Bowling For Soup - Me With No You Lyrics

I'm not lost I just haven't found everything I need
I'm not torn I'm just getting it together
I'm not broken don't ya mind the pieces of me
You see scattered on the ground
I swear, I'll turn this thing around

I'm not home but I'm sitting here in my room
I'm a photograph in need of a zoom
I feel far away I can't make out the face
It's all blurred since you went away

When you took your keys out you took a little piece of me

I'm a circle incomplete
I'm a heart that barely beats
All the memories stay forever like tattoos
I'm a star without a sky
I'm hello with no goodbye
I'm the dreams we had that never will come true
That's me with no you

I'm a mark, I'm a martyr, I'm a victim, I'm a jerk
I'm an engine that just doesn't seem to start
I'm a kingdom with no king, I'm a king without a crown
So I fall down on my knees and I pray nobody sees

You got my attention, now please come back to me
(Come back to me)

I'm a circle incomplete
I'm a heart that barely beats
All the memories stay forever like tattoos
I'm a star without a sky
I'm hello with no goodbye
I'm the dreams we had that never will come true
That's me with no you

Can't find the words to fit the melody
But I swear that I could sing it - when you were here with me
I'm all over the place, on a scale of 1 to 10
I'm a "C" (that's me)

I'm not lost I just haven't found everything I need
I'm not torn I'm just getting it together

I'm a circle incomplete
I'm a heart that barely beats
All the memories stay forever like tattoos
I'm a star without a sky
I'm hello with no goodbye
I'm the dreams we had that never will come true
That's me with no you
That's me with no you
That's me with no you
That's me with no you

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Bowling For Soup Me With No You Comments
  1. Ender One

    Goin into 2020 still jamming bfs!!🤘🤘

  2. Berk47

    Jaret should be in the songwriters hall of fame.

  3. Oliver Boyce

    Many typos 👎

  4. jids

    "On a scale of 1 to 10 I'm a C, that's me"

  5. Erik Quintanilla

    I love this song and your doing yourself a disservice if you haven't checked out the acoustic version. The singing is legitimately heartbreaking.

  6. Modifying life


  7. Ponen Longchar


  8. Mrs. V Hedlund

    I broke down when I saw his keys on the table. Also I have tattoos that remind me of him cause I thought he'd stay forever and got them... We moved on but I found him again at a fair and my heart broke into pieces. All I wanted to do was hugging him and saying I was sorry but he was no longer there. It was a ghost. Your life moves on but... Dude, memories. They stay forever.

  9. Bailey Tuttiett

    mortar = artillery piece martyr = someone who died for a cause, why would he say he is an artillery piece?
    but in all seriousness, this song is so great! it hurts to listen to, but its a good hurt, if that makes sense

  10. Dotes Dotie

    2:25 you wrote sweat and not swear :P

  11. Josef Unčovský

    Fuck yeah

  12. Marcus Shun

    I hope you will never go Bre

  13. Sony Lawson

    I’m sorry

  14. Days B

    Brings back the feels :'(

  15. Dixie Normus

    The chorus is how I felt when my dog died. Had her 16 years. Was with me through elementary to graduation. Miss her everyday.

  16. Tombstoneplays 0

    R.I.P Jack grimes my best friend this was played at his funaral

  17. Jake Reacher

    Every time I hear this, I think "what did I do wrong"

  18. Kim Clay

    You screwed me over yet I still love you everyday. I hope fate gives us another chance, I miss you so much..

  19. tobyn fowler

    I'm 19 so obviously I didn't get to hear them in their prime. But boy do I fucking love their songs. Best day ever when I saw them at a concert

  20. bigballsbill lolcunt

    I miss you phoebe. you were my first real love, fuck it, I still love you . I'm sorry for breaking your heart and I hope you find someone you deserve

  21. Levi The Wierd

    Everyone in the comments are like I miss you girlfriend boyfriend this is like me and my gf bf. and I'm here like this is like me and my best friends Rebel and Toby

  22. Adam Edwood Ramirez Ramirez

    I hope you can be more happy than when we were together

    H. T.

    My condolences mate...I know how you're feeling, really do.

  23. Adam Edwood Ramirez Ramirez

    Sofia, i miss you a lot and is to fucking hard for me to stop liking you, but want yo to know that i accept if you want this to be over 'cause of the distance
    You were the best part of my life and i will never forget you
    Thanks for this 1 1/2 years, it wasn't as much as i expected but
    All the memories will stay forever like tattooes
    Bye Sofia, i guess we won't stay everlong...

    Mark s

    @Mad Planet dude grow up. I'm going through the same thing. Except we both decided to move on because of distance we are both still very much in love but knowing I'll never get another text from her is killing me

  24. MrPoppunker

    That's me with no her..

  25. Mary Farr

    Isn't it I'm a star without a sky


    And it also said I'm a heart that barleys beats😂 instead of barely beats, but I noticed the same thing

    David James

    But it's the thought that counts. I forgive.

  26. Vhsss Tv

    I am going to miss you kaya. I miss you now as much as I'll ever do. Can't wait to have you come back, it's so sad knowing I'll probably go for walks past your house and knowing you won't be back any time soon. Well you're not gone forever and I can't quite wait for you to come back home to me ! Please stay save and happy like you are when you're with me.

    I love you :')


    +Jason McLaughlan :')

  27. Curtis Cook

    I miss you rachel. You were my first kiss and ill always remember the good times.

  28. Sport Highlights And Sports Shows

    This album is just the best 😀😀

  29. Adrena Bentley

    May want to edit copy before posting. Martyr and mortar (nei.) are two separate things...

  30. Robert McDonald

    "I'm a heart that barley beats" Was that an intentional typo? 

  31. DirtRich

    Bowling for Soup are so overlooked, in so many ways.


    Well, it's probably because they force their fetishes on their audience.

    JR the drummer

    @TigerwomanXsweden wym

  32. Dagmara Rapela

    Oo i love that song 🙊👌

  33. dsy9876

    "On a scale of 1 to 10 I'm a C" - fucking brilliant

  34. kornfreak78

    This is one of the songs that helped me get over my ex when she left me.  Thank you, Bowling For Soup.  I might be a metal head, but you guys are awesome in my book.

    Dotes Dotie

    I wonder why she left

    أكثم حمادي - Aktham Hammadi

    I knew why she left you when I read "I might be a metalhead" 🙂

    The Ebony Dragon

    he seems like a good dude give him a break

  35. Ethan Sherrod


  36. CeeCee Todd

    I love this song! I listen to it and Sight of the Sun by Fun. In succession

  37. Charlie Barber

    "All the memories stay forever like tattoos" One of the best lyrics ever

  38. CardriderDraw - Level2

    listen to the soft stuff of avenged sevenfold dear god is my depression song its beautiful yet sad.

  39. Zach Pacia

    Omfg I Love Bowling For Soup...

  40. w101forthewin

    Much better than Taylor Swift.

  41. Christine Y.

    This song sounds so emotionally raw. It's different from their usual sound and I like that BFS is trying out different sounds :)

  42. Javier Martinez

    Ok this song is so awesome!!

  43. Prince Cosplays

    My new favorite song

  44. PixelAndrew

    ok the maker of this song really hates apostrophes

  45. Shawn Stoner


  46. Shawn Stoner


  47. vencisuper

    Thats absolutely TRUE !

  48. FennecZephyr

    And it sounds like martyr, not mortar

  49. James Randall

    "Swear", not "sweat"

  50. James Randall

    Your lyrics are jacked, in the song, the 5th line of the chorus is, "I'm a star WITHOUT a sky", not "Im a star with no sky".

  51. niranjan vyas

    awesome... (y)

  52. Tyler Barton

    I love this song. BFS is awesome. I think I'm gonna break the replay button.

  53. scarleteyes77

    I like it its a song for that special someone or when u whant them back

  54. sethawesomeness05

    This is one of the best songs I think that is out there

  55. firecloud19

    Why are songs like this so unpopular? O.o besides the fact we are in North America....

  56. TheGamesforreal

    i really want to play this to a girl... a very special girl... whom i love but isnt the other way around as well ; _ ;


    TheGamesforreal welcome to the club, my friend :/

  57. skaty825

    getting my tat finished with some of the lyrics form this song it says "I'm a circle incomplete, I'm a heart that barely beats, all our memories stay forever like tattoos" I am excited to get it completed :D!!

  58. passionatley clumsy

    I need to invent a pully system so I can play this on a constant loop,my finger is getting tired

  59. vpfan207

    this is probably my favorite bfs song

  60. turtledrummer96

    @IronWeaselFan yeah i get you, they're all kick-ass songs though

  61. 101Wizardfreak

    1:31 It is spelled "Martyr" not "Mortar". I may only be in 6th grade but I think I can spell better than most 6th graders.

  62. IronWeaselFan

    @turtledrummer96 Yes... U see what i mean?

  63. turtledrummer96

    @IronWeaselFan does 'My Orphan Year' by NoFx count?

  64. IronWeaselFan

    @xpyromonkey23x Well, they do. And i also noticed Punk/Pop-Punk bands make songs about fathers. When we die by BFS, Perfect by Simple Plan, Emotionless by Good Charlotte, Dear Father by Sum 41, and Sorrow by Bad Religion.

  65. Clawleen Meowlen

    Okay, scratch that - a lot of these lyrics were transcribed wrong.

  66. Clawleen Meowlen

    Some of these lyrics are wrong.

  67. Sophie

    @MrDakotaheer Oh damn you sure showed me.

  68. Sophie

    @TheChaosArchivist True story, bro.

  69. R G

    Swear, not Sweat

  70. Sophie


  71. Shag Nasty

    i love this fucking band

  72. RussiaPrussia

    At 1:33 I think it's supposed to be "martyr" not "mortar"

  73. othersiders19super


  74. Yourbeautiful666

    @xpyromonkey23x Agreed. Punk bands and Metal bands. Like how hard-techno DJ's make the best songs for sex

  75. Sophie

    Okay is it just me, but everytime I hear this song, I think of South Park. Anyone..? No one? Alright, I'm crazy.

  76. thedeadlypacifist

    @smoopy1997 please be more original. its not that i hate this song i love it but tons of people have put down the dislikes. please dont just do it for the thumbs either

  77. Johnny Strachan

    Haha, my gf was called skyler, sky for short. "I'm a star without a sky." ...

  78. Nathalie


    if you really like to shit on someone, do it for a reason

  79. Tony Stano

    I really miss you, Shannon.

  80. FromTheLaurelFlower

    *Martyr, instead of mortar

    I adore this song, so different from their usual style.

  81. Lova Krysell

    im a star WITHOUT A sky!

  82. 04rockerchick

    who agrees that this song needs more views

  83. Dominic Faiola

    @weirdkorey whats a torrent site?

  84. Dominic Faiola

    @SmileToTheMonster just shutup kid your like 4 and BFS is embarressed to have you as one of their fans!!

  85. Nathalie

    is it supposed to be funny?

  86. Dominic Faiola

    @SmileToTheMonster thats not even funny

  87. Dominic Faiola

    I love BFS and their seroius songs let out all those deep emotions about life or girls and you feel like you ahve t say something important to your girflriend or make a move on your crush and tell her how much you need her.

  88. Dominic Faiola

    @Amabit15 well than u havent heard goodbye friend cuz thats jsut as good!!

  89. Benjo280

    @immortalwombat10 Thats so true!

  90. immortalwombat10

    When you hear songs like this from BFS you begin to realize that all of their songs are serious, but they come from a heart that doesn't want to sit and wallow in misery, but lets emotion out, anger, frustration, humor, and disappointment.

  91. Dominic Faiola

    @Amabit15 yea thats true and goodbye friend.

  92. Dominic Faiola

    why 8 dislikes...they must have been high when rating this song!

  93. AxelSayAnything

    @weirdkorey listen to goodbye friend its on my channel ! The most serious and emotional song from bfs! It's about the death of a friend! This band can make anything golden!

  94. theJorisM

    @TheSonofhermes it's a good song and my favorite bfs song, but it's more like a fun song... it has good lyrics and stuff, but serious is not how i'd call it.

  95. Kyle Kraeplin

    @Amabit15 theres also star song which is really good

  96. halstho

    @Amabit15 see also - Why Don't I Miss You

  97. Ryan Lackey

    For some reason this song gives me deja vu

  98. Mighty Bean

    Is it me or do all punk bands make the best love songs?