    This is actually everything that my boyfriend says to me, I can eat a 15 Inch pizza all to myself and he also comments a lot on my natural boobies sadly enough LOL! I just love this song so much!!!

  82. ForgetTheGhostPro

    This song is so irreverent yet so sweet at the same time. My fave song off! :)

  83. Coffeeology

    Did 1 of their kids make this video on an iMac?

    Billy Lipoff

    What makes you say that?

    Knackers Jewels

    @Billy Lipoff All of the spelling mistakes.


    Loving this comment xD

  84. Yy Lk

    Awesome song if you guys put a radio single out this would be my vote for it.

  85. Paúl Cueva

    Amazing!! Yeah, that's the song I've been waiting for.  I like normal chicks, with no make up.

  86. ant060495

    I think alot of girls nowadays should listen to a song like this because its all true

    Michael D. Bauer


  87. George Stacey

    Yes... this song.... just yes....

  88. Buu

    This is like the 3rd time they've mentioned Motley Crue in their songs XD it's great

  89. Will Riker

    Lu and Huitt?  Really?  Liu & Hewitt maybe.

    Will Riker

    And Botox...were you drunk when this was made by chance? lmao


    @Will Riker And Jessica "Beal". 


    just what i was thinking lol

    Sara Hierro

    I didn't notice it was wrong spelled cuz i was looking at scarlett's boobies


    @Sara Hierro Great minds think alike

  90. hollywoodtonight100

    awesome song!

  91. sara milena

    ay....I loved!! i feel sad cuz the girls on the video but the lyric is so much better haha xd 

  92. hemstry

    I love this song !!! *thumbs up*

  93. Rizz3n

    One of my favorite tracks off the album!

  94. holabobobobo

    I love this!

  95. DonnaKebab


  96. DonnaKebab