Bowling For Soup - Here's Your Freakin' Song Lyrics

Baby, for years you’ve been saying “Why don’t you write me a song?”
And I’m like “I don’t know, I’m not inspired to write you a song.
But last night, I decided I’m gonna freakin’ do this”

We’ve been together for so long
And you always asked me why I never wrote a song
All about you, about our love,
And about how you’re the only one I’m thinking of.

I’ve been writing all night.
And I.
I got it just right!
Here we go!

You talk too much
You never shut up
Everything I do for you is never enough
You snore, you drool,
You talk in your sleep
Won't get a night's rest until you're six feet deep
I promised you forever
But we both know,
We're never gonna get along
You want it, you got it
Here's is your freakin’ song

And all my homies have always said,
What you doing with that girl? She’s fucked up in the head
My mom don’t like you, my dad don’t too.
And my brother says you look like guy from Hüsker Dü

I’m just keeping it real, this is
Just how I feel
Here we go


I can talk and you get pissed
Used to dream I don't exist
I say yes, and you say no
Like any BITCH, you gotta' GO
With all the shit that we’ve been through,
This is the best that I can do
Can I still get lucky tonight?

Those are manners and everything,
I uh, I hope you like this song,
I spent a lot of time on it,
But I've spent...OH THERE'S ERIK
I'm just playing
I didn’t really spend a lot of time on it.
This is the chorus


You want it you got it
Here's is your freaking song

OK I don't know why this is still going
I anticipated this being...3 minutes long
It's still going here, I don't even know what's happening
Anyway that's this song I wrote for you..And Uh
OK. Evidently it's over now. I don't know
I have no idea on the timing of it and uh
Boy this is sort of an awkward moment here
I uh
I'm going to be honest, I have to pee

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Bowling For Soup Here's Your Freakin' Song Comments
  1. Claire Guerin

    This is 100% how Rick Sanchez got his wife

  2. green autumn

    I think I've found my fave band

  3. 000

    HA!🤣well that's LOVE!🥰

  4. A Random Guy

    I remember first thinking the title was "Here's Your Freakin' Soup"

  5. Emily Vince

    I love the part where he’s talking, its like “hey, this is my way of saying, I love you babe” lol

  6. TheRedPandaCat

    I don't know why but I imaged Deadpool singing this

  7. Kiersten Oldham

    (weird laughing)

  8. Hawkstar5088

    I kind of wish this song had a small bit of genuine nice song writing (think Almost). I think that would do a lot to make the song less like filler

  9. Crazy Rat Lady

    I drool in my sleep......Sorry

  10. uwu owo

    i saw them live and stg they have some of the best humour ever

  11. yeemoatthedisco XD

    I'm always looking for new ways to brake up with peole.

  12. ReidoDorito

    Girl: *speaks to me*
    Me: 3:40

  13. John Theiss

    Be careful what you wish for. lmao

  14. Alma Saon

    Honestly, why does this feel like a love song Beast Boy would sing to Raven?

    Al the trash bag

    Oml yes

  15. Daniel Kerzner

    The first minutes describes my sister 😂😂😂

  16. Blue Narwhal

    i remember listening to this song as a kid and my tutor's wife loved it and showed me it.

  17. Joseph Taylor

    The guy who sang the song was also the voice of Chuck E Cheese in 2012.

  18. Novemberrain12

    2019? This is one of My all time favorite bands

  19. Jorge Rodriguez

    Cha cha cha chayomi

  20. Johnnie is a tree

    How to get dumped 101

  21. Marissa LeighAnne

    i hope this was written after a breakup

  22. damashep

    Pretty much every relationship I've ever been in. That's why I don't date anymore.

  23. Rutger Huntmen

    This song is freaking great this made my day

  24. art and me

    This song reminds me of my ex boyfriend XD

  25. Dehydrated Water

    That's fxcked up as a soup sandwich

  26. The Pretty Reckless Halestorm

    I would laugh my ass off if my boyfriend ever sent me this or said "I need you to listen to something" and put this on lmao

  27. Tiffany Caudill

    Who’s listening in 2018?

  28. Cynicalpills

    oml this song is great

  29. Erik M

    Oh, look! It's me!

  30. Ethan Bayliff

    This is my new favorite song

  31. Grace McCray

    I love when he doesn't know about when its suppsoed to end and the chorus just goes on loop

  32. TripleSixx

    you talk in you are sleep

  33. Sketchy Artist

    This is Stevens song for Jackie

  34. Chandler Clark

    "Won't get a night's rest until im six feet deep in you" :)

  35. Derray Productions

    She broke up with him after this... didn’t she

  36. Mimi Rivera

    This is the best song of the century

  37. dragon born

    Every single fucking realationship ever

  38. Briana Conley

    " And I'm drunk too" hahah sums this up

  39. Joseph Cruickshank

    Someone send this song to maffew from botchamaina

  40. Merp Derp

    This is perfection

  41. Books Are Great

    *P L E A S E*

  42. Jebediah Honker-Tonker

    Heard this song for the first time on Spotify yesterday. I’m in love XD

  43. what ever major loser


  44. Caroline Sweet


  45. cade278

    I can’t get this song out of my head..😂

  46. Alex Tron

    my kind of humor

  47. Ranstone

    I never heard this before. I was laughing so hard!

  48. IzzyDaKitty123 ___

    Ahem, 2018?

  49. Frederick Dietz

    I just got dumped because there was someone slightly younger than me. Thanks I'm going to show my ex this.

  50. Jillian Lee

    I wanna use this song to dump my boyfriend, and flip him the bird on "here's your freaking song"

    But I'd need a boyfriend in the first place to make this plan work.

    Alex Tron

    im open XD

  51. Kari Waller

    I talk too much and i never shut up lol so me


    I talk yo much i never shut up, I snore and drool and sometimes talk in my sleep

    This describes me almost perfectly...


  52. Atarilover2600

    Joker's song to Harley Quinn.

  53. Portable Jackhammer

    Now this is old school YouTube!

  54. Cheyenne Pickersgill

    When you get strange looks cause you're singing this along market st.

  55. lostinspencer

    I want a girlfriend who has a good enough sense of humour so that she won't dump me when I send her this

  56. alex rollins

    i want to play this song to my first ex or boyfriend if he has a good sense of humor.

  57. Washing watermelons

    I read the title as, "here's your freaking soup"

  58. Mathgirly 82

    That laugh at the end gets e every time!

  59. Reba Phipps

    That so cool

  60. ameena jatker

    This is the type of song that SUM 41 would qrite

  61. Snailey

    What does he say in the beginning? "kit in the kit and I'm drum tit?

    Pink Boombox

    “Kit ‘n Kat, ‘n I’m drunk too.” ?

  62. Allie Violet

    I love the ending!!!

  63. Science112095

    Definitely something like the solo from Armageddon It by Def Leppard in the guitar part.

  64. HumanTrashBin

    I’ve made a playlist of songs for my breakups. This is one of them.

  65. smoogirl

    I think if my partner was a singer / song writer I'd feel really rude asking them to write a song about me, lmao...

  66. C-Rex 975

    Wow, that back fired

  67. Cringe Corp.

    This is fucking exactly what my songs are like and this is how I feel about my ex girlfriend. I laugh like that too...

  68. ontxtteredwxngs

    He talks like Robert Benedict at the end. I'm dead.

  69. Anonymous Electricity

    3:50 wtf was that laugh

  70. Erik M

    My name is Erik with a k and I never see it anywhere. Glad to be a part of this song😆

  71. wister. ia

    I want a boyfriend with a sense of humour as great as this,,

  72. Mathgirly 82

    My goal in life is to have a wife to sing this too and she will have a good sense of humor to sing along with me.

  73. Patricia Gannuscio

    this guy's a savage

  74. Keone Official

    I'm gonna sound really stupid right now, but THIS SONG CAME OUT IN 2011!?!?!?

  75. Anna Rose

    What does he say at the start? I've never understood


    "K-- In the-- And I'm drunk, too!"

  76. HotRodCas3451000

    Listening to this as a kid, it was hillarious. I love how it actually says, "This is the chorus"

  77. 소녀팬Hallyuthere!

    I freakin' love this. Most honest love song ever. ^^

  78. 소녀팬Hallyuthere!

    I just can't.. this song is brilliant and clever af!

  79. TheVampireGoddess

    See if someone wrote me a song about this i would laugh, i feel like he only joking but oh well

  80. Jodie Lou

    love it!

  81. Jade is a Lizard

    FrUK tbh

  82. Cap'n Game

    Are there any other songs where the singer doesn't quite know what's going on?


    Cap'n Game Girl All the Bad Guys Like, possibly.

  83. Mellon Collie

    sounds like my ex.

  84. Anna F.W.

    Is it bad that I sing this song thinking about the love of my life? I simultaneously feel this way about him and yet I know I could never love another.... <3 fucked up love

  85. Darryl Conte

    that chorus lol

  86. Soap Guy

    whoever this bitch is, she just got rocked

  87. Reflectra

    I misread the title as "Here's your freakin soup" 😳

  88. Steven Bull

    this song is so true

  89. IzzyDaKitty123 ___

    lol I love it mainly the chorus😂 but totally my kind of love❤ song. 😐

  90. Alex Kirkland

    Kinda wanna sing this for the talent show...

    Jared warn

    Alex Kirkland just do it

  91. Deb Lampshire

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the ending

  92. underthemask. ink

    This is my ringtone for my OH, we've agreed that if we ever renew our vows, this will be our first song!

  93. FPrimee

    Wish they made a MV for this song

  94. Fancy Torchic

    First time listening to this song. I am far from disappointed. I totally cracked up during the chorus.

    Scrub A Punk

    Fancy Torchic same XD

    Jared warn

    Fancy Torchic I did a project in school we had to make a mashup
    this was the 1st song

  95. Stephanie-Lee Irlam

    Perfect song for my ex

  96. Elder Casshole

    this makes me so happy.
    Also random thing im the 1,200th comment

  97. Frøst Feather

    My kind of love song xD

    Lillie Poziombke

    Your profile picture is beautiful

    Frøst Feather

    Yours too :3

    Lillie Poziombke

    Frøst Feather thank you


    get a room ... my love song to .......

  98. Radec 3459

    I'll play this if I ever go through a break up.